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10 Warm Family Friendly Vacations for Spring Break in April

Spring Break takes on a whole new meaning once you start a family! Instead of trying to find the best party destinations, you’ll be looking for family-friendly vacations that will keep everyone entertained. Below we rounded up the best options for school vacation weeks in April. Find the perfect warm weather family friendly Spring Break vacations!

1. Orlando, FL

Disney World is never a bad idea! If you have kids wishing for a Disney vacation, this is a great opportunity to go. Yes, there will be crowds but the pro is that you’ll have great weather and you won’t have to miss any days of school. A fair tradeoff in our opinion! The kids will love returning to school after Spring Break and sharing their Disney stories with their classmates. Find all the research you need for a Disney family vacation here.

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2. National Parks

April is a great time to explore one of the many national parks located across the United States. And don’t forget, if you have a 4th grader in the family, you get in for free! Take a look at the Top 10 National Parks for families to visit. You can customize your plans within the park based on your children’s ages. This is a great excuse to get a break from our tech heavy lifestyles and spend time together in nature. 

3. Washington, D.C. 

If your idea of an ideal Spring Break does not involve laying on a beach, we love the idea of taking the family to see the cherry blossoms in Washington DC. You’ll find lots of space to run around and explore, gorgeous views and the picture perfect backdrop for some one of a kind photos of the kids. Just don’t expect the weather to be as warm as a beach vacation (high 60s during the day and cooler at night). 

4. Family Cruise

Spring Break is the perfect time to get the family together for a cruise! You can embark from ports across the country and explore everything from the Bahamas, to Hawaii, to Europe. Cruises are known to be extremely family friendly and you don’t have to stress about planning out every detail of an itinerary. This option is also a great way of getting grandparents, aunts and uncles all together in a setting where large group travel is simplified. Get family cruise planning tips on our website.

5. Mexico

If you’re looking for temperatures in the low 80s and relaxation for your family, Mexico is a great option. For the ultimate leisure vacation, look for an all-inclusive resort that meets all of your needs – i.e. plenty of pools and restaurants to keep everyone happy. If you’re in the mood for more of an adventure, you can instead explore areas like Mexico City, Guadalajara, or Tulum. 

6. Arizona

Temperatures will be in the mid to high 80s and it may be a great time to explore this state before the heat becomes unbearable. Take your family horseback riding in Sedona or hiking in Tucson. For more of a city feel, visit Scottsdale or Phoenix with the kids. You’ll find plenty of museums, parks and restaurants to explore. 

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7. Southern California

If you want the weather to be warm with plenty of sunshine, but don’t want to deal with extreme heat, Southern California may be a great option for Spring Break. With so many exciting destinations in this region, you can customize your plans based on what appeals to your family. That may be a day spent at Disneyland or Universal Studios, exploring San Diego, or strolling along Laguna Beach. 

8. Bahamas

Catch a quick flight and jet off to an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas for a wonderful Spring Break vacation. The Atlantis is of course an amazing destination for families, but there are many other resorts to explore at various price points. You can look forward to weather in the low to mid 80s during the month of April. 

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9. Hilton Head, South Carolina

For an active beach vacation, Hilton Head can’t be beat. Enjoy weather in the mid 70s and dozens of options to get outdoors all day with the kids. This family friendly destination welcomes you to spend time on the beaches, or enjoy biking, tennis and playgrounds. You have a number of hotels to choose from, or you can explore one of many timeshares available. 

10. Amelia Island, Florida

This destination has a little bit of everything to keep everyone in the family entertained and happy. Visit for charming family fun that’s laid back and relaxed and doesn’t involve complicated itineraries. Explore museums, playgrounds, horseback riding and water activities while enjoying family-friendly restaurants.

Did we miss family friendly Spring Break vacations your family loves? Let us know in the comments below!

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