12 Best Colorful Towns For Families

Add a splash of pigment to your life by visiting some of the best colorful towns for families! With so many beautiful places to explore worldwide, why not also venture somewhere filled with liveliness? As parents, we know that bright colors appeal to children and can assist their cognitive development. In fact, from a young age, kids tend to gravitate more to brightly colored objects – and why shouldn’t they? Colors make the world more fun, inviting, and magical! Bright colors can also enhance our moods, especially for little children. So, if multi-hued rooms and toys make kids happier and more comfortable, an adventure through the best colorful towns for families will too! If you’re searching for some vibrant cities to sightsee, we’ve compiled this list detailing some of the best options worldwide. We hope these energetic destinations bring happiness to your family and inspire future travels!

Burano, Italy

Three young children stand looking at a canal in the colorful island of Burano, Italy.
Photo Courtesy: Chelsey Knealing

Burano is a truly colorful playground for adults and kids alike! A short ferry from Venice, this picturesque escape makes an exciting day trip for visiting families. Discover brightly pigmented residences sure to delight any spectator throughout this tiny fishermen’s village. Little kids will love its fun local parks, situated along its cobblestone streets and canals. While its houses may look identical at first, also explore hidden alleyways to see the real Burano. Tre Ponti, a famous bridge in the center of town, is a good place to start your quest! While you’re at it, also stop in some local boutiques to browse hand-blown glass jewelry. Or, plan for dinner, since Burano showcases some amazing seafood. Even if you’re not that hungry, it still boasts plenty of cafes to stop for a gelato, granita, or quick coffee. Your whole family will treasure a day spent at this wonderful Italian island!

Cinque Terre, Italy

Couple stands in front of one of Cinque Terre, one of the Best Colorful Towns for Families.
Photo Courtesy: Yei Rosas

Cinque Terre is a string of beautiful seaside towns along Italy’s Western Coast. Spend your time here soaking up Mediterranean sights and welcoming culture! Great for young children, its lively scenery comprises five dynamic towns, known for bright houses set into steep hillsides. Watch in awe as houses ranging from electric yellow to pink and blue rise from sea level to illuminate the landscape. Aside from just exploring the sights, however, Cinque Terre also offers a lot of kid-friendly activities! Active travelers will appreciate accessibility to various hiking trails, including ones for children. Prefer to just stroll? Cinque Terre also boasts walkability from town to town, depending on your home-base. Beach lovers will also appreciate Cinque Terre’s proximity to the ocean, leaving its shorelines covered with tons of local seafood spots! Be sure to make a stop in Monterosso, a sandy beach perfect for families.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Family in front of a canal in Copenhagen Denmark
Photo Courtesy: Kristi Tange

Copenhagen awaits your next colorful adventure! Denmark’s capital city is nestled along its Northern Coast, offering families quaint European charm. When visiting here, however, you’ll also be taken aback by Nyhavn, a bustling neighborhood where the city’s true vibrancy really comes alive! Kids will love a peaceful walk along its historic canal to spot colorful houses, each seemingly dancing in synchronization. Along the canal, you can also stop at a cafe, or sit by the marina to watch ships whiz by. Be sure to take a lot of pictures, as Nyhavn resembles a typical Denmark postcard. Families visiting Copenhagen will also appreciate its fantastic public transportation and navigability, making it easy to explore more hotspots. Check out some of the many nearby family-friendly attractions, like Legoland, or Denmark’s National Aquarium, featuring giant rays and sharks. With so much to do and see, Copenhagen is sure to please all ages!

Cartagena, Colombia

Girl walks along colorful street in Cartagena, Colombia, one of the Best Colorful Towns for Families.
Photo Courtesy: Marina Nicholl

Cartagena offers families a vacation drenched in color! This historic, colonial-era city is located in northern Colombia, brimming brilliantly with unique architecture and many kid-friendly activities! Discover these chromatic facades by touring Cartagena’s Walled City, featuring cobblestone streets, artisan shops, and gorgeous yellow residences. There, you can also explore colorful fruit vendors, women in traditional dresses, and more local culture! For a low-key experience, visit Getsemani, which boasts an authentic Colombian ambiance. Between miles of massive artistic murals, little flags and umbrellas suspended in the sky, and flashy buildings to match, no Cartagena location is quite as memorable! Stop at Plaza de Trinidad to people-watch and grab some street food. Beachgoers can visit nearby Rosario Islands to sun-bathe. To explore more Cartagena landmarks, visit the Castillo San Felipe Fortress at sunset! With so much color, it’s no wonder that Cartagena is one of the best colorful towns for families

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Willemstad, Curaçao

View of Willemstad, Curaçao by water, one of the Best Colorful Towns for Families.

Take a relaxing beach vacation to Willemstad! As the capital of Curaçao, this Dutch Caribbean island is widely known for its historic city-center and colorful colonial-era buildings. It’s also a perfect destination for families who want a mix of relaxation and sightseeing, spending days lounging with kids in tow. In between soaking up the sun on its pristine beaches, you should also take a break from its bright blue waters to explore the island terrain. Creative families particularly loveCuraçao for its spirited art scene and immense cultural history, which you can discover during your visit. Ride through town on a bright pink Trolley Train to learn about the island’s history and culture, all the while an entertaining guide will point out  Curaçao’s various colorful architecture. What could be better than a beach and educational fun? Curaçao surely provides a tranquil atmosphere for families to colorfully connect and make memories!

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

String of colorful houses along a street in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

Head to Canada for your next prismatic expedition! An island located near Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s brags a charming ocean-side village along the Avalon Peninsula, a perfect home-base for families exploring the area! St. John’s also offers brightly colored homes sure to remind kids of bright candies, best seen at tourist landmarks like Jellybean Row. While at Jellybean Row, be sure to follow the trail of houses down to Signal Hill, a historic outpost overlooking the city. Other family-friendly activities in St. Johns include hiking at Cape Spear and wildlife spotting for animal lovers. Musically-inclined families visiting St. John’s will also appreciate its growing music scene and nightlife along George Street! Kids, however, will specifically enjoy searching for St. John’s beloved Atlantic puffins by boat along the coast. No matter how you spend your trip, St. John’s provides a delightful place for families to connect northern Canada’s lush nature!

Havana, Cuba

Three young girls, all wearing brighly patterned dresses ride in a corvet along a street in Havana, Cuba.
Photo Courtesy: Sarah North

Time travel by visiting vibrant Havana! As Cuba’s capital, preserved old-world charm, stunning scenery, and sprawling public plazas render this a one-of-a-kind location. Balmy weather can also be enjoyed at the family-friendly Santa Maria Del Mar beach, which is simultaneously steeped in Havana’s fascinating culture. Aside from lounging seaside all day, sightseeing is definitely a must here! Old Havana’s colorful colonial-era buildings, like those in Plaza Vieja, are perfect for families searching for an iridescent vacation backdrop. By people-watching at the Malecon seawall, kids can also likely spot vintage-style cars roaming the streets as well! Foodies will also relish in Havana’s abundant food tours, showcasing a bold and flavorful cuisine. If you live in the United States, however, Cuba can be challenging to reach depending on its current political climate. Plan ahead to ensure entry to this option on our list of best colorful towns for families!

Dingle, Ireland

View of a several colorful shops along a street in Dingle, Ireland, one of the best colorful towns for families.
Photo Courtesy: Kevin Zanes

Dive into a cozy and colorful Irish getaway in Dingle! This small port town along Ireland’s South-Western coast is widely known for its history, rugged shoreline, and brightly colored houses. Visit the Stand Street marina to fully soak in this magnificent sight! Lined with charming shops and attractions like the Dingle Aquarium, you could easily spend an afternoon here. Aside from the brilliant architecture, however, visitors will also be mesmerized by Dingle’s lush rolling hills. Even National Geographic once called it “the most beautiful place on earth”. During the warmer months, visit the family-friendly Inch Beach, popular due to its calm waters and on-duty lifeguards. Adventurous kids will also love Dingle’s boat tours, including dolphin sightings! Or, get closer by hiking through rugged wilderness. For the more active, Dingle also offers opportunities to go windsurfing, horse-back riding, and kayaking. Freely explore both land and sea in this eye-catching Irish village!

Porto, Portugal

A view of boats and the colorful town of Porto, Portugal by sea.

Wash your worries away in Portugal’s dazzling seaside town Porto! Located in the North, it’s known for proximity to immaculate beaches, port wine production, and of course, incredible pastel houses! By walking along riverfront promenade Cais da Ribeira, witness this color scene in action, along with dynamic street performers, flat-bottomed boats, and delectable restaurants. Though Porto itself is landlocked, you could still easily reach nearby beaches like Leça da Palmeira on a hot day, which also features a family-friendly pool connected to the ocean. Or, take a cruise to learn more about Porto’s landmark bridges. Stunning green spaces also make Porto one of the best family-friendly cities on this list! Parents will love its stately Crystal Palace Gardens, water-front playgrounds, and airy city walks. For example, be sure to visit World of Discoveries, a museum-theme-park hybrid attraction. Porto will surely inspire families looking for a colorful place to connect!

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa

No Capetown destination shines quite like Bo-Kaap! Situated on Signal Hill’s slopes, the former township is today known for its vivid colors, now a symbol of its citizens’ independence. While walking down its main Wale Street spotting pink, blue, and yellow facades, inform children of the special history behind this colorful neighborhood. After South African apartheid, residents here painted their homes as an individual expression of freedom. Bo-Kaap remains full of this history and culture, which you can learn more about at local spots like the Bo-Kaap Museum. In Greenmarket Square, a historic plaza, you’ll also find a souvenir sale featuring various cute trinkets. Foodie families will also appreciate Bo-Kaap’s attention to delicious cuisine! Take a food tour exploring its Middle Eastern and Dutch-inspired flavors, and you’ll return wanting some recipes for the road. Overall, Bo-Kaap is sure to be a glittering highlight of traveling to Cape Town!

Oaxaca, Mexico

Best Colorful Towns For Families. Empty, but very colorful street in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Photo Courtesy: 4 For Travel

Oaxaca is a colorful site to behold! From radiant colonial-era buildings to vibrant banners decorating the streets, this southern Mexico town will surely impress! Kids will love meandering through town identifying their favorite color combinations; blues and yellows to reds, oranges, and more! Families will also love Oaxaca for its walkable old city, flavorful foods, and lively markets. (There is a market almost every day of the week here!) In particular, Mercado de Benito Juarez boasts its own colorful display. Kids will delight in the market’s sights and sounds – selling everything from traditional mole to crickets to souvenirs. Oaxaca is also known for it’s amazing chocolate. Don’t miss Mayordomo for chocolate fit for the best mole or hot chocolate you can make! Oaxaca is sure to make a colorful impression on families who love to travel!

Caihongjuan, Taichung, Taiwan

Young boy runs along one of the painted houses in the Rainbow Village of Taiwan.
Photo Courtesy: Rebecca Wang Herbig

No wonder Caihongjuan is one of the best colorful towns for families! Aptly named “Rainbow village,” it’s located in Taiwan’s central city of Taichung, a wonderful break from its bustling city center. Buildings here aren’t just colorful, but rather decorated with inspirational art pieces, once originally erected to house veteran soldiers. Behind these intricate designs also lies a story of a renegade resident who decided to paint the village to prevent its demolition. Today, families can learn about this heartwarming story by touring Caihongjuan to examine its intriguing artworks, as well as visit a small souvenir shop selling originals. (Though entrance is free, donations are welcome to keep the town afloat.) Any family with an aspiring artist shouldn’t miss this trip! Mr. Huang, the long-time resident responsible for Rainbow Village’s current popularity, still lives in town today, welcoming visitors to enter his vibrant corner of the world.

Colorful Travel Awaits Your Family

Colors open our minds to endless beauty and possibility. From Dingle to Havana, Caihongjuan, and Porto, the world awaits your next family vacation! Through these experiences, keeping an open mind can create wonderful opportunities to connect, learn, and grow as a family. By incorporating these best colorful towns for families into your next adventure, we also hope you’re inspired to continue making memories together! Happy colorful travels!

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Family of four stands along the canal in colorful Burano, Italy, one of the Best Colorful Towns for families.
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