16 Incredible Travel Gifts Dad Will Love

Glasses, binoculars, compass, writing pad, camera, and other travel gift suggestions for dad.

Are you searching for the best travel gifts for dad? Then look no further! Whether you’re looking for a general present to show you care, or something a little more personalized, we’ve sourced contributor tips to round up this list featuring 16 Incredible Travel Gifts Dad Will Love. From packing cubes to passport holders, we’ve polled our Facebook group members to identify what gifts are best for dads, grandpas, and the important men in your life. Celebrate his love for travel with one of these perfect Christmas or birthday gifts for dad! To make it easier for you to navigate, we’ve also divided our list of best travel gifts for dad for birthdays or holidays into three categories: gifts for traveling, personalized travel gifts, and gifts to remember past travels. These gifts are sure to make him smile and dream of future adventures together as a family! 

Travel Gifts for Dad to Use While Traveling

Have a dad or man in your life who loves to travel? These gifts are perfect for any discerning globetrotter! Plus, they make great gifts for dads that have everything.

Shacke Pak Packing Cubes

Four gray packing cubes with shake pack written on one packing cube best gifts for dads
Photo Courtesy: Shacke Pak via Amazon

Why He Will Love It

Packing cubes make great gifts for on-the-go dads! Particularly useful for keeping organized, this practical gift allows dads to pack with ease on every trip, whether business or leisure. Plus, each cube gives him a way to store his clothes in an organized, wrinkle-free way! The Shacke Pak also includes a laundry bag, which is perfect for wrapping up time away from home.

Travel Journal

Leather Journal notebook with embossed handmade travel diary one of 12 Best Travel Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day
Photo Courtesy: Sovereign-Gear Store via Amazon

Why He Will Love It

Travel journals are a wonderful way for dad to record his travels! He will adore the chance to jot down his memories and the daily adventures of traveling – especially the special moments when traveling with kids! You can even get one that includes space to tuck in receipts, museum tickets, and more (see recommended option below). Travel journals are one of the best ways to document everything along the way. And, to remember the adventures once you get home! Not to mention, travel journals are one of the best gifts for dads who want nothing.

Two great options available at Amazon: A Leather Journal Notebook Embossed Handmade + Pen, starting at $31.97. Buy now.

Passport Holder

4 passport holder in various colors, one of 12 Best Travel Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day
Photo Courtesy: AGIOTAGE via Etsy

Why He Will Love It

Those pesky passports all look the same! Dad will love getting a brand new passport holder to help his passport stand out from the rest. Passport holders are also a great way to protect passports, and to store miscellaneous receipts, tickets, cash, etc. Even better, they can be personalized to let his travel style shine! Truly a fantastic option among the best gifts for dads that have everything! Whether simple or personalized, he is sure to adore a gift he can use every time he travels.

Two great options available at Etsy: A simple Leather Passport Holder from AGIOTAGE, starting at $14.96. Buy now . Or, get a personalized Leather Passport Cover from SoGoodSoWood, starting at $13.87. Buy now.

Charger Cord Organizer

Charger Cord Organizer in Orange color one of the best gifts to give Dads on Fathers day
Photo Courtesy: Jelly Comb Store via Amazon

Why He Will Love It

In need of some vehicle organization? Dad will love this practical travel gift! As seasoned travelers, we know vacationing means cords for everything, everywhere: tablets, cellphones, laptops, etc. Get this handy charger cord organizer to help him stay organized. Not to mention, to help cords stay untangled! Its small size makes it perfect for briefcases, carry-ons, and other small bags. This is truly one of the most useful travel gifts for dad!

Bose Noise-Canceling Head Phones

Bose headphone and accessories, one of the best travel accessories for families.
Photo Courtesy: Bose Store via Amazon

Why He Will Love It

Spoil dad this year with Bose noise-canceling headphones. With several options to chose from, you are sure to find the ideal pair for him. Consider the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, offering a wireless connection with the ease of Bluetooth and Alexa Voice Control. Then, the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 include a built-in microphone, ideal for digital nomads and frequent work trips. If he doesn’t like the bulk of headphones, consider Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds instead. Built with comfort in mind, they even come with three sizes of StayHear Max ear tips to ensure a good fit. No matter which style you choose, he is sure to love the option of watching a movie or listening to his favorite podcast without the added noise of everything around him.

Goodr Polarized Sunglasses

A man stretches with his hands behind his head while wearing goodr polarized sunglasses on a sunny day.
Photo Courtesy: RUN goodr

Why He Will Love It

Keep him looking stylish while hiking, golfing, or enjoying a day at the beach. Polarized sunglasses are ideal for dads on the go. Our families recommend goodr polarized sunglasses due to their durability, warranty, 30-day return policy, and numerous options for style. Select a pair based on his personal preferences. Select the pair by lens color, frame color, style, and more! Finally, they are inexpensive so if they break while traveling, they can be easily replaced. Not to mention, this also means he can wear them around small kids with ease!

While there are many options and brands out there, our families love goodr, starting at $25.00.

Sleep Eye Mask with Built-In Bluetooth

A product shot of the Sleep Headphones,3D Sleep Mask Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Music Eye Mask, LC-dolida Sleeping Headphones, one of the best gifts for dad.
Photo Courtesy: LC-dolida Store via Amazon

Why He Will Love It

One of the best travel gifts for men is a sleep eye mask with built-in Bluetooth. Dads who travel frequently will appreciate this special gift to help them sleep easy while traveling away from home. Plus, there are several types of masks to choose from, which means you can find the right option for him. Consider ones with built-in Bluetooth, allowing him to rest and listen to soothing music. Not only with they reduce the noise around him, but the eye mask will ensure he rests easy while traveling the world!

Anker Power Bank

Anker power adapter for cellphones, one of the best travel accessories for families.
Photo Courtesy: Anker Store via Amazon

Why He Will Love It

Next on our list featuring the best travel gifts for dad, the Anker Power Bank is perfect for keeping his charged and ready to go! Whether he’s out sightseeing or navigating the airport, the last thing he needs is for his phone to die. A fully-charged Anker Power Back ensures he’ll never go searching for an outlet in the airport again. Expect about two and a half charges for iPhones and Galaxy devices and about one and a half for iPads. Finally, it’s a very affordable choice to treat the special man in your life!

Or, get him new Travel Luggage, Carry-Ons, or a Backpack!

Travel Gifts for Dad You Can Personalize

If you’re looking for a more customized way to show your appreciation for dad, these gifts can be personalized! Plus, that personal touch is perfect for creating gifts for dads who want nothing.

Customized Map Cufflinks

Father wearing cuff links, one of 12 Best Travel Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day
Photo Courtesy: Bookity via Etsy

Why He Will Love It

Personalized map cufflinks are a great way to help the men in your life remember past travels or important locations! For your husband, think about where you got married, where “home” is, where your kids were born, or your favorite travel location. For your own dad, consider where you were born or grew up, or the location for his favorite family trip. The choices are endless! Spiff up any outfit, customized map cufflinks are one of the best travel gifts for dad

Two great options available at Etsy: Custom Cufflinks, Bronze from Bookity, starting at $29.51. Buy now. Custom Map Cufflinks from DaisyMaeDesignsShop, starting at $42.00. Buy now.

Personalized Luggage Tags

2 luggage tags on a suitcase
Photo Courtesy: Rachiba via Etsy

Why He Will Love It

Suitcases can all look the same. Help dad’s suitcase stick out with a personalized luggage tag! Dad will love getting a personalized luggage tag that highlights his love for travel, which can also work well for identifying gym bags and briefcases. Plus, kids will delight in knowing dad can take this gift with him wherever he goes, making this one of the best travel gifts for dad for birthdays or holidays. Finally, with personalized options from places like Shutterfly, the kids can get in on the fun too! Let them select special pictures to commemorate past travels as he prepares to embark on new ones.

Two great options available at Etsy: Custom Gift Luggage Tags from Rachiba, starting at $24.50. Buy now. Personalized Luggage Tags from TAleatherworks, starting at $10.07. Buy now.

Or, design your own with travel pictures with Shutterfly starting at $9.99. Buy now.

Travel Charm Bracelets

Brown color travel bracelet
Photo Courtesy: drakedesignsjewelry via Etsy

Why He Will Love It

What better way to help dad remember his travels than with a travel charm bracelet? This fantastic bracelet allows you to add the GPS coordinates of up to 5 charms! Help him remember all the important locations to you and your family, from where your children were born to favorite travel destinations to places you’ve lived around the world. Dad will love sporting this daily reminder of his love for travel! It is truly one of the best gifts for dads that has everything.

Available at Etsy from drakedesignsjewelry starting at $53.95. Buy now.

Engraved Swiss Army Knife

Engraved Swiss Army Knife, one of 12 best gifts to give your dad on Fathers day
Photo Courtesy: Victorinox

Why He Will Love It

The special men in your life will love this practical gift with a personalized message from you (or your kids!). There are a number of swiss army knife styles from Victorinox to choose from, including travel-inspired names like Jetsetter, Climber, and Explorer. Outdoor enthusiasts, in particular, are sure to love this personalized gift to remember family adventures. It is definitely one of the best travel gifts for dad for birthdays or holidays. Just make sure you check it when traveling by air!

Available at Victorinox starting at $16.99. Buy now.

Travel Gifts for Dad to Remember Past Adventures

Dreaming of your next family vacation? For now, help the men in your life remember past travels with these fantastic gifts!

Travel Map with Push Pins

World travel map by Homemagnetics, which allows families to use push pins to mark their travels.
Photo Courtesy: Homemagnetics

Why He Will Love It

One of the best ways to remember past travels is with a map. Dad will love marking past memorable vacations and travel destinations on this magnetic travel map! Display it with pride and use it as a conversation piece. Who doesn’t love talking about their favorite trips? Additionally, you can color code the magnets to indicate future travel destinations too! This is one of the best gifts for dads who want nothing more than to remember their amazing travels with their kiddos.

Buy Push Pin Travel Maps starting at $119.99. Buy Now.

Digital Picture Frame

2 Digital Frames with photos of family
Photo Courtesy: Aura Frames

Why He Will Love It

Dad will definitely display his digital picture frame with pride! Plus, pictures can be added directly from your phone – from anywhere in the world! You can even send pictures while you are still traveling. Or, give this digital picture frame to grandpa so that he can see his grandkids travel the world. Grandpa is sure to love showing off his grandkids with pictures that can change every week! With no limit to the number of pictures, this gift will continue to inspire and delight year after year. It is convenient and easy to use, truly making it one of the best travel gifts for dad for birthdays or holidays. 

Available at Aura Frames starting at $199.00. Buy now.

Cork Globe

Cork Globe one of 12 Best Travel Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day
Photo Courtesy: win-wincoop via Amazon

Why He Will Love It

If you don’t have the wall space for a map, try a cork travel globe! Perfect for any desk or shelf, dad will love remembering past travels with this perfectly sized cork globe. Use the push pins to mark past trips and memorable locations with ease. Similar to the map, you can color code the push pins to indicate future travel destinations. This desk-top globe is one of the best gifts for dads that have everything. Not to mention, the perfect fit for any office.

Country Rings from Traveller Collective

Several frames of Traveller Collective, featuring their signature commemorative travel rings.
Photo Courtesy: Traveller Collective

Why He Will Love It

Traveller Collective commemorates past adventures with engraved travel rings! Truly a unique gift for dad, they offer necklaces and clips that can be customized with his past travel destinations. Every ring is handmade in Vancouver, Canada. Choose thematic options like countries or cities, as well as national parks or mountains. Dad will love carrying the memories of his travels with him wherever he goes! Plus, you can continue to add to this travel gift for dad each birthday or Christmas.

Available at Traveller Collective, price varies by type and number of rings. Buy here.

Happy Shopping for Travel Gifts for Dad!

A father holds the hand of his toddler while walking along Navarre Beach at sunset.
Photo Courtesy: Noelle MacGregor

No matter how you spend your time together, we hope you find a pleasant surprise for dad, grandpa, or the special men in your life on this list featuring 16 Incredible Travel Gifts Dad Will Love. Whether you need a gift to inspire future travel, remember past travels, or a practical gift to help him on his travels, this list is sure to please any travel-loving dad! For more gift-giving occasions, check out these Travel Gift Ideas!

This post may contain affiliate links that may earn us a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Affiliate links in no way inform the hotels, sights, products, or other recommendations included in our articles. All opinions and recommendations expressed here are compiled from submissions submitted by the generous members of our Families Who Love To Travel community.


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