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Megan Tucker is a public relations professional, wife, mom and lover of all things travel and travel planning, based in Arlington, Virginia. While she grew up in New England, she's lived in the Washington, DC area, London and Abu Dhabi, and has traveled across the United States, the Caribbean, Western Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania with and without her husband and two sons.


Latest Articles

Kids standing in front of Lion's Tale Trail sign in Virginia

How To Travel To Virginia With Kids During COVID-19

By Megan Tucker / August 12, 2020

I bet you’re wondering how to travel with kids during COVID-19. While any travel carries risk in the U.S, my family sought a long weekend away as safely as possible, which led us to Page County, Virginia. Here are some tips from our stay to help you plan your own!

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Boats in water and people on beach at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

Dubai: At A Glance

By Megan Tucker / July 8, 2019

Full disclosure: I’ve only been to Dubai pre-kids and when my first child was still in the womb. But we lived in Abu Dhabi for two years and did lots of family friendly things!

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Family with toddler posing in front of London Tower Bridge

London Family Vacation Tips

By Megan Tucker / June 24, 2019

There is so much to do in London and its surrounds, that you can’t possibly take it all in during one, two or even a half dozen trips! While that choice can be overwhelming, it’s such an approachable city that you can conquer neighborhoods at a time and move your way across town and the region over time, tailoring to your family’s interests! Going at different points of the year is fun too with all the seasonal activities.

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Parents with toddler swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman

At-A-Glance: Grand Cayman Trip Review

By Megan Tucker / June 18, 2019

We recently visited Grand Cayman with our 1.5 year old toddler and had a great trip. All the details on where we stayed and ate, as well as family friendly activities, are below in our Grand Cayman trip review.

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Father and son eating outdoors on beach in Aruba

At-A-Glance Aruba Family Suggestions

By Megan Tucker / June 13, 2019

Aruba is easily what you want it to be – big resorts. adventure activities, or options for self-catering and self-drive and explore. It’s perfect for customizing to your needs!

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