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Best Blogs for Things to Do in Sevilla with Kids

Flamenco, Gothic style cathedrals, and a mix of cultural heritage and history await you in Sevilla, Spain (sometimes written in the Americanized “Seville”).  Sevilla is the capital of Spain’s most southern region, Andalusia, and is the fourth largest city in Spain.  The Moorish and Catholic influences in Sevilla create a vivid backdrop for travelers to enjoy good food, good culture, and good dancing.  These are our top picks for best blogs for things to do in Sevilla with kids!

Kids will love the fairy tale vibe Sevilla has to offer – and Star Wars loving kids (and adults!) will love watching for the locations used to film the “Palace of the Kingdom of Naboo”.  More recently, Sevilla played host to the “Kingdom of Dorne” from Game of Thrones.  Arguably one of Spain’s most family-friendly cities, Sevilla is a great place for children of any age.  Check out these top blogs to learn more or to get started on planning the perfect Sevilla family vacation!

Traveling with Kids and Teens of All Ages

Amsterdam Mamas’ Quick Guide: Seville with Kids

Looking for the best of Sevilla?  This blog has it! Ana does a great job of sharing places to go and things to do in a ‘top 5’ format.  This allows readers to cut through the noise and get core information about traveling to Sevilla. Each recommendation includes a link to the site for additional exploring and information gathering.

Ana also includes a section on helpful tips and getting around in Sevilla.  These sections are perfect for families who do extensive research before traveling somewhere.  We highly recommend this blog for it’s easy to read format (no ads!), concise writing style, and thoughtful information. Read more here.

Spanish Sabores Seville with Kids: 6 Best Travel Tips for Visiting Seville as a Family (2019)

This blog is a one-stop-shop for Sevilla with kids of all ages.  It takes an ‘everything you need to know’ approach, showcasing accommodations, food, attractions/sites, and the best times to go.  There is even a special section for families traveling with older children and teenagers. For families who prioritize food while traveling, Lindsey does a great job of featuring family-friendly food tours available in Sevilla.

Written in a short and sweet style, this blog is great for families who need a place to start when thinking about Sevilla.  There is a lot covered, but not necessarily in great depth. The family-friendly food tours are the best reason to check out this blog! Read more here.

Suitcases and Sandcastles Guide to Visiting Seville with Kids

It’s no wonder that Clare’s blog is the #2 UK family travel blog.  Her gorgeous pictures and concise writing really bring Sevilla alive!  Clare does a great job of highlighting why Sevilla is a family-friendly “go-to” destination – its walkable city center, charming atmosphere, and adventurous sites and attractions.  We recommend reading Clare’s blog because of the detailed tips regarding pricing and hours of highlighted attractions. Read more here.


Barbara’s blog reads more like a fun “to do” list than an explanation of sites and attractions in Sevilla.  It includes six kid-centered, unique ideas to give them a taste of Sevilla (sometimes literally) and keep them entertained.  We recommend her blog for families with little ones or to families whose children who can read the blog too! Young readers will love her ideas and the way she describes each activity.  Short and sweet, this blog does a great job of highlighting some truly exciting activities for kids! Read more here.

Traveling with Infants and Toddlers

Kids And Compass’s The best things to do in Seville with kids

If you are considering a trip to Sevilla with kids, this blog offers a great place to start.  Emily and her family are well-traveled and share in-depth experiences, including where to stay and ideas for extended travel around Sevilla.  If you are traveling with infants or toddlers, Emily does a great job highlighting how perfect Sevilla is for young children. She also includes some local parks perfect for the traveling toddler!

Emily does a great job of highlighting the best of Sevilla, with a keen understanding of travel through the eyes of small children.  Her writing is detailed and thoughtful, which creates a full picture of what it is like to travel in Sevilla. She also shares great tips on how to score tickets for museums and other sites if you are not able to book far in advance.  The end of the blog includes a recommended three-day itinerary and a great ‘know before your go’ section, not to mention accommodation and restaurant recommendations. Read more here.

City Nibbler’s Best Playgrounds in Seville Spain for Kids

Website snapshot-City Nibbler blog image best things to do in sevilla with kids

Mikelle is the mom of a toddler – so she knows the importance of a good neighborhood park when traveling with small children!  Her blog is the perfect combination of toddler-friendly parks and nearby food recommendations. It includes seven local parks in Sevilla.  Each park recommendation includes great pictures, nearby food recommendations, and a map of its location within Sevilla. It is truly a jackpot of information for families traveling with infants and toddlers! Read more here.

Traveling with Older Children & Teens

We 3 Travel’s What to Do in Seville with Kids

For families spending a weekend in Sevilla, this is a great blog to reference.  Tamara and her family spent two very full days in Sevilla. Her itinerary is a great guide for anyone traveling with older children and/or for those who want to get the full experience Sevilla has to offer in a short weekend.

Gorgeous pictures and in-depth text information allow readers to fully envision time in Sevilla.  The blog covers where to stay, what to eat, and what to see over the course of a weekend. Tamara also includes some unique experiences like carriage rides and river cruises! Read more here.

Happy Planning!

Time in Sevilla, no matter the age of your children, is sure to be an enchanting and vibrant experience.  Sevilla is the perfect tapestry to wonderful food and engaging history. With its walkable city center, Sevilla is the perfect place to connect, unwind, and embrace the local culture!  It is no wonder that Sevilla is one of the most family-friendly cities in Spain! This list of best blogs on things to do in Sevilla with kids is sure to provide exceptional tips for a lovely holiday.  Happy planning!

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