27 Best Dessert Spots In Denver To Visit With Kids

A young boy eats a large ice cream cone.

Explore Denver and surrounding areas by adventuring to find the sweetest little local ice cream or best dessert shops in Denver! Denver and surrounding areas boast a wide variety of the best dessert shops and ice cream parlors for kids. From classic ice cream parlors to trendy, artisanal gelato shops, there is something to satisfy every palate in your family in your search for the best dessert in Denver. Many of these local ice cream and dessert shops prioritize using locally sourced ingredients, therefore providing high-quality products and unique, flavorful creations. Plus, what better way to explore the city than to find unique dessert spots and turn it into a family adventure? This can be a great way to explore new neighborhoods you may not be familiar with in Denver and surrounding areas. 

Trying new desserts can also encourage your children to become more adventurous eaters by inspiring curiosity about the various flavor combinations they encounter. So, without further ado, here are the best dessert spots in Denver to visit with kids! 

Best Ice Cream Shops in Denver for Kids

Colorado is known for its craft beer, but also for its craft ice creams! There has been a surge in local makers experimenting with flavor combinations to satisfy every customer. Some unique finds include lavender honey as well as bourbon-infused ice creams. Not to mention the opportunity to experience seasonal delights during all four seasons in Colorado. From pumpkin or coffee-flavored desserts in the fall to refreshing sorbets in the summer, you will never grow tired of these best desserts in Denver with kids. Here are some of the best places for ice cream in Denver! 

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Little Man Ice Cream

An ice cream cone stacked between two ice cream sandwiches from Little Man Ice Cream, one of the best dessert spots in Denver with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Little Man Ice Cream

Little Man Ice Cream boasts an iconic 28-foot-tall metal milk can, which is definitely Instagram-worthy! Add to this an ice cream shop known for its homemade, all-natural ice cream with flavors like Salted Oreo, Vegan Lavender, and even beer-flavored ice cream, and you have a top-notch ice cream shop! Visit for the wonderful flavor choices, the sundaes, splits, malts, or shakes, while feeling good about your purchase. Little Man Ice Cream gives back a portion of the sale to support causes like education, welfare, and hunger relief programs. Enjoy sitting outside and listening to music while you enjoy the best ice cream in Denver

High Point Creamery

Photo Courtesy: From the Hip

At High Point Creamery, a husband-wife duo creates sweet and savory ice cream flavors that fill the palate with unique experiences. With 3 locations in and around the Denver metro area, you can pit stop at this favorite ice cream shop on one of your adventures in Denver. Boasting flavors like Tin Cup Whiskey & Pistachio Brittle and Earl Grey & Shortbread, your curiosity will be piqued, and a stop here will be mandatory! Try their ice cream flight with the best caramel sauce if you can’t choose just one flavor. This is a great way to try High Point Creamery’s wide assortment of flavors. Alternatively, they have a food truck you can rent for events such as weddings or birthday parties. What a fun way to bring the best ice cream in Denver to you!

Pints Peak

An overhead look at a large dish of ice cream from Pints Peak, one of the best dessert spots in Denver with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Pints Peak

With a name like Pints Peak, inspired by the Rocky Mountains, you know it has to be included in our list of best ice cream stops in Denver! Rich and creamy ice cream, the ice cream here is worth every cent. Pumpkin Roll is sure to be a fall favorite flavor, and there are lots of less creative and more standard flavors for pickier kids, too. Check the schedule to be sure to catch the food truck that serves this delicious cold treat. With many gluten-free and dairy-free options, this is a great treat for those with various food limitations within your family. Limit the allergens, but not the flavor!


Photo Courtesy: From the Hip

With a love of coffee and ice cream, this owner duo was inspired by their time in Germany and mixed the two loves to create Eiskaffee. Here, you will find various coffee-inspired and infused ice cream dessert options. Let the staff help guide you based on your desires. Or try their root beer float if it’s too late in the day for a coffee! With options like Salty Caramel, Bavarian Cream, and Apple Sorbet, your kids will find something to enjoy as well as the coffee lovers in your family.  

Ice Cream Riot

Photo Courtesy: Ice Cream Riot

Looking for some unique flavors? Look no further than Ice Cream Riot! This eclectic shop has found a way to infuse breakfast items such as cereal and pop tarts with ice cream. This, for sure, is the best ice cream in Denver for kids! Try an ice cream-filled cannoli dipped in your choice of chocolate chips or cereal. Or, opt for a pop tart ice cream sandwich. With ice cream flavors like Andes Mint and Caramel Cookie Brownie, your mouth will indeed be watering! This may be just the place for your family to challenge your palates and experience an explosion of flavor. Or try a Philly Water Ice to see what the rave is about.

Sweet Cooie’s

The colorful counter filled with sweets at Sweet Cooie's, one of the best dessert spots in Denver with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Sweet Cooie’s

Part of the Little Man ice creameries, Sweet Cooie’s pays homage to the owners’ mother’s story of coming to Colorado. With a vintage interior shop that is decorated and adorned to honor his mother, you will find staple ice cream flavors as well as unique tastes. At Sweet Cooie’s, enjoy a simple scoop of ice cream, a sundae, split or malt, or even an ice cream sandwich. Homemade chocolate truffles also top the menu here. You can also order online if you bring a pint of the best ice cream in Denver home to enjoy! 

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Milkroll Creamery

Photo Courtesy: Milkroll Creamery

Milkroll Creamery is certainly one of the best dessert spots in Denver to visit with kids! Try this fun and tasty dessert shop in Denver if you want something delicious and unique, like rolled ice cream. Not many places provide Thai-inspired rolls with various toppings like Milkroll Creamery. Your kids will wonder how these ice cream rolls are made and will surely enjoy this special treat.  

Sweet Cow Ice Cream

Several ice cream sandwiches from Sweet Cow Ice Cream lined up.
Photo Courtesy: Sweet Cow Ice Cream

Offering locations in locations in Denver, Boulder, Louisville, and Longmont, Sweet Cow Ice Cream is a local favorite. This local chain offers various flavors, both staples and seasonal. What makes Sweet Cow so special is the stellar staff. Don’t believe us – just check out their many testimoo-nials online! This is definitely one of the best ice cream shops in Colorado.

Gelato Boy

A product shot of five gelato cones with varying types of flavors from Gelato Boy, one of the best dessert spots in Denver with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Gelato Boy

Again, with locations in both Denver and Boulder, you can find Gelato Boy at the top of our list of bests. This gelato shop offers authentic Italian gelato, with one of the owners being from Venice, Italy. Naturally healthier than ice cream due to less fat content, you can go for that second scoop. With offers of both vegan and dairy-free flavors, you will find something for everyone in your family! Be sure to try the Gooey Buttercake Caramel or the Lavender Poppy flavors.  

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Best Ice Cream Shops for Kids Within an Hour of Denver

Trying new ice cream flavors and unique treats can also expand your family’s palate, and what better way to do this than with desserts? Trying various desserts can be an educational experience for your family, allowing everyone to learn about various cultures and culinary traditions. Also, sharing the best desserts can be a great social activity that provides an opportunity for your family to bond over something sweet while fostering your connection. Here are the best ice cream shops for kids within an hour of Denver! 

Scrumptious Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe

Photo Courtesy: Scrumptious Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe

Ice cream, candy, and bottled soda – what else could you ask for at Scrumptious Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe? With a great selection of classic candies and sodas, those who wish for another option besides ice cream, will find one at this family-owned shop! Located in both Arvada and Longmont, there are rotating ice cream flavors, so you know you’re always in for a real treat. Plus, the shakes and ice cream flavors are to die for, and the serving sizes are healthy. It’s surely a place where your family can enjoy the best ice cream and treats near Denver! 

Glacier Homemade Ice Cream & Gelato

Three women enjoy ice cream dishes from Glacier Homemade Ice Cream & Gelato.
Photo Courtesy: Glacier Homemade Ice Cream & Gelato

Glacier Homemade Ice Cream & Gelato is another one of the best dessert spots near Denver to visit with kids! Rich, creamy, and luscious are just a few words to describe the ice cream made at this family-owned ice cream shop in Boulder. Serving homemade ice cream and gelato, they showcase unique flavors as well as a good selection of vegan ice cream as well. Also, their vegan ice cream is made from homemade cashew milk, and all of their Glacier Creams have no white sugar, only honey and coconut sugar.  

The Colorado Creamery

A hand holds out a small ice cream cone in front of the patio area of The Colorado Creamery, one of the best dessert spots in Denver with kids.
Photo Courtesy: The Colorado Creamery

Bring the whole family to The Colorado Creamery for some homegrown goodness! Located in Evergreen, this favorite local ice cream shop is known for its excellent customer service as well as wonderful Little Man Ice Cream flavors. With vegan ice cream options as well as dairy-free options, this is a great place to give the variety needed for your little ones when searching for the best ice cream with kids. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with ample indoor and outdoor seating. And, of course, a stroll in Evergreen is always a delight to brighten your day! 

Josh & John’s

An ice cream cone laid by a pint of ice cream from Josh & John’s.
Photo Courtesy: Josh & John’s

Located along the front range from downtown Colorado Springs to Jessup Farm in Fort Collins, Josh & John’s has made a name for itself as one of the best ice cream shops in Colorado. Whether you’re looking for an ice cream cake for a special occasion or hand-crafted ice cream with varied names like Purple Mountain Majesty or Malted Mazel Toff, you will find something to fit your sweet tooth desires at Josh & John’s. Or, try the microbrewed 1986 Root Beer blended with Vanilla Bean for an extra special treat. 

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Best Dessert Spots in Denver for Kids

If you’re not in the mood for ice cream, Denver has plenty of other dessert spots that your family will love! Sharing the best desserts can also be a great social activity that provides an opportunity for your family to bond over something sweet while fostering your connection. Keep reading to find out more!


A chocolate cake near an espresso treat at D-Bar, one of the best dessert spots in Denver with kids.
Photo Courtesy: D-Bar

Sit at the dessert bar so you can watch your order being made right in front of you at D-Bar, a restaurant offering an extensive dessert menu. Order the Prix Fixe, a 3-course dessert, where you can choose a few desserts to taste off the menu if you can’t limit it to one. Their sweet creations will have you wishing for more! From churros to creme brulee, you will be back to enjoy more of these best desserts in Denver

Heaven Creamery

An apple tart with a large scoop of ice cream on top from Heaven Creamery, one of the best dessert spots in Denver with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Heaven Creamery

Delight in the delicious desserts at Heaven Creamery! Choose from brownie a la mode, Berry Crepe, Mango with Chamoy, or Churros with dipping sauce at this best dessert and ice cream shop in Denver. You will find something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. With many locations in and around Denver, you can easily add it to your trip to the city. You can even find them in Boulder now! 

Voodoo Doughnut

A box filled with colorful Voodoo Doughnuts.
Photo Courtesy: Voodoo Doughnut

Dessert for breakfast? Yes, please! Wait, are doughnuts considered desserts? We say yes! Known for their quirky and creative doughnuts, you’ll find unique flavors like Passionfruit Cheesecake and Banana Cream Pie doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnut. These delicious creations come in pink boxes curated especially for you. You can even choose a vegan dozen – in fact, they may just be the best vegan doughnuts in Denver. Located in various locations around Denver, including Denver International Airport as well as in Boulder, be sure to check out these unique breakfast desserts, indeed to be added to your list of the best desserts in Denver with kids.

The Inventing Room

Photo Courtesy: The Inventing Room

For a truly unique, Willy Wonka-style dessert experience, visit The Inventing Room. At this unique dessert spot, the chef will take you through a sugar science experiment to demonstrate molecular gastronomy. Enjoy 5 samples during your stay, and be sure to browse the candy wall following your 45-minute demonstration. This experience will add those memories to your family as you explore the best desserts in Denver with your kids! Be sure to secure tickets in advance, as they can only accommodate up to 15 visitors at a time.   

Azucar Bakery

Two Italian-style espressos flank a plate of apple turnovers at one of the best dessert spots in Denver with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Azucar Bakery

With many sweet treats on the menu at Azucar Bakery, it may be hard to choose. But the cheesecake comes highly recommended! Cookie flavors dot their menu, as well as cupcakes and flan. Also known for their specialty cakes for weddings and birthdays, their menu provides an array of wonderful desserts to try in Denver.  

Punch Buggy Shave Ice

Photo Courtesy: Punch Buggy Shave Ice

In downtown Louisville and Lafayette, you can have Colorado’s only all-natural, authentic Hawaiian-style shaved ice at Punch Buggy Shave Ice! Or, have their dessert truck come to your event or party to offer your guests a unique experience. Vibrant and natural-tasting flavors, along with finer shaved ice, make this a big family dessert favorite, especially in the hot summer months in Colorado. A locally owned and run business, be sure to watch the website for open hours at this favorite dessert stop.  

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Unique Dessert Spots in Denver for Kids

With international influences in the capital city as well as a vibrant and creative culinary scene in Denver, chefs and dessert makers are known to push the boundaries to offer your family something unique. You will find many of these local favorites in the most picturesque neighborhoods and scenic areas, not to mention near many popular attractions in Denver and surrounding areas. What a delightful experience to add a sweet treat to your beautiful Colorado excursion. Here are some more popular places to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Istanbul Cafe and Bakery

The exterior entrance to Istanbul Cafe and Bakery.
Photo Courtesy: Istanbul Cafe and Bakery

Looking for a more cultural experience for dessert in Denver with kids? Stop at Istanbul Cafe and Bakery, a Turkish bakery, for some flaky, sweet baklava! Spend your time sipping Turkish tea or coffee while you try other specialties such as Sarma or Sobiyet. With other savory pastries and menu items, you can easily enjoy the afternoon, experiencing the flavors of Turkey in this Denver location.

Miette et Chocolat

Decorative chocolates cover a chocolate tart at Miette et Chocolat, one of the best dessert spots in Denver with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Miette et Chocolat

For another cultural experience, visit Miette et Chocolat, a French patisserie in Aurora! They have everything here, from bonbons to macaroons, cookies, and unique chocolate bars. With two locations, one in downtown Aurora and one in Stanley Marketplace, it’s an easy addition to your time visiting Denver and surrounding areas. The beautifully delicious creations will be one of the best desserts you have in Denver with your kids! 

Deiter’s Chocolates

The chocolate case filled with sweet treats at Deiter’s Chocolates, one of the best dessert spots in Denver with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Deiter’s Chocolates

With staff just as sweet as the chocolates, a visit to Deiter’s Chocolates is a delightful way to explore some of the best desserts in Denver. If you’re looking for sweet + salty treats, boozy chocolates, or gummies for the littles, you can find it all in this spectacular shop. Try the hand-crafted turtles, chocolate bars, or coffee-flavored concoctions in this locally-owned Denver location. Looking for a unique gift for a loved one? Try one of their subscription boxes for the chocolate lover in your life!

Chocolaterie Stam

Photo Courtesy: Chocolaterie Stam

Chocolaterie Stam is another luxe chocolate and dessert shop, located in Lafayette, CO.  With locations across the USA, we are lucky to have one in Colorado! Here, the best desserts include truffles and other chocolate treats, including many gluten-free options. Enjoy gelato and an iced latte, or curate a unique box of chocolates to take home after an evening out in old town Lafayette. You can’t go wrong with a stop at Stam’s, with its rich history dating back to 1913. 

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Best Vegan Ice Cream and Dessert Spots in Denver for Kids

Colorado is known to be health-conscious, and therefore, you’ll find many dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan dessert options in Denver. How wonderful it is to enjoy treats together so all in your family can enjoy the best desserts in Denver with kids. Here are the best vegan ice cream and dessert spots in Denver for kids! (Then, don’t miss the aforementioned dessert spots that have vegan options too!)

Sweet Action Ice Cream

Photo Courtesy: Sweet Action Ice Cream

Sweet Action Ice Cream serves up small batches of handmade ice cream, so this shop is a must-stop while visiting Denver with kids! Be prepared for a line on the weekends, so visit on a weekday if your schedule allows. With many locations around the city, you can easily add a stop for the best ice cream in Denver while visiting another favorite Denver attraction. Rotating ice cream flavor selections make it easy to come back for a new scoop each time you visit Denver. They offer many gluten-free and vegan ice cream options, as well as brownies, ice pops, and ice cream sandwiches. Their ice cream can even be found in some grocery stores, so be on the lookout!

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream

A large teddy bear greets guests at the bakery case for Bonnie Brae Ice Cream.
Photo Courtesy: Bonnie Brae Ice Cream

A neighborhood favorite, Bonnie Brae Ice Cream is a Denver-based, family-owned ice cream shop that will wow you with its flavor selections. Rum Raisin and Utter Butter aren’t flavors you hear about every day and may be worth a try. Chocolate Chip Cheesecake may become a favorite as well. Specializing in sorbet as well as vegan ice cream flavors, you will find something for everyone in your family. And, check out their cones! With the itty bitty cone for your littlest ice cream lover, the gluten-free cone, or the special chocolate-dipped cone. They even offer a takeout option if you would rather order online and try these fabulous flavors in the comfort of your own home. 

Liks Ice Cream

Photo Courtesy: Liks Ice Cream

Locally owned and operated since 1976, Liks Ice Cream has been a Colorado favorite for the best ice cream for decades. With a noteworthy selection of vegan ice creams, traditional ice cream, and sorbet, this is definitely top of the list for the best ice cream in Denver with kids. Enjoy sitting outside and people-watching as you savor your ice cream flavor selections. Try Huckleberry or Jack Daniels Chocolate Chip in a dipped waffle cone or a cup. Or, you can’t go wrong with grabbing a basic flavor and simply people-watching in the neighborhood.  

The Cake Bar

Photo Courtesy: The Cake Bar

It’s not just about being vegan; it’s about tasting delicious! The Cake Bar provides tasty options for vegan desserts in Denver that all in your family will enjoy. For those who are dairy and egg-free as well, this is naturally a good fit as well. Order a custom cake for your next event to offer options for your many guests and family members, or order on Uber Eats for one of the best vegan desserts in Denver. The cupcakes are to die for, a definite must-visit while in Denver with kids! 

Where to Stay in Denver with Kids

The entrance to Four Seasons Hotel Denver.
Photo Courtesy: Four Seasons Hotel Denver

Visiting Denver with kids or planning a sweet little staycation in the city? There are so many places to stay in Denver with kids. Kids will love the rooftop pool at the Westin Denver Downtown. And, they’ll also be impressed by the camping experience at the Ritz-Carlton, Denver. Other great options include the Four Seasons Hotel Denver, the Hotel Clio, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Denver Cherry Creek, and the Crawford Hotel. For more suggestions, check out these best hotels in Denver for families!

Happy Travels!

A young boy puts an ice cream cone in front of his face.
Photo Courtesy: Markus Spiske

We hope you liked this list of the Best Dessert Spots In Denver To Visit With Kids! Overall, Denver’s diverse culinary landscape, commitment to using quality ingredients, and fondness for culinary experimentation make it an excellent destination for ice cream and dessert lovers. Whether you’re a fan of classic flavors or enjoy trying something new, Denver has something sweet to offer when searching for the best desserts in Denver. Enjoy your delicious treats! 

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