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Best Headphones for Little Kids

In our group, so many parents ask about headphones for little ones. Indeed, in an age of increasing technology, this is a hot topic. Kids today love using iPads for games and watching videos. So, which are the best headphones to buy for your kid? Some important factors to consider are size (obviously — you don’t want them falling off your kid’s head!), noise cancelling abilities, volume limiting, and wireless/Bluetooth capabilities. Below are some of the best headphone recommendations by the members of our group for little kids.

1) CozyPhones

Highly recommended by numerous members of our group! These cute headphones wrap around your child’s head like a sweatband. They’re plush and perfect for all your travel needs. Plus, they come in a variety of adorable designs including unicorn, frog, bunny, pirate, fox, and more.

Kids Headphones Volume Limited with Ultra-Thin Speakers Soft Fleece Headband by CozyPhones; $15-$20 (depending on design), Amazon

Best Headphones for Little Kids-cozyphone

2) LilGadgets Connect+

At least two members of our group highly recommend these headphones for little ones. They come in a variety of colors and feature SharePort, which allows more than one person to listen without a headphone splitter. They also have volume limiting capabilities. Plus, a percentage of each sale of these headphones goes to bullying prevention and awareness in schools!

LilGadgets Connect+ Kids Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones with SharePort (Children, Toddlers); $15.95, Amazon

Best Headphones for Little Kids-kids wearing LilGadgets

3) Kidz Gear Wired Headphones

Similar to the LilGadgets Connect+ headphones, Kidz Gear headphones are custom designed to fit the heads of children ages 2+. They come in a bunch of fun colors, have volume limiting capabilities, and a lifetime guarantee.

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids; $11.99-$19.99, Amazon

Best Headphones for Little Kids-kids wearing Wired Headphone

4) Kidz Gear Fold-Flat Travel Headphones

Another great option by Kidz Gear. Unlike the ones above, these fold up, making them ideal for travel.

Kidz Gear Fold-Flat Travel Headphones; $9.99-$10.99, Amazon

Best Headphones for Little Kids-headphone picture

5) Califone Listening First Kids Headphones

These cute headphones come in various fun designs including tiger, bear, panda, and more. They feature an adjustable headband and volume control.

Califone 2810-BE Listening First Kids Bear Theme Wired Headphones; $13.55, Amazon

Califone 2810-PA Listening First Kids Stereo Headphones, Panda Design; $15.45, Amazon

6) Snug Play+ Kids Headphones

These wireless, foldable headphones come in a variety of colors and feature a sharing port. The volume is automatically limited to protect your child’s hearing. Made of sturdy plastic, these headphones are sure to hold up even among the most rough-and-tumble kids.

Snug Play+ Kids Headphones Volume Limiting and Audio Sharing Port; $14.50, Amazon

7) Puro Sound Labs Kids Headphones

Though a bit pricier than the other suggestions, the Puro Sound Labs headphones have great reviews. These wireless headphones feature an adjustable headband, cushioned ear cups, limited volume to protect kids’ hearing, and Bluetooth connectivity. They come in fun colors like purple, pink, and blue.

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Kids Volume-Limiting Over-Ear Wireless Headphones; $59.99, Amazon

Of course, there are many more great headphone options on the market, but we hope these suggestions were helpful! What are your favorite headphones for toddlers and little kids?

Please note: We use Amazon Affiliate links. So we may receive a small percentage of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. All prices listed are accurate at the time of publication.

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