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Best Blogs on Things to Do with Kids in Singapore

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For families looking to test the waters on more adventurous travel, Singapore is a great place to start!  An island city-state situated along the southern border of Malaysia, Singapore offers tropical weather, walkable neighborhoods, and a mix of global cultures. Due to its British colonial roots, Singapore offers a European vibe and modern amenities. Its climate, phenomenal food options, and child-centered attractions make Singapore one of the world’s best family travel destinations. This is our list of the best family travel blogs Singapore with kids!

Families will love Singapore’s clean streets and safe environment, modern accommodations, and a family-friendly vibe. It won’t take long for families to fall in love with Singapore! Additionally, its location in Southeast Asia makes it easy to travel to other countries in the region. We hope this list of top blogs helps you plan your dream family travel to Singapore.   

y Travel Blog


ytravel blog on Fun Things to do in Singapore, one of the best blogs on Singapore with kids.
Photo Courtesy: YTravel

This extensive blog is a great place for families considering Singapore or families in the planning process. Caz admits that she was initially on the fence about Singapore, but found it a true “utopia” for family travel.  She does a wonderful job outlining why Singapore should be on your list for family travel. The blog also highlights the best kid-friendly sites, accommodations, restaurants, and more. The end of the blog shares great information about finding wi-fi, getting around Singapore, and kid-friendly tour recommendations. If you are not convinced you should travel to Singapore, Caz will convince you with her blog! Through stunning pictures and descriptive storytelling, this blog truly shows why Singapore is the ultimate family travel destination. Caz also highlights some unique opportunities that kids are sure to love – including breakfast with the orangutans at the Singapore Zoo. Read more here!

Where’s Sharon

Complete Guide to Things to do in Singapore with Kids

Guide to Things to do in Singapore with Kids waterpark with kids, one of the best blogs on Singapore with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Where’s Sharon

Sharon has traveled to Singapore three times with her children she loves it so much! Categorized by neighborhood, her blog includes nearly 50 of her favorite things to do in Singapore with kids. Her oldest is five years old, so her blog is perfect for anyone traveling with infants and small children. Sharon also includes some great recommended itineraries, ranging between 3 and 5 days. The end of the blog includes information on budgeting, accommodations, eating, and getting around. If Caz didn’t convince you to choose Singapore, Sharon will! Her blog on Singapore with kids highlights the very best of why you should travel to Singapore and what to do when you get there. Read more here!

La Jolla Mom

12 Things To Do In Singapore With Kids

La Jolla mom blog on 12 things to do in singapore with kids, one of the best blogs on Singapore with kids.
Photo Courtesy: La Jolla Mom

This blog is a “go-to” for concise information about the top things to do in Singapore with kids. Great pictures and short paragraphs about each site gives readers a chance to get to know the highlights. Plus, it makes it one of the best framily travel blogs on Singapore with kids! It also includes family-friendly hotel recommendations and other tips for visiting Singapore with kids. Read more here!

The Travelling Twin

Things to do in Singapore – With Kids or Without

The Travelling Twins blog on things to do in Singapore with kids
Photo Courtesy: The Travelling Twins

Ania’s blog is a true winner when it comes to planning family travel to Singapore.  She includes a ton of things to do with kids, categorized by type of experience (botanical, animal-related, educational, etc.).  It’s a great blog to ensure diversity in activities and finding something for everyone in the family. Fun family photos, informative writing, and well-organized additional information and links are what puts this blog on our list!  For detailed planners, this blog is a gold mine of information and what to expect. The end of the blog gives fantastic advice on how to travel to Singapore and how to get around while there.  It is a must-read before traveling to Singapore. Read more here!

Mum on the Move

50 Things to Do in Singapore with Kids

Mum on the Move blog on 30 things to do in Singapore with kids
Photo Courtesy: Mum on the Move

Marianne, the Mum on the Move, provides a budget-conscious list of sites (and where to get the best discount) for travel in Singapore.  Singapore can be an expensive place to travel, but this blog will help you save some money with its tips! Marianne highlights her top 50 things to do with kids in Singapore, including some unique family tour experiences. Each recommendation includes a short paragraph about why it should be on your itinerary and the direct link to learn more.  It is truly an extensive list of things to do with kids in Singapore. Marianne does a great job of sharing the highlights, without making readers feel overwhelmed with information. Read more here!

5 Lost Together


Our final framily travel blogs on Singapore with kids shares hot tips and Singapore favorites by a mom of three. Dawn has curated a great list of top sites for families planning to go to Singapore.  In addition to top sites, her blog includes a map with locations, places to stay, and tips for getting around with kids. Dawn’s straight forward blog includes quality information and family pictures.  The description of each site also includes tips and information on how to get there, making planning a breeze.  The best part – she also includes a great list of the foods her kids loved at the Hawker stalls, which will make enjoying a meal there so much easier to navigate with any picky eaters.  Read more here!

Happy Planning!

Singapore is truly one of the world’s best when it comes to family travel.  Clean, organized, exceptional family-friendly activities, and easily navigable, Singapore is a must for families who love to travel. Singapore is the perfect place to connect, seek adventure, and explore Asia. This list of best framily travel blogs on Singapore with kids is sure to provide exceptional tips for a lovely holiday.  Happy planning!

Next, find more things to do in Singapore with kids, as well as lodging, restaurants, and other recommendations on our main page on Singapore.

Have a blog, itinerary, or article you would like us to feature?  Contact us!

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