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Traveling With Babies

Traveling with babies for the first time can be a scary feat. But we’re also here to remind you the challenge is manageable! In fact, you’ll be relieved to discover how easy traveling with babies becomes with a little preparation on your side. Find everything you need to know about traveling with a baby for the first time, from what to pack to where to visit, what to do, and how to get there. For example, if you’re planning an upcoming flight with a baby but feel worrisome about the process, we’ve compiled tips to help you out! Or, if you want to explore by land, maybe you can consider a baby-friendly National Park. 

Of course, even if you’re a seasoned traveler with previous children, it doesn’t hurt to also seek some new suggestions this time around. Aside from travel-specific pointers, we’ve also rounded up important information regarding kids’ policies for various airlines, including Lufthansa. Planning to travel with a baby by sea? We have advice on that too! Read our Tips For Cruising With A Baby to learn about preparing for your very first expedition on high waters. Entertainment, sleeping, and dining should all be priorities. No matter where you adventure, however, you’ll see the world from a fresh perspective with your baby by your side!

crusing with baby

Tips for Cruising with a Baby

Cruising is a great option for families with babies who want to relax and not worry about the logistics of every meal and sightseeing adventure. Our contributors have shared great advice for first-timers to keep their babies well-fed and happy during the vacation.

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Canyons & National Parks with Baby

The most expensive photo ever sold in the world was taken at Antelope Canyon. It sold for a whopping $6.5 million dollars to a private collector in 2014. Since then, crowds have been flocking to see the famous canyons and capture the beauty of the Navajo sandstone.

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Use These 10 Tips For Your Baby’s First Flight

Families Who Love To Travel contributor Meghan Oaks provides her 10 best tips for your first airplane flight with a baby in tow.

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