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From land to sea, there are so many animals waiting to be discovered by your family! Safaris are the most popular way to cover terrain – and between Virginia Safari Park on the East Coast to the San Diego Zoo in the West, there are plenty of United States options to choose from. For a more exotic vacation, jet off to countries like Tanzania for its Crater Highlands, Kenya for its integrated Giraffe Manor, or the jungles of Borneo, each offering a unique view on local wildlife and culture. If the little ones prefer to explore by sea, snorkeling is a great way to navigate the depths of ocean life. Head to the Carribean, the Galapagos Islands, or Bora Bora, and you’ll have an entire world ready to be conquered right below your feet.  


5 Exotic Asian Family Wildlife Vacations

There are few feelings as thrilling as being surrounded by beautiful, large animals in their natural habitat. While safaris are popular options for many families, we looked into wildlife vacations you can take throughout Asia with your little ones. Children of any age won’t have a chance to be bored when they’re face to face with lions and tigers and bears (oh my!)

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5 US West Coast Safaris and Animal Parks for Families

For animal loving families, it doesn’t get much better than finding an opportunity to get up-close and personal with a large variety of wildlife. If you have always dreamed of feeding giraffes on a safari or driving through untouched wilderness in your own vehicle, we have a great list of parks for you! All of these parks also stress education and conservation and a visit is a great way to teach kids about the diversity of animals and how their environment works. The West Coast of the US has five amazing options for your next family getaway.

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5 US East Coast Safaris and Animal Parks for Families

Would you love to trek to Africa to visit with tigers and giraffes, but don’t have the time or budget? Lucky for you, there are several amazing adventures that will give you the same experience! We’re sharing our five picks for East Coast safaris and animal parks, many with extra features like amusement parks and petting zoos. There’s no excuse not to experience an animal adventure with your entire family!

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snorkeling kid fish water

Nine of the World’s Best Snorkeling Spots

Love the beach and swimming but want to take it a step further for your next adventure? Snorkeling is a great family activity that can be experienced in various locations and still feel different every time you go. Our contributors shared their favorite spots to go snorkeling — pick one for your next vacation!

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