Providing entertainment for kids during a trip is already half the journey. Luckily, this section details tips on how to keep the little one content during a long plane, train, or car ride! Between what books to take, the best headphones to purchase, and which toys are the easiest to pack, parents can relax knowing their kids are in good hands during a flight. Additionally, consider investing in kid-friendly headphones so they can enjoy their favorite movies or shows without disturbing fellow passengers. Another great option is to download educational apps on tablets or smartphones that provide fun learning experiences while encouraging their creativity and problem-solving skills.  Some airlines even offer in-flight entertainment systems specifically designed for children, featuring an array of kid-friendly shows and interactive games.

On a road trip, play a game like “I Spy” or make up your own, and you’ll discover there are plenty of ways to get creative! One way to do this is by packing a travel bag full of engaging activities such as coloring books, puzzles, and interactive storybooks. It can be helpful to introduce novelty items like mini board games or handheld gaming devices that are specifically designed for travel. Finally, involving children in planning their own entertainment choices – from selecting movies and snacks before the trip to creating personal activity packs – empowers them and heightens the excitement for the journey ahead. It’s also important not to forget snacks! Having some healthy treats available helps combat hunger pangs and acts as another form of entertainment when kids need something to munch on during the journey. 

Child on airplane seat with blue blanket, stuffed animal and iPad in pink case with green headphones

The Best Headphones for Kids of All Ages

Packed for your next family adventure? Many kids love using iPads while traveling. With so many choices to consider, check out our Best Headphone For Kids to learn about Bluetooth options, best for toddlers, most affordable options, and more!

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How to Recharge Your Batteries as a Family Before School Starts

Wondering how to recharge your batteries as a family before school starts? With many vacation plans disrupted due to COVID-19, summer 2020 has been a very different kind of adventure than most anticipated. To help, I’ve compiled my own recommendations for connecting with your little ones before tackling a brand new school year!

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Mom, dad and little boy in the car looking at a map. family road trip games

Family Road Trip Games Everyone Will Love!

It’s not an exciting vacation with kids until you play some family road trip games! To help your family overcome this hurdle, we’ve collected the best family road trip games alongside a Families Love Travel printable packet.

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8 Best Family Staycation Ideas

With growing travel restrictions this summer, many parents are considering the best family staycation ideas for at-home fun. Luckily, while many of us cannot travel at this time, this shouldn’t stop us from creating memories with our kids! Families can use our list of the 8 Best Family Staycation Ideas to design their perfect family staycation!

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Small boy playing with toys on an airplane.

6+ Tips for Keeping Kids Entertained on a Family Trip

Keeping kids entertained on a family trip can be a full-time job! I’ve come to understand that one of the “scariest” things about traveling with kids is how to avoid meltdowns and not disturb their routines. To help you stay at ease during a future trip with your little ones, here are a few lessons I’ve learned for keeping kids entertained on a family trip!

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A mom and her little girl read a book together on a comfy chair.

Top Travel Books for Little Kids

We have rounded up some of the top book recommendations, suggested by members of the Families Who Love To Travel community.

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