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Entertaining kids during a trip is already half the journey. Luckily, this section details tips on how to keep the little one’s content during a long plane, train or car ride! Between what books to take, the best headphones to purchase, and which toys are the easiest to pack, parents can relax knowing their kids are in good hands during a flight. On a road trip, play a game like “I Spy” or make up your own, and you’ll discover there are plenty of ways to get creative! A successful trip is always easier with a happy child. 

family road trip games

Family Road Trip Games Everyone Will Enjoy!

There are usually two types of families that embark on a road trip. The first is the one that’s excited to spend time with the children looking out the window and making memories while on the road. The second is the one that hopes the kids will nap or watch a movie quietly while the adults can get some much needed peace and quiet! This article is for the first type of family. We’re sharing our tips on how to keep your kids engaged with activities you will enjoy as much as them!

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Top Travel Books for Little Kids

We have rounded up some of the top book recommendations, suggested by members of the Families Who Love To Travel community.

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10 of the Best Toys for Travel with Little Kids

In our group, we often get questions about keeping little ones occupied in transit, especially on flights. So, in order to make things easier for all traveling families, here are the group’s top recommendations for toys, games, and activities to keep your toddler/little kid happy during your travels.

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Best Headphones for Little Kids

In our group, so many parents ask about headphones for little ones. Indeed, in an age of increasing technology, this is a hot topic. Kids today love using iPads for games and watching videos. So, which are the best headphones to buy for your kid? Some important factors to consider are size (obviously — you don’t want them falling off your kid’s head!), noise cancelling abilities, volume limiting, and wireless/Bluetooth capabilities. Below are some of the best headphone recommendations by the members of our group for little kids.

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