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Now that your family is ready to travel frequently, ensure that you’re maximizing your investment and taking advantage of the many rewards offered by travel credit cards. If you don’t know where to start, read below to find the most frequently recommended cards by contributors of the Families Love Travel group. Choosing the right card for your family will depend on where you travel, how often, and your budget. We also share a detailed look at the benefits of individual airline cards, like the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass.

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What Families Need To Know About Travel Rewards Credit Cards

If there’s one big misconception about travel, it’s that vacationing must cost a lot of money. Many families believe if you’re not rich, you’re unable to travel, especially with more than two people to pay for. Today, I’m here to tell families what they should be looking for when choosing a travel rewards card. Here are a few benefits of having travel rewards credit cards (and some I’d recommend!).

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Top 3 Family Travel Credit Cards

If you’ve caught the travel bug and are planning family trips around the world, it is imperative that you have a good travel credit card to use when booking. We asked our group contributors to share their favorite travel cards and let us know the perks they receive with each. Read through the details of each and choose the one that will earn you the most travel miles!

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Vacation Travel Jetblue Southwest

Comparing JetBlue and Southwest Travel Credit Cards

If you have been debating applying for a JetBlue credit card or a Southwest Airlines card, we collected all the information you need to make your decision. Below you’ll find the various personal travel credit cards offered by the two airlines, along with all the benefits of each.

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Hand holding United States passport with Companion Pass tickets

The Southwest Airlines Companion Pass for Family Travel

We all love to travel with our families and often, the cost is one of the hurdles we must face. The Southwest Airline Companion Pass (CP) can help create travel opportunities for your family by reducing the cost of flights to a fraction (fees only). The CP covers destinations all over the US, Caribbean, Mexico and South America.

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