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Cartagena Vacation Kids

A Cartagena vacation with kids blends relaxation with historic culture and cuisine! With ancient significance, pristine shorelines to lounge on, and delicious restaurants, it’s a one-stop-shop for your next excursion! Plan a trip to split time between the ancient landmarks of the walled city, like Convent of Popa, and the golden sand of its adjacent beaches. To see a more colorful side to the city, be sure to also factor in time to visit street art neighborhoods like the beautiful Getsemani. Animal-loving children will also enjoy visiting The Aviary to spot rare birds. (Be sure to stay for the special Spanish performance, which is a hit even if you can’t understand the language.) Or, take an afternoon stroll through Parque de Centenario to see some iguanas up close! Read our list of Amazing Things To Do In Cartagena During A Vacation With Kids for more tips! 

Take a carriage ride through the cobblestone streets by night to see the city from a new vantage point. Or, traverse Castillo San Felipe’s underground caves, mysterious and educational to spook children into learning about Colombia’s steep history. Remember also to grab some ceviche from La Cevicheria when you get hungry! If you’re not in the mood for ceviche, Cartagena also has some amazing restaurants your kids will love. Visit Plaza Santa Teresa Restaurant & Bar for pizza or Cafe Del Mar for a stunning sunset view! For a day trip, take a short journey to the Rosario Islands, where kids can snorkel with fish and explore tranquil beaches. You can even plan a more extended vacation with our 9-Day Cartagena Itinerary. Wondering where to stay in Cartagena with kids? We’ve got you covered! Beauty brims from every corner of this picturesque city during your Cartagena vacation with kids!



Two kids stand together in front of Castillo San Felipe in Cartagena, Colombia.

All About Cartagena With Kids: Important Information To Know

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A dad and his young daughter walk down a street in Cartagena.

Where To Stay In Cartagena That Kids Will Love

Families wondering where to stay in Cartagena with kids have so many options to choose from. From the beaches of La Boquilla to the cobblestone streets of the Old City, this Central American destination offers a diverse, one-of-a-kind vacation experience. Here are our suggestions!

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