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Head to Spain to experience a marvelous vacation for families! As one of Europe’s best kid-friendly destinations, this charming country on the Iberian Peninsula welcomes little travelers all-year-round. From awe-inspiring architecture at Barcelona’s Parc Guell and The Sagrada Familiaspend your Spain trip exploring Catalonia’s cobblestone streets.  Dine at the best restaurants in town or simply soaking up the sun! In fact, there are so many things to do in Barcelona with kids, you should narrow down your Spain itinerary. Plus, the city also caters to little ones of all ages; younger children can traverse playgrounds or explore theme parks like Tibidabo! Or, head West to enjoy enticing cultural excursions in Madrid with kids, better suited for older children interested in art. Also, city is so family-friendly you’ll see kids strolling the streets day and night here!

Teenagers with an interest in history can even visit some of the country’s largest historical sites; among them are The Prado in Madrid and also The Alhambra in Granada. To get a feel for traditional Spanish culture, many families also visit Sevilla with kids, known for tapas and Flamenco. Northern cities offer a similar immersion in art and culture at the Guggenheim in Bilbao. Cooler temperatures fill Basque cities like Pais Vasco, frequented for its surfing and water sports. Or, escape the heat all together on mountain tops like the Pyrenees, perfect for family ski trips! Outside of Spain’s main peninsula, Mallorca or the Canary Islands also offer lots of family-friendly fun. Kids can splash in the crystal blue waters, explore quaint villages, and relax to the rhythm of swaying palm trees. Start planning your wonderful Spain vacation for families today!


A young girl sits on colorful steps in Seville.

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