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Bocca Della Verita

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Bocca Della Verita, which translates to “the mouth of truth,” is a 4th-century stone located in the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin.

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Time Elevator Rome 3-D Movie and Simulated Ride

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Take the whole family to experience Rome in 3-D at Time Elevator Rome, a multisensory experience that combines stunning visuals, moving platforms, and surround sound!

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The Knights of Malta Keyhole

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This famed keyhole attracts tourists from all over the world, each just waiting to peer through! The Knights of Malta Keyhole is one of Rome’s more off-the-beaten-path, but still worth the visit for families looking for alternative excursion

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Trevi Fountain

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Read more about Rome’s history before your visit to The Seven Hills, an area heavily intertwined with the foundation of the city itself!

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Doria Pamphili

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Set along the Via del Corso in the heart of Rome lies the Doria Pamphillij, a converted palace loaded with masterpieces from Caravaggio, Rafaello, Velasquez, and many other Baroque and Renaissance artists!

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Vatican City

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Although Vatican City is the world’s smallest state, it is one of the most important cultural and religious hubs in the world! As such, it’s a great place to introduce kids to the diverse history of Rome.

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The Arte Al Sole (Summer camps)

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Arte Al Sol offers day camps to provide kids with immersive and educational experiences throughout the amazing city of Rome!

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Gladiator School of Rome

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Located near the Colosseum on the historic Appian Way, the Roman Gladiator School guarantees action-packed fun for kids!

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Matteo Truffle Experience

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Take a day trip with the kids to hunt wild truffles in the Roman countryside and you’ll never know what you’ll discover!

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Palatine Hill

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Palatine Hill is the most famous of Rome’s “Seven Hills” and probably the most interesting to visit with kids!

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