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Family Road Trip Games Everyone Will Enjoy!

There are usually two types of families that embark on a road trip. The first is the one that’s excited to spend time with the children looking out the window and making memories while on the road. The second is the one that hopes the kids will nap or watch a movie quietly while the adults can get some much needed peace and quiet! This article is for the first type of family. We’re sharing our favorite family road trip games that will keep your kids engaged and that you will enjoy as much as them!

Travel Bingo

I picked these up in the dollar section at Target, but you can also find them on Amazon here. Get a board for everyone in the car and see who can find all the items first. Warning: this will get competitive!  

I Spy

This is a great option that everyone can play, even the driver. Take turns choosing something and keep it a secret. The other players have to ask questions that can be answered with a yes or no to narrow down the item and then keep guessing until they figure it out. This classic game is especially great because even the youngest members of the family can get involved.

Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game

This scavenger hunt game for the car ride is great fun for kids and their parents. You can get it from Amazon here. It will have everyone excitedly looking out the window to try to find all of the items in their hunt. This works best in city streets with lots of activity. 

Audio Books

There is a huge variety of books you can listen to in the car. If your kids are younger, try Charlotte’s Web or Matilda. For older kids, a marathon of the Harry Potter series could be fun. Teenagers may also enjoy TED talks geared towards them. 


Bingo is such a fun game that can be enjoyed by all ages. But if it seems like it would be challenging to play in the car, we have the solution! Simply print off a bunch of Bingo sheets at home (you can find them for free online). Then use an app on your phone (like Bingo Number Generator) to call out the numbers! 

License Plate Games

There are so many games you can play while looking at endless license plates on the road! Go through the alphabet by finding each letter, in order, on passing license plates and yelling it out when you find it. Or print a list of the 50 states and keep track of how many you can find. You can even print out a map for each kid and let them color in the states as they are found. 

Mad Libs

Mad Libs are great because the kids can take control and manage the game. Buy a mad libs book on Amazon or print out some pages online before your drive. Kids will love hearing your words as they write them into the silly story. And even more, they’ll love reading out the completed story to the whole family!

Would You Rather?

The great thing about this game is that it can be adjusted based on the age of your children – so it’s as easy to play with a 4 year old as it is with a 17 year old! Make up your own questions as you go, or buy a book or cards to make it easier. You’re guaranteed a lot of laughs and memories with this one. 

Make Up A Story

Take turns adding on to the last person’s word or sentence to create one hilarious story. One person starts with a word (or you could make it a whole sentence). Then the next person adds on the next word (or sentence). If you have a car full of different personalities, this story will definitely become one to remember!

Take Turns Playing DJ

When you’re in the mood for some quiet time with background music, instead of just pressing shuffle on your Spotify account, why not pass the phone around and have everyone take turns playing a song they like? You’ll experience a great variety of music and there will be no complaints since everyone is getting a turn!

We hope this list helps you not only survive, but actually enjoy, your next family road trip. We think there are some options that will work with the most stubborn toddler and the most bored teenager. You can find even more travel tips here. Which of these family road trip games will you try on your next trip? Let us know below!

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