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Lufthansa: Airline Policies for Kids and Infants

Are you planning a trip for your family with Lufthansa Airlines? We compiled all the child-related information you need to know before you book. Plus, all the details on in-flight entertainment, meal options, and more!


Lap Seats

Babies up to two years old can travel in an adult’s lap and do not need their own seat. Once they turn two years old, even if it is during the trip, they will require their own seat. Only one baby per adult is allowed on the plane. If you have a second baby traveling with you, you can book an additional seat and take an appropriate car seat on board with you. 

Child Fares

Babies under two years of age who do not occupy a seat are charged ten percent of the regular fare on all routes, except on German domestic flights where there is no charge. Children between the ages of two and eleven are charged 75% of the regular price of the flight on most routes. 

Unaccompanied Minors

Children between the ages of five and eleven may only fly unaccompanied if they are using the special service Lufthansa provides, or if they are traveling with someone who is at least twelve years old. Lufthansa assures that children will be in good hands before take-off, during the flight and after landing. Upon arrival, a member of staff will take your child to meet the person who is picking them up (after checking their valid ID).  

Tickets for unaccompanied children cannot be booked online. Parents should visit the Lufthansa website prior to the flight to complete the special service form and find the list of required documents for the flight. Children have the same carry-on baggage permissions as adults, but should be able to carry their own bag unassisted. An additional service charge applies per route and per child when taking advantage of this program. 


Stroller policy

At most airports, you can bring a stroller with you until just before boarding. It will be returned to you once you land and exit the plane. 


Bassinets are available for babies under 24 pounds in weight and under 26 inches in length. They can be reserved up to 52 hours before the flight departs. The number of bassinets on each flight is limited. In some cases, there may be an additional seat reservation fee for the seat with the bassinet. 

Child Car Seat

A child restraint system, or car seat, can be used on board the aircraft. Flight attendants will assist in properly setting up the seat according to the instructions. Parents should visit the Lufthansa website in advance to see a list of approved seats. The use of these seats on the plane is completely voluntary. 

Baby Care

You do not need to bring water for babies’ bottles as there will be enough on board. Extra diapers are also available in case of an emergency. Flight attendants will warm up bottles or baby food for you during the flight. 

Food policy

Snacks and meals for children are provided on the plane. A delicious and healthy children’s menu is available on flights for children over two. You can order meals when you purchase your flight, and up to 24 hours before departure. Baby food jars, soups, and mini Vienna sausages are available without booking as long as supplies last.  

Entertainment Options

Lufthansa’s in-flight entertainment consoles offer programming aimed especially at children. Kids can choose from documentaries, movies, radio shows and more. Parents also have the option of blocking childrens’ viewing of other channels by speaking with the flight crew. You can visit the Lufthansa website for an online guide showing specific entertainment options on your flight. 

Special Toys and Games

The cabin crew on a Lufthansa flight will have toys for your small children, such as coloring books and puzzles. If your children are on their first flight with Lufthansa, they will receive a logbook on board in which they can collect and record their flights. When the logbook is full, they will receive a special pilot’s certificate.

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