Visit Woodloch Resort In The Winter With Kids For An Exciting Family Vacation

A young girl stands at the end of a dock at Woodloch Resort, looking out onto the frozen lake.

A trip to the Woodloch Resort in the winter with kids is sure to be an adventure for all ages! Whether you’re traveling with young children, teens, or grandparents, this sprawling resort in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains has welcomed families for generations. Visit for a weekend or stay the whole week – either way, it’s the closest thing you’ll find to a sleep-away camp for families! From morning to night, activities and meals are abundant, even in the middle of winter. Every year on my kids’ birthday in February, we take a trip to celebrate. So, this year, we decided to go to Woodloch Resort to commemorate their 11th birthday. We were excited to celebrate and the resort was the perfect location for our getaway. In this article, I’ve compiled a guide to visiting Woodloch Resort in the winter with kids using my personal experiences. Keep reading for my insider tips! 

Why You Should Visit Woodloch Resort with Your Kids

The lobby of Woodloch Resort, decorated for winter with snowman and snow-dusted evergreen trees.

Few resorts in the New York tri-state area provide an experience the whole family can enjoy. In fact, Woodloch Resort truly has it all! Just an hour and a half from Manhattan, it’s an excellent destination for a weekend getaway or a week trip during the summer or winter. Plus, the hotel offers so many activities that you won’t ever be bored. In fact, you’ll probably run out of time before you try everything! Personally, the most significant difference I found between Woodloch and other resorts around NYC is that the activities at Woodloch focus on team-building, whether your team is a family or friends. You work together, and you have fun together. 

Downloading the Woodloch App for Your Family Vacation

Right after booking our family vacation, we immediately downloaded the Woodloch App online. It was a great way to figure out all the events and activities happening the weekend we arrived. Plus, the app also includes the menus, a map, and everything you need to know before taking your trip, like information about different packages. Our all-inclusive package included two dinners, two lunches, and two breakfasts. Before we arrived, we let them know about any dietary restrictions, like the fact that my daughter doesn’t eat meat, and they were very accommodating. Packages differ slightly, but generally, the resort offers a 2 or 3 a day meal plan and many scheduled activities throughout the day for both adults and children. We were pleasantly surprised to find a variety of healthy options for food. The Woodloch App also lets you reserve any activities or special events scheduled during your stay. 

Woodloch Resort Property & Location

A young girl enters the front doors of the Woodloch Resort, with wreathes on the doors.

Nestled in Hawley, Pennsylvania, Woodloch Resort has a beautiful and well-maintained property in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. Its gorgeous lakefront setting is even more spectacular during winter when the landscape is covered in blankets of pure white snow. In addition to multiple accommodation options, guests staying here also have access to the hotel’s sister property, The Lodge at Woodloch. A shuttle runs daily from 8 AM through midnight throughout the Woodloch Pines property to get you around. It’ll help you access the main lodge, the pool, as well as various other activities Woodloch offers for families. Keep in mind when you visit in the winter, it will be very cold! 

Family-Friendly Accommodation Options at Woodloch Resort

Inside a guest room at Woodloch Resort, featuring two double beds, a tv, small table and chairs, and view out onto the lovely resort grounds.
Photo Courtesy: Woodloch Resort

Woodloch offers a variety of accommodations for families, from one to two-bedroom suites with queen beds or even larger vacation rentals. Options like two beds in one room and a pull-out couch in the living room make guests feel comfortable, while two bathrooms and two large walk-in closets offer more than enough space. Since the property is large, you’ll find rooms in the main lodge and vacation rentals off-site to accommodate groups between six and twelve people. Some rooms also have a full kitchen, washer, dryer, and balcony with a great view. In my opinion, the rooms, although adequate, needed refreshing. However, they were clean, spacious, and comfortable enough for my family. It definitely met our needs. Plus, the views of the frozen lake made it all worth it! 

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On-Site Dining at Woodloch Resort for Families 

As part of our all-inclusive meal package, we received two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners at the Main Lodge, a big hall with incredible views of the lake. (Even though the lake was frozen, I can’t imagine how amazing it looks during the summer!) Each family is assigned a table inside the Main Lodge for the entirety of their trip. Since it’s all-inclusive, expect generous food portions. I was surprised at the array of options overall, from soup to salad, entrees, sides, and yummy desserts. Breakfast usually includes pancakes or waffles, eggs of any style, alongside juice, fruit, and oatmeal or cereal. (Plus a crumb cake that’s to die for!) Lunch is lighter, with main courses such as shrimp, alongside kid-friendly chicken tenders and healthy choices like cauliflower rice, quinoa, and more. Gigi’s Coffee Shop, located outside the Main Lodge, also offered options for coffee, sweets, and lunch. 

For dinner, you’ll arrive to find salad on your table, and later, a generous serving of bread! Appetizers include soup or salads, though my family found these to be the most basic options. Then, you’ll order from the main menu, featuring entrees such as steak or fish, and at least one vegetarian option. Plus, about five additional kid options like pizza, mac & cheese, etc. Finally, they’ll offer dessert: one pie/cake choice or ice cream. Ice cream is homemade in-house, so ask about their flavors ahead of time. Throughout all our meals, we loved the gracious staff, who introduced themselves to us and made note of my daughter’s food restrictions. You can reach out to them anytime if you want to take the food to your room instead, and they couldn’t make it any easier. The food is good, but the service is even better! 

On-Site Pool & Water Slides

One of the best parts about visiting the Woodloch Resort in the winter with kids is warming up in the on-site pool. Though the outdoor pool is closed during winter, there’s a 6-foot-deep indoor heated pool guaranteed to keep children entertained. It’s complete with a kids-only Splash Zone, including thrilling water slides. What a perfect way to have fun when it’s cold! Even though the slides were more geared towards younger kids, my twins still had a nice time in the water. 

Evening Entertainment

Woodloch Resort offers families a plethora of kid-friendly evening entertainment to enjoy every single night. Guests can watch anything from magicians to the creation of balloon animals, comedy shows, ventriloquists, and variety acts, On Saturday night during our visit, my family saw a variety show, complete with lots of singing, dancing, and acting. A family-friendly comedian followed, and it was so much fun! During the performance, parents can order drinks at the bar or enjoy table service while watching. These productions are often on a large scale and much bigger than any other shows I’ve seen at nearby resorts. A lot of the acts change often, but they’re always spectacular, if not a little kitschy. Plus, they’re perfect for all ages, from young kids to grandparents. Check the app for more information on what’s showing during your visit or take the activity/program guide from the reception.

Competition-Based Activities for Families

When you visit the Woodloch Resort with kids, you’ll discover that a lot of family-friendly things to do are in the form of contests. In fact, it’ll feel like you’re enrolled in a family camp! With a focus on team-building, these competition-based activities are great for kids with a drive to win – just keep in mind it can be disappointing when they don’t. It won’t be ideal for really young kids or those who aren’t very competitive, however, my kids had a great time participating in the competitions. Here’s an idea of what you can expect when you visit Woodloch Resort in the winter with kids. 

Cupcake Wars

Certain things make visiting Woodloch extremely memorable for the entire family. For us, one of them was the resort’s cupcake wars. My daughter always dreamed of participating in a cooking show, so she was very excited! First, we received six baked cupcakes to decorate, alongside a list of items to include such as snowmen, ice skates, mittens, hot chocolate, etc. Then, we received our eight tickets, which we used to “purchase” additional bakery items, such as colored bags of frosting, cookies, rice Krispy treats, and other toppings. While some toppings were optional, others were necessary to submit an entry. It was truly an unbelievable variety, including a ton of frosting! Though the competition was fast-paced, an emcee moved it along in an entertaining way. In the end, a few winners were chosen. This was my daughter’s favorite thing to do at Woodloch and the highlight of our trip! 

Winter Olympics

Several kids and an adult participate in a Winter Olympics game at Woodloch Resort by throwing blue balls at a target.
Photo Courtesy: Woodloch Resort

One big reason to visit Woodloch Resort in the winter with kids is to participate in the Winter Olympics! On the hotel’s snowy property, my family partook in a special winter-themed Olympic event. There were a ton of amusing games to keep us on our toes, from racing to sledding, ice hockey, and more relay-style competitions. Once you’re done competing, you can warm up by the fire pit and grab a hot chocolate. At the end of the evening, medals were awarded to teams that placed first, second, and third. We barely missed the podium, but it was still a lot of fun! 

Sports Competitions

A young boy holds a plunger as part of a game where they need to drop a ball in a bin.
Photo Courtesy: Woodloch Resort

If you have a sporty kid in your family, Woodloch’s athletic competitions will be right up your alley. From casual shuffleboard contests to full-on beach volleyball tournaments, there’s no better way to channel your competitive side. A few examples of athletic contests include bowling, soccer, hockey, softball, and basketball. Other more unconventional sports like horseshoe throwing and bean bag tossing are also available, so it’s a fun way to learn a new skill! 

Scavenger Hunt

With over 100 acres of land, Woodloch Resort provides the perfect setting for a family scavenger hunt! A variety of challenges will keep you wondering where to go next as you trek the grounds looking for clues. Kids can put their skills to the test by solving puzzles, finding several items, and even tracking down bonus points. Though my family didn’t participate in this activity during our stay, we wish we had the time to. 


Woodloch Resort also offers families the chance to participate in various trivia contests. From “Survey Says” to “Name That Tune,” there are a lot of unique ways to show off your knowledge about a particular topic. Guess phrases written only in emojis, name that cartoon, or play a matching game, with a twist! Parents can even face off with kids in remakes of popular American game shows, like “Wheel Of Fortune” or “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?”.

Other Woodloch Resort Activities to Enjoy During the Winter with Kids

From the tiniest member of your family to adults, Woodloch Resort offers an array of amazing activities for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors or cozy up inside, almost everything is included! Here are a few other things to do when you visit Woodloch Resort in the winter with kids. 

Go Ice Skating

A young toddler learns to sake, while an adult holds onto their arms and skates behind her.
Photo Courtesy: Woodloch Resort

Nothing says cold-weather fun quite like a spin around the ice! At Woodloch Resort, ice skating is available from November through March, meaning it’s a great way to stay entertained during your winter vacation. Families can go ice skating on the lake for an amazing view over the mountains, or head to the hotel’s canopied four-season ice rink. Feel free to bring your skates to use, but rentals are included with your stay. Truthfully, I was a bit disappointed to discover it was just a simple plastic rink, but this seems like a small detail compared to the many excellent amenities Woodloch offers families in the winter. 

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Try Snow Tubing

A young boy flies on a snow tube around the valley of snow at Woodloch Resort.

Another fun activity the whole family can enjoy while staying at Woodloch is tubing. Thanks to the resort’s snow tubing hills, with man-made snow, families can stay entertained for hours. Though there’s one bigger hill for snow tubing, it was closed when my family visited, so we had access to a smaller tubing hill right outside the dining area. Still, it was super convenient, and the lines were pretty short, so my kids had a blast. They even participated in a snow tubing contest, and even though they lost, it was a lot of fun. Prepare for an epic ride when you try this family-friendly adventure! 

Enjoy Archery

A young boy kneels behind a large archery target while aiming his bow at another.
Photo Courtesy: Woodloch Resort

Channel your inner Robin Hood at the hotel’s archery range! Open all year round, this thrilling activity is available for kids ten years and older. Whether it’s your first time or you know your way around a bow and arrow, there are plenty of new skills to learn. Kids can even use this as an opportunity to train for the hotel’s Archery Tag contests! 

Race Around the Track with Go-Carts

A young boy leans over a fence, while looking on at several go carts racing around the track.

Ready, set, race! On Woodloch Resort’s go-cart track, the whole family can hop aboard two raceways, one of which is specifically designed for younger drivers. Kids must be at least 48” to drive the junior carts, however, smaller kids can ride as passengers with adults inside the family carts. Even though it was cold outside when we visited, my kids loved this activity! 

Watch Horse Racing

Horse Races are one of the oldest traditions at Woodloch. Only it’s not actual horses – they’re wooden! Hosted at the Woodloch Racetrack, every family visiting the resort should try this activity at least once. My kids enjoyed betting on various horses and watching with excitement to see if their predictions came true. Plus, it’s fun, funny, and great entertainment, even if you never win a bet! So relax, grab a few drinks, and watch the wooden horses race. With a bit of luck, maybe you’ll win! 

Play Paintball

Kids who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty will love playing paintball at Woodloch. Against the backdrop of the scenic Pocono Mountains, guests can enjoy this exciting activity for an additional fee. It’s great fun for kids with a competitive spirit who are eleven years or older. Games include “capture the flag,” “elimination,” and more. 

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids at Woodloch Resort

Woodloch Resort also has more indoor activities families can enjoy. For example, there’s the Forest Indoor Playground, great for kids who want to tire themselves out. It has slides, mini zip-lines, and lots of other fun activities. For the more technologically-oriented kids, there’s also a VR room, an escape room, plus a ton of arcade games. Mini-bowling lanes, available via tokens, are perfect for even the smallest bowlers. Or, visit the bumper car complex, where kids 40” and taller can ride again and again. There are separate areas for younger children too. Families can also play a friendly game of foosball, bingo, ski ball, or even table tennis! Supervised kids’ clubs are also available for babies and toddlers. Children 10 and under can hang out at the Boomer’s Kids’ Club Room. Meanwhile, adults can take a Paint and Sip Class for an additional fee too. 

The Lodge at Woodloch: A Destination Spa

Inside the tranquil spa at Woodloch Resort, featuring a fireplace and plush seating area.
Photo Courtesy: Woodloch Resort

Winter can be a tough season on the body. When parents want to relax after trying all the things to do at Woodloch with kids, there’s no better place than The Lodge at Woodloch: A Destination Spa. Located on the hotel’s sister property and accessible via their in-house transportation, it’s a luxurious retreat with a variety of relaxation options and indoor programs. Kids under sixteen aren’t allowed, so it’s great for moms (or dads!) who want to getaway. From the co-ed Whisper Lounge to the hydromassage water walls, there are multiple ways to spend a serene afternoon. Facials, massages, and other treatments are available throughout over 25 rooms. Take a dip in the pool, which overlooks floor-to-ceiling windows with scenic views of nature. I enjoyed the tranquil ambiance, chic decor, and attentive service. It’s one of the best spas in the U.S. and it’s not hard to see why! 

So, Do I Recommend Visiting Woodloch Resort in the Winter With Kids? 

The iconic Woodloch Resort fireplace, featuring its name in red print blocks along the mantle.

Yes! We had such a great time during our vacation, from tasty food to all the wonderful activities for families to participate in. Even though there are a lot of things to do with kids in the northeast during the summer, from lakes to beaches, winter is usually very limiting for families. (Aside from the typical skiing and snowboarding, of course.) Woodloch Resort fits the bill for a perfect winter getaway. Plus, they don’t just entertain, they give families the option to bond with one another as well. Above all, we loved the staff, who is super friendly and makes guests feel as if they’re part of the family. They will go above and beyond to make anyone comfortable. I definitely recommend visiting Woodloch Resort in the winter with kids! 

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Happy Travels!

A young girl wearing a pink coat walks along a winter scene, pulling a red snow tube behind her.

We hope you liked this Review: Visit The Woodloch Resort In The Winter With Kids! Between fun competitions, winter sports, and cozy indoor fun, there’s surely enough to entertain the entire family at this Pennsylvania resort. Enjoy Woodloch with your kids! 

*Unless otherwise noted all images in this article belong to and are courtesy of Gunjan Prakash.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the attractions, accommodations, or things to do on this list may be closed. Please ensure availability before making your decision. 

*This post may contain affiliate links that may earn us a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Affiliate links in no way inform the hotels, sights, products, or other recommendations included in our articles. All opinions and recommendations expressed here are compiled from submissions submitted by the generous members of our Families Who Love To Travel community.


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