Virtual Vacation from Home to Paris

Let’s make travel accessible to everyone around the world through virtual vacations from home! This is a place where we will celebrate culture, language, history, and acceptance of people around the world. Without having to leave your home, you will find fun, virtual tours of cities and museums, art projects, cooking lessons, and more. Kids will get hands-on experiences and learn about a variety of cities, countries, and regions through these at-home travel guides. Additionally, these resources can be used as an educational tool. Today, let’s take a virtual vacation from home to paris!

Each one also includes a list of books and movies for all ages to bring the whole experience to life in your living room. This is a wonderful opportunity to inspire young travelers, introduce kids to a place you will travel to in the future, and/or simply teach your family about other places around the world. Enjoy, explore, and create memories together!

Virtual Vacation from Home to Paris

Family of four sits in front of the Eiffel Tower, one of the stops on our virtual vacation from home to Paris.
Photo Courtesy: Kristin Delaney

Getting There

Paris is always a good idea! Today, we can take a virtual vacation from home to paris. Paris is well-known to many families and kids because of the iconic Eiffel Tower. To get to Paris, help your kids use objects at home to build a plane or train. On the way to Paris, enjoy this tour through National Geographic Kids. The tour is a perfect introduction to the city for young children under the age of 8.  For a more advanced tour of the city for ages 8+, see Rick Steves’ Highlights of Paris: Eiffel and Monet to Crème Brûlée Tour.

The Eiffel Tower — Arts & Crafts

Mother throws young son up in the air in front of the Eiffel tower.
Photo Courtesy: Lindsey James West

Many children recognize the Eiffel Tower. It is iconic and has a lot of history. For a tour of the Eiffel Tower, watch Homeschool Pop’s video. This tour gives kids a brief history and further information about this iconic landmark. The video is perfect for kids ages 4-12. This Free School video tour also provides insights into how the Eiffel Tower was built in a fun way for older kids to understand. 

Now that kids have learned about the Eiffel Tower, it’s time to make one! For young artists, ages 5+, this step by step drawing of the Eiffel Tower, by Art for Kids Hub, makes it easy to create a masterpiece. If you have a more advanced artist in your family, this step by step acrylic painting on canvas is a fun way to capture Paris in the Spring. Goodness in You shows you how to layer colors to create a beautiful painting of the Eiffel Tower amid Cherry Blossoms!

Virtual Tours from Home to Paris

Young girl sits in front of the Louve Museum, one of the stops on our virtual vacation from home to paris
Photo Courtesy: Samira Hamidi Jolly

Take These Virtual Museum Tours

After getting your bearings in Paris and its most famous landmark, it’s time to explore additional museums! First, visit the virtual exhibits of the Louvre. From their Egyptian Antiquities to the Remains of the Louvre’s Moat, kids will love exploring the historic art found in Paris. Then, head out of the city center and take a tour of Versailles, with TylerTravelsTV, perfect for ages 5+.

Mix and match other museums based on your child(ren)’s age or interest.  Available virtual museum tours include:

Young child stairs at a huge Parisian masterpiece.
Photo Courtesy: Amanda Harding Donnelly

Follow These Parisian Instagram Accounts

Parents and teens may also love doing a virtual tour of Paris through Instagram.  Here are our favorite Parisian accounts:

Art and Culture

Young girl with a camera takes a picture within a park in Paris.
Photo Courtesy: Alyce Carpin

After the tours of museums and landmarks, it is time to get creative. Bring Paris to life for kids by using your hands!  This will help the brain better remember the experience. Arts and crafts activities or cooking together allow for connection to create wonderful family memories. You can find France on a map and draw the French flag for a simple activity for your youngest learner. Or families can create the Eiffel Tower together with marshmallows and toothpicks. Sure to be a favorite for all ages!

Additionally, the chic fashionistas in your family will delight in printing the DIY Network’s paper dolls and creating clothes to simulate the fashion forwardness of Paris.  Kids will also love learning how to draw and color the Arc de Triomphe, found within the comments of this Art for All YouTube video. The video walks you through how to trace and shade to make this beautiful artwork. Older kids will love this biography of Claude Monet, a famous French impressionist painter.

If you have budding musicians at home, visit the Opera National de Paris. Or perhaps listening to French Greetings Song for Children before nap time will help them settle into the afternoon. Little kids may even enjoy hearing some French nursery rhymes like Alouette. After all, music is such a great way to learn about a culture!

French Foodies

Mother and two young sons have a picnic. Eating French food is a great way to take a virtual vacation from home to Paris.

Ready to eat? Turn your kitchen into a French bakery by trying your hand at making baguettes or croissants. Looking for a gluten-free baguette recipe, try this one! When in Paris, you can’t miss the Creperies! Whether you like savory or sweet, these recipes will give you a good foundation to start from and are simple for kids to help make! Try the gluten-free almond flour crepes or the classic french crepes. Make it a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower you made and voilà, you have a true Parisian meal!

Winding Down After a Virtual Vacation from Home to Paris

Snuggle Up with a Good Book

Books can bring a city and country to life in your own living room. These books are wonderful to pique the interest of your little ones and to help them learn more about Paris through the eyes of a character! Perhaps you have these iconic treasures at home:

Otherwise, you can check out these read-alouds:

Watch a Movie Together

As an alternative to settling in for a good book, pop some popcorn and snuggle up on the couch for these movies that will help kids bring Paris to life. Some of the best family movies that feature Paris include Aristocats, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ratatouille, Hugo, and Leap. For teens and adults, or as a “date-night in” after the kids are asleep, enjoy Moulin Rouge, Midnight in Paris, The Da Vinci Code, or Les Miserables.

Whether you are preparing to travel to Paris in the future or looking for ways to travel from home, we hope this virtual vacation helps you and your kids get a taste of Paris. From art to iconic landmarks to culinary classics, Paris is sure to be a hit with your kids – whether on the ground or from your couch! We hope you have enjoyed your virtual vacay to Paris.

Happy Travels on Your Virtual Vacation from Home to Paris

Whether you are preparing to travel to Paris in the future or looking for ways to travel from home, we hope this virtual vacation helps you and your kids get a taste of Paris. From art to iconic masterpieces to culinary classics, Paris is sure to be a hit with your kids – be it on the ground or from your couch! We hope you have enjoyed your virtual travel from home to Paris!

Next, find more about Paris through our website!

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