Exciting Travel Gifts For Kids For Your Next Family Vacation

Two toddlers play in the sand near Lake Tahoe with mountains in the distance.
Photo Courtesy: Emily Kapic

Use these travel gifts to excite kids about your upcoming family vacation! Parents usually consider packing, booking flights, and compiling itineraries when planning an adventure. But there’s so much more to travel than this. By getting caught up in the details, we usually forget one of the most important aspects of vacationing with kids: getting them excited about where you’re headed! Buying them gifts like a travel journal or a kid-friendly globe allows them to take control of where they want to vacation and why. To help, we’ve compiled a list of Exciting Travel Gifts For Kids For Your Next Family Vacation using suggestions from our Facebook community. Keep reading for inspiration!

Travel Gifts for Kids to Prepare for Future Travels

Travel-themed gifts are perfect for the holidays, especially if they are gifts that help kids prepare for future travels. Our favorite travel gifts for kids to get kids excited for future travels include travel subscriptions (Little Passports, for example), globes, Outschool Classes, and more!

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Travel Subscriptions

A Little Passports product shot, including an orange suitcase with books, toys, and other items spilling out.
Photo Courtesy: Little Passports

Why We Love It

If your children enjoy reading, why not buy them a subscription to a kid-friendly magazine or monthly box? Try out a subscription to National Geographic Kids to interest them in the natural world. (It’s great if you’re planning a trip outdoors where you’ll be seeing wildlife!) If you have children of varying ages, you can also consider a copy of Ranger Rick, which offers different topics for all ages.

Then, Little Passports also provides a twist on the typical subscription service with gift boxes for multiple ages, containing activities ranging from science to geography. Alternatively, try an Atlas Book Club Box, a monthly subscription service that directly delivers diverse children’s books to your door. Each box will come with a new book, educational facts about a specific destination, a map to keep track of your own travels, and more. What a great way to involve children in your family travels!

Our Parent Recommendations 

  • A Ranger Rick Kids Subscription Service is available directly from Ranger Rick, starting at $15. Buy now.
  • A National Geographic Kids Subscription Service is available directly from National Geographic, starting at $20. Buy now. 
  • A Little Passports Subscription Service is available directly from Little Passports, at various prices. Buy now.
  • An Atlas Book Club Box is available directly from Atlas Book Club, with various options starting at $39.99. Buy now.


A product shot of a cork globe with countries around the world shown in black.
Photo Courtesy: win-wincoop via Amazon

Why We Love It

A globe is a great Christmas gift idea for kids! Both educational and travel-related, buy a kid-friendly model to help your child commemorate your travels. It’s a fun way to teach them about geography and an even better way to brainstorm your next trip! Globe Trekkers sell a Mini Cork Globe that comes with 50 pushpins, which is surely a unique gift idea for the kid who has everything. Mark down where you’ve already been or where you plan to go, teaching kids some fun facts about each country along the way.

If you want a more interactive option, you could also try an Illuminated World Globe from Little Experimenter, equipped with a special LED light that makes each country and continent easy to read. Have an aspiring techie in your family? The Augmented Reality Globe from Shifu uses an app to bring the map alive before your eyes! 

Our Parent Recommendations 

  • The Globe Trekker Mini Cork Globe is available on Amazon, starting at $39.97. Buy now.
  • The Little Experimenter Illuminated World Globe is available on Amazon, starting at $29.99. Buy now.
  • The Shifu Augmented Reality Globe is available on Amazon, starting at $34.99. Buy now.


An inside look at one of Smithsonian's Atlas, featuring Central America and The Caribbean.
Photo Courtesy: Smithsonian Children’s Illustrated Atlas

Why We Love It 

An atlas is an amazing travel gift idea for tiny trekkers! Watch continents come to life through interactive storytelling, fun facts, and lots of pictures with your very own kid-friendly atlas. While this collection of maps is commonly used by all ages, specific companies like National Geographic have designed versions, particularly for children. Little ones love National Geographic’s Ultimate Road Trip Atlas, which comes with maps, games, and various activities for younger children.

For older kids or teens, another popular atlas by National Geographic is the Student World Atlas, which has a lot of educational value about subjects like the Egyptian Pyramids or Roman Colosseum. Use it as a resource to educate your child on a location you’re planning on visiting! Smithsonian also sells a Children’s Illustrated Atlas, which has accompanying pictures to help kids who are visual learners. Finally, these are wonderful educational travel gifts for kids under $20!

Our Parent Recommendations 

  • The National Geographic Ultimate Road Trip Atlas is available on Amazon, starting at $5.99. Buy now.
  • The National Geographic Student World Atlas is available on Amazon, starting at $11.69. Buy now.
  • The Smithsonian Children’s Illustrated Atlas is available on Amazon, starting at $15.42. Buy now.

Outschool Classes

The logo for Outschool Classes.
Photo Courtesy: Outschool

Why We Love It

Who says school can’t be fun? An Outschool class is a wonderful way to excite children about your upcoming travels! Even if you’re choosing to stay home for the foreseeable future, parents can still sign kids up for virtual travel to inspire them. Plus, they’ll also learn a few things along the way! Outschool offers various classes from multiple instructors, so it just depends on where you want to go.

If you’re planning a National Park vacation with your family soon, consider signing your little one up for a virtual field trip to the Grand Canyon, where they’ll learn fun facts about rock formations and various wildlife. Or, get a taste of a new culture with a virtual vacation to an adventure camp in Mexico or Costa Rica! For a more eclectic experience, sign up for a class like A Trip Around The World In 80 Days!

Our Parent Recommendations 

  • Prices vary widely by class, duration, and other factors; please review each recommendation for specific pricing.

Travel Gifts for Kids to Use While Traveling

Looking for gifts that your kids can use during future family travels? These travel gifts for kids, including travel journals, compasses, and passport holders, are sure to get them excited, as well as help them enjoy the trip!

Travel Games

Why We Love It

If you’re tired of hearing kids ask “are we there yet?” during your trip, try an entertaining travel game! Little ones who love solving puzzles will adore the SHASHIBO Shape-Shifting Box, a perfect travel gift to challenge their senses and help their coordination. Unlike other puzzles that bore kids quickly, this versatile cube entertains children for the long haul with 36 magnets forming 70+ shapes. Available in a variety of designs, each puzzle features four colorful patterns, so little ones can watch vibrant artwork transform at their fingertips! Thanks to a strong magnet system, kids can even connect multiple cubes to build bigger creations. Plus, the clicking noise provides sensory stimulation for anyone who gets antsy while traveling.  

Our Parents Recommendations 

The SHASHIBO Shape-Shifting Box is available on Amazon, starting at $25. Buy now.

Travel Journals

A Kids' Travel Journal.
Photo Courtesy: Peter Pauper Press Kids’ Travel Journal

Why We Love It

A travel journal is another perfect way to get children involved in your family vacations! Gift your child a kid-specific one to excite them about their upcoming trip. We recommend a Kids’ Travel Journal from Peter Pauper Press, where little ones can control the process from start to finish. Use the journal to help them plan their trip itinerary and packing list! Then, encourage them to write down their memories – or even sketch, if they’re artistically inclined.

Kids can also use a travel journal to keep entertained during a long flight or car ride by recording what they notice during the trip. Or, opt for a more interactive travel journal by Rob Taylor, which includes activities and writing prompts. If you have older children who want something a bit more understated, you can also opt to buy a sleeker journal from Portland Leather Goods. 

Our Parents Recommendations

  • The Peter Pauper Press Kids’ Travel Journal is available on Amazon, starting at $12.99. Buy now.
  • Rob Taylor’s Ultimate Travel Journal For Kids is available on Amazon, starting at $8.99. Buy now.
  • The Portland Leather Goods Snap Journal is available directly from Portland Leather Goods, starting at $32. Buy now.

Passport Holders

A unicorn passport holder, shiny and glittery features.
Photo Courtesy: Frebeauty Unicorn Passport Holder

Why We Love It

Keep all your travel documents in one place with a passport holder! This is one of many practical gifts to involve children in your family travel. Though passport holders aren’t the most exciting gift, they’re useful when you’re traveling as a family. Plus, Amazon has numerous cute designs that will make kids love theirs! Frebeauty sells an adorable, kid-friendly passport holder in both a flamingo and unicorn style, perfect for little ones who want to travel in style.

Available in a variety of solid colors, Zoppen also sells a more understated, multi-purpose passport wallet, which may be suitable for older children. Families who want to keep their passports together should opt for a Vemingo Family Passport Holder. If you’re looking for something with more room, try a travel neck pouch from Lewis N. Clark. Lightweight and durable, this passport holder also has multiple compartments designed for cash, electronics, and more!

Our Parent Recommendations

  • The Frebeauty Unicorn Passport Holder is available on Amazon, starting at $12.99. Buy now.
  • The Zoppen Multi-Purpose Travel Passport Wallet is available on Amazon, starting at $12.99. Buy now.
  • The Vemingo Family Passport Holder is available on Amazon, starting at $15.99. Buy now.
  • The Lewis N. Clark Travel Neck Pouch is available on Amazon, starting at $14.99. Buy now.

Travel-Themed Facemasks

A kid's mask inspired by Paris, featuring the eiffel tower, hot air ballons, and bikes in hues of pink.
Photo Courtesy: GULTMEE Paris-themed Face Mask

Why We Love It

A travel-themed facemask is just the gift your kid needs to reignite their love for globetrotting! Though many families aren’t able to vacation right now, you can still keep the excitement of travel alive with a special face mask. Little ones who dream of traveling to France will love a Paris-themed face mask by GULTMEE, which has a strap you can adjust according to your face size.

Additionally, expand your family bucket list with a map-themed face mask by Doomfist, complete with cartoon depictions of animals from every continent. Dinosaur enthusiasts will enjoy wearing a mask with triceratops on it, which you can find QoGoer selling in a pack of five. Planning a trip to Disney in the future? Don’t miss out on the chance to buy a Disney-themed cloth face mask from Gyothrig! These are both safe and fun gifts to get kids involved in family travel! 

Our Parent Recommendations

  • The GULTMEE Paris-themed Face Mask is available on Amazon, starting at $16.99. Buy now.
  • The Doomfist Animal Map Mask is available on Amazon, starting at $11.90. Buy now.
  • The QoGoer Dinosaur Face Mask Five-Pack is available on Amazon, starting at $14.99. Buy now.
  • The Gyothrig Disney Face Mask Four-Pack is available on Amazon, starting at $19.98. Buy now.

Outdoor Gifts

A Intex Challenger Kayak Series with green and blue hues.
Photo Courtesy: Intex Challenger Kayak Series

Why We Love It

Adventurous kids will love a family-friendly outdoor gift! Whether you’re planning on hiking, biking, or going camping, buying little ones a travel-related gift to explore the wilderness is sure to pique their interest. Inflatable kayaks like the Intex Challenger Kayak or the K2 Kayak provide a portable way for teens and older children to see the world by water. Or, hit the waves on a Serenelife Paddleboard or a Wavestorm 8” Surfboard!

Parents with younger children who want to remain on land still have plenty of unique travel gift ideas to choose from. Why not buy your budding astronomer their own Celestron 21024 Telescope to stargaze? If you prefer to stay active during your vacation, consider tackling your next family adventure on a Strider Sport Balance Bike. Either way, kids will value the chance to choose their own gear – and it’ll definitely excite them about your next family vacation! 

Our Parent Recommendations 

  • The SereneLife Paddleboard is available on Amazon, starting at $359.99. Buy now.
  • The Intex Challenger Kayak is available on Amazon, starting at $259.99. Buy now.
  • The K2 Kayak is available on Amazon, starting at $146.00. Buy now.
  • The Wavestorm 8” Surfboard is available on Amazon, starting at $177.24. Buy now.
  • The Celestron 21024 is available on Amazon, starting at $54.95. Buy now
  • The Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike is available on Amazon, starting at $119.00. Buy now

Then, check out The 15 Best Outdoor Gifts For Your Local Socially Distant Family Trip! for more ideas.


Three kids stand proudly with their Zinc Flyte luggage, featuring a dinosaur, a uninorn, and a space-inspired suitcase. Zinc Flyte is one of the best travel luggage for kids.
Photo Courtesy: Zinc Flyte

Why We Love It

Kid-friendly luggage is sure to excite little ones about your upcoming vacation! Aside from giving them the responsibility of packing their own bag beforehand, buying your child a fun kid-friendly can also boost their morale during your travels. Kids will surely squeal with delight at a Zinc Flyte Scooter Suitcase, available for two age groups (the Mini for ages 2-4 and Midi for ages 4-8). Plus, there’s a built-in scooter to make navigating airports all the more fun! When little ones are tired, for example, parents can stow the scooter and pull it along instead.

Then, the NOPTEG 20-Inch Scooter Suitcase is another comparable option for older kids, available in various vibrant colors. If you’re willing to splurge, definitely check out the Micro Kickboard, which gives parents the option of leaving the stroller behind altogether. No wonder these are some of the best gifts to involve children in family travel! 

Our Parent Recommendations

  • The Zinc Flyte is available on Amazon, but prices vary by style and size. Buy now. Or, directly from Zinc Flyte, prices vary by style and size. Buy now
  • The NOPTEG 20-Inch Scooter Suitcase is available on Amazon, starting at $129.00. Buy now
  • The Micro Kickboard is available directly from Micro Kickboard. The Luggage Eazy (18 mo+) starts at $179.99 (buy now), while the Micro Luggage 3.0 (13+) starts at $299.99. Buy now.

Need more luggage options, check out the Best Travel Luggage, Carry-Ons, and Backpacks for Everyone in Your Family!


A hand reaches out holding a compass with vast wilderness behind it.
Photo Courtesy: Jamie Street

Why We Love It

Buying kids a compass is another fantastic way to involve them in your family travels! Little ones will love taking control of which direction you’re headed while you explore nature together with a trusty guide. Amazon sells various compasses suitable to be a Christmas gift for dad, kids, or on other occasions. For example, a waterproof Orienteering Compass from TurnOnSport is small enough to fit in any aspiring boy or girl scout’s backpack! It even has a magnetic needle and attached magnifying glass for reading maps on the go.

Or, kids can wear their compass like a vintage pendant with this stylish Kakuru Pocket Compass! Using special encapsulation technology, this copper compass ensures little explorers never get lost. For a more durable, professional-grade compass, consider buying a Military Lensatic Sighting Compass from Sportneer. No matter which one you choose, little ones will definitely take an interest in your vacation! 

Our Parent Recommendations

  • The Orienteering Compass from TurnOnSport is available on Amazon, starting at $9.17. Buy now
  • The Kakuru Pocket Compass is available on Amazon, starting at $11.99. Buy now
  • The Military Lensatic Sighting Compass from Sportneer is available on Amazon, starting at $19.99. Buy now


Why We Love It

Memorialize your next family vacation by buying kids a camera! Taking control of their very own camera is a great way for little ones to document their travels through their own eyes. Plus, it’s also an effective way to excite them about an upcoming trip! Polaroid cameras are both lightweight and portable and easy-to-use travel accessories for little ones who love snapping photos.

Fujifilm sells an Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera in multiple colors, complete with a built-in macro mode, automatic shutter speed, and selfie mirror for close-ups. They also come with a bundle that includes batteries, film, a carrying case, and cute stickers! If you have a more inexperienced photographer on your hands, you can also opt for a camera designed specifically for youngsters, like a Seckton. Available in a wide range of colors, these durable “selfie cameras” are ideal for toddlers who have an eye for photography!

Our Parents Recommendations 

  • The Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera is available on Amazon, starting at $94.95. Buy now.  
  • The Seckton Kids Selfie Camera is available on Amazon, starting at $31.99. Buy now.

Travel Gifts for Kids to Remember Past Travels

Helping kids remember past travels is so important! This holiday season, gift your kiddos something to help them remember and relive their favorite travel moments. These travel gifts for kids are sure to spark conversations and fun family memories.

The 8 Best Photo Books and Albums To Organize Your Family Vacation Photos are great ways to remember past travels with kids too!

Travel Mementos

A small charm bracelet, featuring a green fish.
Photo Courtesy: Ganz 2-Inch Bracelet and Beach Sand Keepsake Jar

Why We Love It

Treasure your travels after departure with a travel memento! Though photo books and cameras are great for maintaining family memories, there are a few exciting options that make great gift ideas for kids. Consider buying a colorful mesh beach bag to collect seashells next time you’re visiting a warm-weather destination. This unique gift idea will excite little ones of all ages! Not only does it motivate you to explore and step out of your comfort zone during your vacation, but you’ll also have something to show for it once you get home too!

Or, creative families can get into the DIY spirit with sand jars, which you can fill and decorate as you please. Some travel-specific ones even come with tags so you can write down where you found your sand! If you’d rather wear your travel memento, buy a travel-themed charm bracelet. JJTZX sells one for kids that’s customizable! 

Our Parent Recommendations

  • The TGS Gems Colorful Mesh Beach Bags are available on Amazon, starting at $14.99. Buy now.
  • The SRENTA Plastic Sand Art Bottles are available on Amazon, starting at $12.99. Buy now.
  • The Ganz 2-Inch Bracelet and Beach Sand Keepsake Jar is available on Amazon, starting at $10. Buy now.
  • The JJTZX State Bangle is available on Amazon, starting at $12.99. Buy now.

Scratch-Off Maps

A product image of the Travelogue scratch-off travel journal.
Photo Courtesy: Luckiest Of London Journal and Scratch-Off Map

Why We Love It

Kids will love a scratch-off map to take on their next vacation! These unique gifts are perfect for globetrotting families who jump from one location to the next. We recommend Luckiest of London’s hybrid journal and scratch-off map, which comes with eight scratch-off maps and a travel diary. With this unique travel gift, little ones can log their day-to-day experiences during your trip in one handy place. Travelers can also scratch off what destinations you’ve visited on the interactive map to reveal vibrant colors! Not only is this a fun way to keep kids engaged in where you’ll be headed, but they’ll learn some geography too.

Amazon also sells other scratch-off maps that are less portable, including an educational version from Newverest. Ideal for mounting on your wall to commemorate your family vacations, this interactive scratch-off map includes matching game cards to help kids learn fun facts about each state. 

Our Parent Recommendations

  • The Luckiest Of London Journal and Scratch-Off Map is available on Amazon, starting at $16.70. Buy now.
  • The Newverest Store Scratch-Off USA Map is available on Amazon, starting at $24.99. Buy now.

Happy Travels!

A family of four huddles together, smiling, at the nose of a raft within a river, while a forest of evergreen trees sits on the shore.
Photo Courtesy: Diane Oliveira

We hope you found this list of Exciting Travel Gifts For Kids For Your Next Family Vacation helpful in preparing your kids for your next adventures! From pre-departure excitement to post-travel memories, there are a variety of gifts parents can give their children to cherish these special memories! Happy traveling with your kids.

A special thank you to the Families Who Love to Travel Facebook community who generously shared their travel advice and top picks for this list of Exciting Travel Gifts For Kids For Your Next Family Vacation! We could not have compiled such a thoughtful and robust list without their dedication to our community. Families Who Love To Travel is a group of amazing families who also love adventure and exploring through travel.

Please note: We use some affiliate links to receive a small percentage of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. All prices listed are accurate at the time of publication.


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