Virtual Vacation to Mexico

Video Courtesy: Rosalinda Torres

Let’s make travel accessible to everyone around the world, virtually, from home! Today, let’s take a virtual vacation to Mexico! This is a place where we will celebrate culture, language, history, and acceptance of people around the world. Today, families can travel to Mexico! Find virtual fun, tours of famous destinations and museums, cooking lessons, and more in our Travel From Home section. Kids will get hands-on experiences and learn about a variety of cities, countries, and regions through these at-home travel guides. Additionally, these resources can be used as an educational tool. 

Each Travel From Home article also includes a list of books and movies for all ages to bring the whole experience to life in your living room. This is a wonderful opportunity to inspire young travelers, introduce kids to a place you will travel to in the future, and/or simply teach your family about other places around the world. Enjoy, explore, and create memories together!

Virtual Vacation to Mexico

Little girl coloring on a map of Mexico on the floor. Studying a map of your virtual vacation to Mexico is a great way to get started.
Picture Courtesy: Rosalinda Torres

When you travel to Mexico with your family, you’ll be transported across 13,000 years of history – whether on the ground or from the couch! Today, we’re making a special trip to Mexico’s past and present with our new Travel From Home article. Strap in, and get ready as we travel to Mexico! This robust country spans almost 2 million square kilometers. In Mexico, you’ll find buildings and relics from ancient civilizations and the strong influence of other cultures will surely fascinate your family! Ready to take a virtual vacation to Mexico? Here we go! 

Little Passports Banners

Virtually Traveling to Mexico

Little girl holding a homemade boarding pass for her virtual vacation to Mexico.
Picture Courtesy: Rosalinda Torres

Get the kids excited and help them pack their bags! Use this map of Mexico to show them where they’ll go on this trip. First, color in the places we will visit as a visual reminder of your adventure. Grab your favorite suitcase and pack some books (can you find books about Mexico?), stuffed friends (maybe a jaguar or a chihuahua), and snacks. Next, make your own unique boarding pass and let kids rearrange the living room chairs to simulate an airplane. Now, take a seat and enjoy your flight to Mexico!

Learn About Culture & History on Your Virtual Vacation to Mexico

Man and child in front of Mayan temple in Mexico, one of the stops on this virtual vacation to Mexico.
Picture Courtesy: Rosalinda Torres

Mexico boasts a rich history and cultural heritage. It was first populated more than 10,000 years ago by complex indigenous civilizations. The Spaniard’s conquests of the Aztec Empire began in 1519 and lasted 300 years. Today, the heritage of ancient civilizations coexist with the influences of other countries. To give kids a simplified background on these indigenous cultures, try this educational video to get a sense of Mexico’s vast history!

Afterward, let’s learn about the famous Mayan civilization, who were brilliant astronomers and mathematicians. It’s true the Mayans were very accurate, and way more advanced than their European counterparts. If you want to discover some of the Mayan’s early creations, check out this video showcasing 10 amazing inventions!

Next, visit the heart of the Mayan Empire, Chichen Itzá! Chichen Itzá is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. It was built as a religious site and acted as a hub of regional trade. For a little family-fun, watch this video to learn about the 3,000-year-old Mayan’s ancient ball game. Visiting important landmarks and learning about culture is an important component to our virtual vacation to Mexico.

Find Mexico’s Unique Features on Your Virtual Vacation to Mexico

Family of three standing in front of a pre-historic temple in Mexico.
Picture Courtesy: Rosalinda Torres

First, let’s explore the history of Mexico’s ancient civilizations. Families can learn about Mexico’s pre-Hispanic heritage through a gallery of pictures at the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City. Here, you will find an amazing array of images that illustrate Mexico’s wonderful cultural and historical artifacts.

Next, jump on a trajinera boat to visit the floating gardens of Xochimilco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Aztecs established their empire in Xochimilco. It then became the center of the unique agricultural method of chinampas; man-made farming islets to grow crops on lake areas. Families can watch this video to learn more about Xochimilco! 

Xochimilco also used to be the native habitat for the axolotl, a species of salamander. Kids will love learning fun facts about this intriguing creature! The axolotl has the unique ability to regenerate damaged body parts, including their eyes and even their brain! Scientists think that axolotls may help us find a method for providing humans with a similar regenerative capability.

Get Creative with a Frida Khalo Inspired Art Project

Little girl doing an Mexican-inspirted art project at a desk. Getting creative is a fun and exciting way to enjoy a virtual vacation to Mexico.
Picture Courtesy: Rosalinda Torres

Next on your virtual vacation to Mexico, let’s get creative! Mexico is also renowned for its artistic tradition. Pay tribute to its cultural legacy by making a collage out of one of Frida Khalo’s paintings. Viva la Vida (“Long Live Life”) is a good one for beginners. In addition to being regarded as one of the most important Mexican artists of the twentieth century, Kahlo was also a political activist. Her vibrant work depicts her political insights about national identity, along with her own identity. Want to learn more about Frida Khalo’s life and work? Take a virtual tour of LA CASA AZUL, the brightest Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico. Families can also listen to the story of Frida Kahlo read by Pamela Adlon on the Podcast Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. 

Get Active on Your Virtual Vacation to Mexico

Little girl drawing chalk shapes outside, including a shark and a heart.
Picture Courtesy: Rosalinda Torres

Get active by transforming your home into a Mexican-inspired landmark! Get washable chalk and trace an active trail on the floor or the sidewalk. Kids will love this unique activity! Active trails are also a wonderful way to help children improve a range of fitness skills. Mark on the floor various active spots, each one representing the stops of your trip. To simulate an active trail in Mexico, be sure to include drawings of mountains, plateaus, beaches, and deserts. Getting active as a family is a great way to connect on your virtual vacation to Mexico.

Musical Melodies on Your Virtual Vacation to Mexico

A small girl plays a piano.
Picture Courtesy: Rosalinda Torres

Hop on your feet with some Mexican musical melodies! Toddlers will love any song by Cri-Cri, the Little Singing Cricket. Or, try these Spanish kid’s songs. Notice any familiar tunes? Many are songs we’ve heard before! Kids will also love watching dances from various regions of Mexico! For the whole family, the Ballet Folklórico de México is a great spectacle!

Then, teach kids about world-famous Santana, a Mexican and American guitarist. With his band, he pioneered a fusion of rock and roll and Latin American Jazz through famous hits like María, María and The Game of Love. Next, try listening to a few tracks by Julieta Venegas and Natalia Lafourcade, modern pop-rock singers.

Looking for some Mariachi classics? You can listen to Malaguena Salerosa, Mujeres Divinas, and Mexico Lindo y Querido. Or, for a little added dramatics, try exploring a Mexican opera. Rolando Villazón is one of the leading tenors of our day. 

Recipes for Your Virtual Vacation to Mexico

Two homemade cactus-shaped paleta, a Mexican treat. Eating traditional foods is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a virtual vacation to Mexico.
Picture Courtesy: Rosalinda Torres

It’s no secret Mexico has delicious cuisine! (In fact, it was actually listed for its Cultural Intangible Heritage by UNESCO in 2010.) In a traditional Mexican home, the kitchen is the most important place for families to bond. Here, we watch strangers transform into lifelong friends. Mexican food is prepared with patience and love. The kitchen is where stories are shared and advice is given generation after generation. Traditional dishes retain the ingredients and cooking practices dating back to the pre-hispanic era, as well as incorporate influences and contributions from other cultures.

For breakfast, travel to Mexico from home by cooking Mexican Eggs. Add some extra chili sauce if you’re feeling spicy. Then, for lunch, enjoy Chiles en Nogada, stuffed with pork and garnished in tasty pomegranate seeds. Finally, families will love having a Classic Mexican meal for dinner: quesadillas with guacamole! End your day with a sweet paleta, homemade ice is always a great treat after any meal! 

Want to learn more about Mexican food? We’ve got you covered! Mexican cuisine has maintained its base of corn, beans, and chili peppers. Mesoamericans believed that cacao was a heavenly food gifted to humans, so kids will be delighted to discover chocolate is a really important part of Mexican culture and history too. Additionally, the prickly pear cactus, el nopal, is a major symbol for identity and it is a common ingredient in numerous Mexican cuisine dishes. Nopal can also be used to make biodegradable plastics and to produce renewable energy. Can you think of a more delicious way to enjoy a virtual vacation to Mexico?

Snuggle Up with a Good Book

Little girl reading a book on an outside patio.
Picture Courtesy: Rosalinda Torres

Mexico has a long tradition of folktales and legends. Award-winning author Duncan Tonatiuh re-imagines one of Mexico’s cherished legends in The Princess and the Warrior: A Tale of Two Volcanoes, which you can read to children! Next, try Yuyi Morales who shares her own immigration through Dreamers. In Sing, Don’t Cry by Angela Dominguez Grandpa and his grandchildren sing through the good and the bad times. Set your children dreaming and learning Spanish with Abuela, by Arthur Dorros. Or, get creative and discover the joys of a paleta—the traditional Mexican ice pop in What Can You Do with a Paleta by Carmen Tafolla. Finally, kids will love discovering Mexico through an A-Z tour with P is for Piñata: A Mexico Alphabet.

Adults and teens can also explore Mexico through reading! Try the short novella Chac-Mool (1954) Or, try Sunstone, a poem by Octavio Paz. Finally, read the best seller (in both Mexico and the United States!) Like Water for Chocolate

Catch a Movie

Father and daughter watching a movie with popcorn.
Picture Courtesy: Rosalinda Torres

In general, Mexicans do not take life nor themselves too seriously – which is great for a film! Humor is the quintessential tool in Mexico for almost everything. In that way, even death is portrayed with humor. Each year on Nov 2nd we celebrate the Day of the Dead the same way we celebrate everything, with food, music, and lots of colors. Watch a few movies with kids to enlighten them on this process and make death seem less scary. Disney’s Coco (2017) is definitely a classic, and The Book of Life (2014) is also a must-watch to get a sense of this important celebration. Both movies are amusing for all generations! 

Parents looking for a film for date night, however, can watch Frida (2002) and Roma (2018).

Happy Virtual Vacation to Mexico!

Family of free standing in front of an old temple and beach.
Picture Courtesy: Rosalinda Torres

Whether you are preparing to travel to Mexico in the future or looking for ways to travel to Mexico from home, this virtual vacation can help your family get a taste of Mexico. From ancient history to the iconic art of Frida Khalo to culinary classics, Mexico is sure to delight your kids! We hope you have enjoyed your virtual visit to Mexico!

If you try any of these activities in your virtual travels to Mexico, share your pictures and stories in the comments!

Curated by Rosalinda Torres


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