Your Guide To Family Glamping in Style

Three kids Glamping in Covered Wagon at Zion Utah Your Guide Family Glamping in Style
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Welcome to your guide to family glamping in style! While camping is a revered American pastime, not everyone is cut out for what this outdoor adventure entails. So what if your family wants to connect with nature without the hassle of setting up your own tent? Luckily, that’s where glamping comes in, a comfortable alternative to unwinding in the wilderness! In fact, family glamping is a fantastic opportunity to experience the great outdoors. Without stepping too outside your comfort zone, you’ll also be able to bond with your family and other like-minded travelers. If you’re considering this experience, our Guide To Family Glamping breaks down everything you need to know before leaving. Between different types of glamping, family-friendly destinations to visit, and more tips, you’re one step closer to a luxurious escape from reality!

Types of Glamping

A family of four sits smiling in front of a luxury tent.
Photo Courtesy: Marz Olda

Glamping comes in various forms. Some families prefer a more rugged feel, blending indoor and outdoor seamlessly, while others crave hotel-like accommodations. Whatever you may choose, many glamping sites are located within luxury campgrounds, providing guests with a community of other glampers and 24/7 access to staff for all your needs. There are also nightly activities and guided tours available if you’re interested. Some tents have private bathrooms with toilets and showers, while others share access to luxury bath-houses. Nevertheless, if you’re still confused about which type of glamping is best for your family, we’ve gathered some suggestions for our guide to family glamping!


Mom and dad with little boy on their lap in front of glamping cabin

Who said treehouses were just for kids? Live out your childhood fantasy by spending your family glamping trip relaxing in an awesome treehouse! From secluded South American jungles to African treetops, you’ll find glamping treehouses across the world, each offering unique amenities. Many include outdoor restrooms and showers while some fancier versions even have bathrooms en-suite. Likely, you’ll also find a common kitchen area nearby, or a fridge located directly within your treehouse. Regardless of what option you ultimately choose, families who love unplugging will relish the benefits of this one-of-a-kind lodging situation! Enjoy unobstructed sunsets and stargazing directly from your bed while appreciating the natural peace and quiet. Walk straight out of your room for fresh canopy air and breathe in the scent of relaxation.


Several red yurts sit within a wooded area.
Photo Courtesy: Liana Moore

Invented to withstand harsh Mongolian winters, you can count on a yurt to be extra durable, no matter the weather! Between breezy forests, towering mountains, or cool beaches, eager children will also find options for every type of adventure imaginable. These typically tent-like structures are made from wooden materials and covered in stretched fabric, big enough to accommodate a family of four or five comfortably. They also can range in luxury level, from basic furnishings to opulent decor and even cozy fireplaces. Whether you’re searching for a weekend of non-stop pampering or somewhere to act as a home base to explore nearby, a yurt is extremely versatile, flexible to your schedule and needs. (Which is always a great relief when you’re traveling with kids.) Don’t worry — most also have indoor plumbing to take a shower!


A view of the front of a large luxury tent with four adirondack chairs perched on the deck.
Photo Courtesy: Kimberly Hemmes-Burns

A tent is the closest your family can get to a typical camping experience. With glamping, however, comfort is amplified through ceiling space, a roomy bed, and even an en-suite bathroom! Plus, you won’t need to pitch your own, but you’ll still get a comparable feeling to living among nature. From American National Parks to quaint seaside towns in England, you’ll also discover a variety of family glamping tent options. Choose anything from a standard to a more elaborate safari tent, often featuring air conditioning, separated rooms, possibly a kitchenette. Many families also choose a safari tent for extra convenience when embarking on animal adventures with kids, whether in Africa or locally in the United States. Sit back while everything is taken care of for you by your glamping campground!


A cute hut in the forest
Photo Courtesy:

Glamping in a hut is an option for families who only need the bare necessities! Often made of straw, wood, stone, fabric, or more materials, these dwellings are usually seasonal, dependent on your vacation destination. Many are similar to bungalows, but with a more laid-back, primitive feel. Staying in a hut is actually a great opportunity to give kids a mini-history lesson about how the structures date back to prehistoric times, preserved today through upgraded amenities. From cozy structures along the beach to those nestled in rolling hills, most huts also have multiple en-suite bathrooms. This could be a perfect set-up for active families looking for a place to sleep! It’s also great for those who want to unwind, just don’t expect to find opulent digs like other glamping experiences. Though sometimes able to accommodate ten guests, most huts have a quaint ambiance, boasting a more rugged feel.


A cabin sits withing a grassy field.
Photo Courtesy: Kimberly Hemmes-Burns

Cabins provide families with a luxurious escape from reality! Similar to staying in a boutique hotel, many of these wooden structures offer a more private, secluded ambiance, alongside amazing amenities to maximize your glamping experience. If your family is hesitant about staying in the wilderness or going glamping in general, then a cabin is definitely a good place to start your adventures! That way, you can get your feet wet while still maintaining all the comforts of your own home (or better!) like spacious en-suite bathrooms, waterfall showers, and cozy fireplaces. Between ski cabins nestled in the United States’ snowy mountains, accommodations in California’s sizzling desserts, and cabins in more exotic destinations like Sri Lanka and Thailand, you’ll have your pick from some of the best getaways nature has to offer. Make lifelong memories together as a family by choosing a cabin as your next cushy home-away-from-home!

How To Book a Glamping Vacation

Three adirondack chairs sit by a fire pit in front of a luxury tent.
Photo Courtesy: Kimberly Hemmes-Burns

Ready to book your next family glamping vacation? There are countless websites catering to connecting you with the best glamping grounds to serve your family’s needs. A few popular options include or Glamping Hub, for example, which both focus on the U.S and various international options. Glampsites is another popular option for families living in the UK. Much like rental car or flight websites, these websites will allow you to select the criteria you need (i.e. a private bathroom) and your location to match you with the best option. Some will also allow you to book additional amenities and activities prior to your travel departure.  

Family-Friendly Glamping Destinations

Three people stand smiling to the right of a large teepee for glamping.
Photo Courtesy: Nicole Ross Peirce

Now that you’ve read our guide to family glamping, know what type of glamping experience you want, and how to book it, the possibilities are endless! Here are some amazing family-friendly options we found for your upcoming getaway with kids.

Collective Retreats

New York, Texas, Colorado

Several luxury tents stand in front of the New York City skylne, Your Guide To Family Glamping in Style
Photo Courtesy: Kimberly Hemmes-Burns

Collective Retreats is a city dweller’s solution to the great outdoors! With locations on Governors Island near Manhattan, Texas, and Vail, there are also numerous destinations for your family to choose from. Collective Retreats’ NYC is arguably the most popular, though, providing at-home comforts in a spectacular setting! Here, families can select a standard Summit Tent, featuring an en-suite bathroom, a king-sized bed, and a rollaway upon request. Or, try the Outlook Shelter, fully furnished to look like a tiny house, accommodating two adults and two children. Either way, you’ll also be granted access to amenities, keeping your family entertained the entire trip. Kids can enjoy community board games, roasting s’ mores around a communal campfire, and even a daily turn-down service! Collective Retreats also offers complimentary snacks and curated activities, depending on when or where you visit. End your day with a delicious meal at your campsite’s organic restaurant!

Longlands Luxury Glamping

Devon, United Kingdom

A view of a luxury tent situated in Devon, United Kingdom, Your Guide To Family Glamping in Style.
Photo Courtesy: Louise Johnson

Escape to an opulent wilderness retreat thanks to Longlands Luxury Glamping! This cluster of cabin-like lodges in North Devon is exactly the escape you need for relaxation, family bonding, and complete natural immersion. Each lodge sleeps six in total, including a King Bedroom, a Twin Bedroom, and a Double Cabin Bed. Within each of these, you’ll also find everything you need for a quiet family weekend, between board games, a coffee maker, and a wood-burning stove. Should you desire a break from cooking, however, head to Larder, the on-site shop, and restaurant. There, you’ll encounter anything from lasagna to cottage pie alongside to-go desserts, like chocolate brownies. When the time comes to venture outside of your lodge, though, you’ll also discover countless adventures nearby! Get active by surfing, longboarding, or paddleboarding. Then take a ferry to Lundy Island to spot wildlife and bike through majestic moorlands emptying into wooded valleys! 

Log Village and Grist Mill Campground

New York and Vermont

Blue yurt ar Log Village and Grist Mill Campground, Your Guide To Family Glamping in Style
Photo Courtesy: Log Village and Grist Mill Campground

Families seeking a traditional Yurt experience will love Log Village and Grist Mill Campground! Once an early American settlement, this historic area now houses an extensive campground, offering all the comfortable amenities you need for a fun family vacation. Choose from a 20-foot yurt, able to accommodate six through a Queen and two bunk beds, or a 24-foot yurt, which can sleep an additional two on a futon. Larger families can also opt for the 30-foot yurt, which can fit a whopping eleven guests! Each of these accommodation options also offers television for relaxation, a coffee maker for parents, and a fridge, alongside complimentary WiFi. Bathroom, laundry, and shower facilities are located near the yurts. Whether you’re planning to unwind with a cold drink in hand or explore nearby Granville, Log Village puts you in proximity to countless other kid-friendly activities. Visit Six Flags, a Pirate Adventure Park, and more!

Finca Bellavista

Costa Rica

Yellow Tree house accommodation at Finca Bellavista in Costa Rica
Photo Courtesy: Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica

Embrace your inner-child at Finca Bellavista! As Costa Rica’s very own self-sustaining treehouse community, this magical retreat plunges families directly into the area’s natural wonders. Choose from a variety of fun treehouse accommodation options, nicknamed after native animals like “The Monkey’s House.” (That one only sleeps four guests, but families who want more space can also book Casa Paradiso, housing six, or Casa De Leon, which can sleep up to ten.) Each features an en-suite bathroom and amenities like a stove or an outside deck, providing unparalleled access to Costa Rica’s many adventures! With the rainforest as your playground, kids can zip-line, complete treetop obstacle courses, and more adrenaline-pumping sports nearby. Families who want to cook their own meals also have access to the compound’s farm-grown produce. Wake up every morning to a spectacular sunrise while you overlook two white-water rivers in this oasis of Costa Rican tranquility.

Base Camp Adventure Lodge

Moab, Utah

A hut made of of mud at Base Base Camp Adventure Lodge
Photo Courtesy: Base Camp Adventure Lodge Utah

Vacation beneath the stars at Base Camp Adventure Lodge in Utah! Located within Base Camp Adventure Lodge, this glamping retreat showcases an authentic Navajo charm through two indigenous huts available to rent, called “hogans.” Tell kids about this historic fun fact before you depart! Accommodating up to five guests throughout sleeper mattresses, these huts also offer free Wi-Fi, parking, and shared access to bathroom facilities. (Guests can also access the Main Lodge!) Children will love the many activities available directly on the property, including golf, hiking trails, fossil hunting, and canoeing or kayaking in the Colorado River. Active families can also explore the wind caves, or spend time wandering, spotting native wildlife. At night, join other campers around a cozy fire pit while you stargaze, roast marshmallows, and enjoy the beautiful scenery! Conclude with a trip over Hurrah Pass at sunset, watching magical red rocks glow under the evening twilight.

Thank You To Our Community!

A little girl sits on a bed inside a large luxury tent, Your Guide To Family Glamping in Style
Photo Courtesy: Marz Olda

Glamping may just be what your family needs to take some time away from the stress of modern life. No matter which vacation on our guide to family glamping you choose, even the pickiest traveler will find what they’re looking for in these accommodations, while still deviating from the traditional hotel stay! A special thank you to the Families Who Love to Travel Facebook community who helped to compile this Guide To Family Glamping. Families Who Love To Travel is a group of amazing families who love adventure and exploring through travel. Join the Facebook community and the Instagram community to connect with other families who love the unique experiences travel has to offer! 

Looking for more outdoor travel inspiration? Check out our list of 12 Best Scenic Places for Families in the U.S.A.

Which of the options included in our guide to family glamping would you choose for your first glamping adventure? Let us know in the comments!

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