Get a taste of the great outdoors on your next family RV vacation! Adventurous travelers will love the opportunity to plan, pack up, and hit the road. Allow your trip to lead you to new and unexpected destinations! But we bet you’re already wondering the million-dollar question: is an RV safe for family travel? Short answer: yes! With the right precautions, anyone can become an RV trip planner! Whether you’re the type of family who likes to prepare every detail of your itinerary or the kind to go-with-the-flow, a family RV vacation is a fantastic way to step outside of your comfort zone. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to travel with rambunctious children constantly looking for exciting activities! RVing across the United States is a particularly popular choice among families. Visit the country’s stunning National Parks or kid-friendly campgrounds from coast to coast!

So, what are the best RV travel apps, the best RV trip routes, and the best RV destinations? Consider consulting some road trip planning apps for camping and RVs if you’re unsure where to start planning your family RV vacation. You’ll be surprised how much smoother your vacation with kids goes with a little preparation! Of course, it always helps to read a beginner’s guide to RVing, particularly if you’re traveling with little ones for the first time. Once you actually embark on your RV trips, however, remember to enjoy the ride! Stopping at sites of interest along the way and keeping an open mind to new experiences will guarantee an epic family road trip. And, the best part about RVing is that it’s appropriate for various types of travel. Check out our tips on renting an RV for a socially distant vacation with kids! 

A family of three sits together outside their RV.

A Guide To Safety For RV Family Travel

Traveling as a family in an RV can be a wonderful way to see the world, create memories, and bond with your family. However, do you find yourself wondering about RV safety for kids and RV safety for families? This article will help you to better understand RV family travel, if it is right for your family, as well as understand any RV child safety implications and RV safety tips for your RV family vacation. Let’s explore how safe it is to travel on your RV family vacation!

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Kids sitting on the back of the car trunk with pad and binocular

13 Best Road Trip Planning Apps For Camping and RVs

What are the best road trip planning apps for camping and RVs? You’ll be surprised to discover just how many options exist! Take a look at these options we’ve gathered using contributor tips to start downloading.

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Three kids sitting on an RV pop-up trailer in front of mountains

Family RVing For Beginners

Family RVing for beginners can be a safe, fun way to experience the country! Venture off the beaten path to explore different campgrounds and build your family’s relationships!
Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your next RV adventure.

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Family eating next to RV at a campsite with pop-up trailer

Is an RV Safe for Family Travel?

A family RV trip is a great way to spend the summer! If you’re looking for information on whether an RV is right for you, this article can help you out. Let’s explore how safe it is to travel with your family in an RV!

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