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Our Story:  Families Who Love to Travel


Who we are:  

  • Hot New 8 month facebook group focused heavily on enjoying traveling with family
  • Global community mainly from the US, and next from the UK, Australia, India, and Canada
  • 95% Women:
  • 55% 35-44 years old,  30% 25-34 years old

Fast growing:

  • 10k members, 500 ave week requests, (20% decline rate for entry)
  • +89% new members this month (1500 new members)  


  • +1k posts from members (not admins) a month
  • 92% of our members are active members. They are commenting, checking in and posting
  • +80% engagement this month (posts, comments, reactions)
  • Our Top 10 Contributors posted 35 posts this month, only 3% of total posts, the community is hearing from new voices all the time.  


What we love:  

Families who Love to Travel members love family photo sharing, hearing about new travel trends like mystery trips, discussing budgeting strategies for families, learning about home exchange programs, toddler travel tips, family friendly beaches around the world, and resorts, resorts, resorts that are family oriented. Our community is made up of globetrotters who are savvy, affluent and influential.


What makes us difference:

  • Focus on Family
  • Encouraging
  • Travel beyond Disney
  • Aspirational and Attainable


What we are hearing:

  • Members love the community feel
  • Appreciate and follow our golden rule of kindness
  • Know they will not be bombarded with salespeople and will get info from people who have taken these trips/vacations
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