Family Vacation Ideas

Travel possibilities are truly endless with all these family vacation ideas! Of course, who doesn’t need a break from the real world, even if it’s ever-so-brief? When children are finally out of school, then the real fun will begin! In fact, vacation ideas for families don’t need to be some big blow out. Whether you have a short week or a whole month, we guarantee you’ll find some holiday ideas to inspire you! For a cold-weather escape into a fascinating culture, for example, navigate the charming Christmas Markets of Germany or France. Unless you’d prefer warm-weather vacation ideas for kids! In that case, book a getaway to the Caribbean during December break, where you’ll spend your days lounging on white sand beaches. For a more extended vacation, the world is nonetheless your oyster! Spend long summer breaks trekking through popular European destinations like Paris, London, Barcelona; discover a new world through cuisine, architecture, and local culture! Or, visit Singapore for a mixture of preserved natural beauty and a centuries-long melting pot. Plus, bonding together around the world will make the best memories of all. No matter what kind of family vacation ideas you’re searching for, use this section to plan a trip to some of the most kid-friendly destinations in the world. Book your next holiday now to get ahead of the curve (and the crowds!)

A child taking a photo in Lake Tahoe, California.

Best Places To Visit In California With Kids

If you’re searching for the best places to visit in California with kids, the Golden State showcases attractions for every member of the family. From the beaches of Southern California to the majestic redwoods of the north, California boasts breathtaking natural landscapes that serve as the backdrop for unforgettable adventures. Families can explore theme parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios, providing endless entertainment for children of all ages. Additionally, California’s vibrant cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles offer cultural attractions, museums, and delicious cuisine. Keep reading to learn more!

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A child playing with a water gun at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

Best Marriott Hotels In Florida For Families

Marriott Hotels and vacation properties have always been a major part of a family vacation, especially for families who are visiting Florida! The Sunshine State offers a variety of Marriott hotels to choose from, whether you want to relax in Fort Lauderdale or stay in a hotel within proximity to Disney World. Relax in large accommodations, enjoy delicious food, and participate in family-friendly activities near the biggest attractions in Florida. Some of these properties even have kid-friendly amenities like kids’ clubs or on-site water parks. Plus, for Marriott Bonvoy members, these resorts offer the opportunity to use and earn points, adding an extra layer of convenience and value to your stay. Keep reading to find out the best Marriott hotels in Florida for families!

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A child overlooking a temple in Beijing, China.

Best Places To Visit In China With Kids

With opportunities for hands-on learning, cultural immersion, and the chance to create lasting memories, you should definitely add these best places to visit in China to your bucket list! China offers a unique blend of ancient history and modernity, allowing children to witness the juxtaposition of centuries-old traditions alongside cutting-edge technology. The iconic Great Wall, enchanting Forbidden City, and picturesque landscapes like those in the Yunnan province appeal to nature lovers and history buffs alike. Meanwhile, Chinese cuisine will introduce little ones to new flavors. On this list, we’ve divided the best places to visit in China with kids by province and location. Keep reading to find out about famous places in China to visit with kids!

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A mother and her child on the beach in Costa Rica

Best Places To Visit In Costa Rica With Kids

​​Costa Rica, an enchanting Central American gem, offers a ton of fantastic places to visit with kids! One of the main reasons why Costa Rica is an ideal destination for families is its family-friendly culture. Plus, thanks to the country’s wonderful conservation efforts, kids also have the chance to immerse themselves in nature’s wonders while spotting toucans, sloths, monkeys, and brightly colored frogs amidst lush rainforests or along pristine coastlines. For thrill-seekers seeking outdoor adventures suitable for all ages, there is no shortage of exciting opportunities in Costa Rica – from zip-lining through treetops to river rafting. Not to mention, the beautiful beaches! Keep reading to plan your next adventure to Costa Rica with kids!

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A family hiking through Big Bend National Park in Texas.

Best Places To Visit In Texas With Kids

​​With its diverse range of attractions, vibrant cities, and natural wonders, these best places in Texas offer endless fun for families with kids! From experiencing the thrill of space exploration at Space Center Houston to immersing yourself in history at The Alamo in San Antonio, this state offers an abundance of educational and entertaining destinations. On this list, we’ve gathered some of the best places to visit in Texas with kids, from North Texas to the Gulf Coast. We’ve also included things to do, where to stay, and more tips for visiting Texas with kids. Keep reading to plan your next adventure to The Lone Star State!

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A young girl in a slot canyon near Kanab, Utah.

25 Best Bucket List Experiences For Your Family In the United States

Travelers in search of epic adventures can’t miss these best bucket list experiences for your family in the United States! Curated by the “Families Who Love To Travel” group, this list is a collection of the most recommended travel experiences across the United States, as shared by its enthusiastic member families. From canyoneering in Moab, Utah to diving into the vibrant underwater world of Florida, there are endless options across the country for adventurous and outdoorsy families who are seeking an adrenaline rush. Keep reading to find out more!

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A family under the cherry blossoms in Osaka, Japan.

Best Places In Japan To Visit With Kids

If you’re planning a family vacation, these best places in Japan to visit with kids should be on your radar! With its unique blend of ancient traditions and futuristic technology, Japan offers a variety of exciting experiences that will leave kids and adults alike in awe. From the bustling metropolis of Tokyo to the serene landscapes surrounding Kyoto, there’s something special waiting at every turn. Not to mention the cultural experiences that await little ones, including samurai shows in Kyoto’s historic districts or participating in traditional tea ceremonies. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the best places in Japan to visit with kids. Keep reading to find out more!

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Mother and daughter stand together, enjoying the view at Kualoa Ranch's Secret Island.

13 Best Places To Visit With Kids In 2024

In 2024, families will find themselves spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the best places to visit with kids! From vibrant cities teeming with cultural wonders to breathtaking natural landscapes brimming with wildlife encounters, there is something for every little explorer out there. Whether you want to go zip lining in Costa Rica, relax on a beach in Italy, or check out the various theme parks of Japan, 2024 promises to unveil an array of mesmerizing destinations catering specifically to families with children. Or, maybe your kids want to take a once-in-a-lifetime safari to somewhere like Kenya! Either way, this comprehensive guide on the Best Places To Visit In 2024 has it all. Keep reading to find out more!

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Two hikers in Moab during a spring break trip with kids.

Best Affordable Spring Break Destinations in The U.S. For Families

There are several best affordable spring break destinations in the U.S. for families that promise memorable experiences without breaking the bank! While it may offer some crowds depending on when your kids are off from school, spring break is a great time to travel and experience something new, especially if you live somewhere cold. Outdoor lovers can check out the variety of national parks across the country, from Everglades National Park in Florida to Utah’s selection of 5 parks, all of which have unique features. Or, if you’d prefer a city experience, places like Washington DC or Denver offer museums and other affordable attractions. Keep reading to discover your next affordable adventure!

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A girl shopping for wands at Universal Studios Orlando.

Best Destinations For Kids Who Love Harry Potter

If you have children who are avid fans of the world-famous wizarding series, booking a trip to one of the best destinations for kids who love Harry Potter is an absolute must! Whether you want to explore a recreation of Diagon Alley in Universal Studios, Orlando, or visit Edinburgh to see Victoria Street, the real shopping area that inspired J.K. Rowling, there are options for all kinds of Harry Potter family vacations. From exploring the iconic wizarding school of Hogwarts to riding on broomsticks, these destinations offer endless activities to transport your young wizards into a realm where dreams become reality. Keep reading to plan your next Harry Potter-themed adventure!

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