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Niagara Falls Vacation Families

A Niagara Falls vacation for families a must for outdoor enthusiasts! Straddling both the American and Canadian border, it has been a steadfast sightseeing destination for decades; summoning tourists worldwide to its cascading waterfalls. Luckily, with three waterfalls in total, there’s also plenty of sightseeing to keep kids entertained! Plan your itinerary with the help of our articles and expert advice from other families! Alongside must-visit landmarks, Niagara Falls also boasts a wide array of things to do with kids in its surrounding area. Choose between the American side in Upstate New York or the Canadian side; and you’ll have plenty of fun either way. (Though there more adventure awaits on the Canadian side!) History buffs can wander Fort George and think about Niagara Fall’s past, for example. Meanwhile, animal lovers can’t miss the expansive Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory.  Kids will love seeing all the colorful insects!

When visiting Niagara Falls on vacation,  families will particularly love its natural beauty. Luckily, you can take this stunning scenery in from various vantage points along its walkway. Hike to Horseshoe Falls for a view of the waterfall and then take a break at Queen Victoria Park. Or, avoid the crowds by visiting Dufferin Islands. Plus, daredevil children will particularly love its adrenaline attractions, including zip-lining, an epic ride on the Niagara SkyWheel, and amusement parks (including two indoor water parks!) For a more tranquil experience, you can also book tours, farm-fresh lunches, stroll through beautiful parks, dine at the renowned revolving restaurant in Skylon Tower (which offers stunning views), and more! Parents will love going on a kid-free date to one of the numerous wine tours in the Niagara area. From boat rides to butterfly gardens, your Niagara Falls vacation for families will please travelers of all ages!





Niagara Falls – Important Information

Important information to know when planning your family vacation to Niagara Falls, including babysitting and family services links.

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Best Blogs on Things to Do in Niagara Falls with Kids

The best blogs on traveling with kids to Niagara Falls makes planning an itinerary to this beautiful destination simple and fun! With its natural beauty, many outdoor activities, and opportunities to connect as a family, Niagara Falls is the perfect place for a day trip or long visit as a family.

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A baby looks out a window onto a rainbow over Niagara Falls.

9 Best Things To Do In Niagara Falls With Kids

A popular tourist attraction for all ages, Niagara Falls boasts picturesque beauty, interesting history, and family-friendly activities. In fact, active families will love a visit to the city’s countless outdoor attractions! In case you need a few pointers beforehand, we’ve rounded up this list of 9 Best Things To Do In Niagara Falls With Kids. Keep reading for our suggestions!

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Child looking out at water in Niagara Falls

Best Itineraries for Niagara Falls with Kids

With so much to do and explore, Niagara Falls is an unforgettable family-friendly destination! It is simply a must for families who love to hike, get outdoors, and make family memories together in nature. Keep reading for our suggestions on the best itineraries for visiting Niagara Falls with kids!

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