Need road trip tips for your next family adventure? Whether you’re traveling for a long weekend or a week, taking a road trip with kids requires a little extra planning. First, you’ll need a checklist, including information on what to pack, your itinerary, and any other specific items your kids may want to bring along with them. Since you can travel at your own pace, though, families with babies or toddlers will find road trips particularly appealing. For suggestions on what to pack for your family road trip, check out these road trip travel toys for toddlers to play with!  (Trust us, it’ll be a lot easier to focus on your trip if your kids are entertained!) Of course, before you depart, consider reading these tips to prepare for a long ride with toddlers first. Get to know your destination, service your car, then simply let go and have fun!

We also have a few more road trip tips to help your family out. No matter your children’s ages, bring these family road trip games everyone will enjoy to spice up your car ride. Or, download our printable family road trip activity packet so kids can keep occupied on their own. Our tips for staying sane on a family road trip will teach you everything else you need to know. For example, before your family road trip, be sure to arrange your car in a way that gives everyone enough space. If you’re open to a more adventurous kind of road trip, also check out these planning apps for camping and RV road trips. Of course, traveling during COVID-19 presents challenges, which is why more families choose to take secluded road trips. In case you need advice, we have some essential packing tips and advice for socially distant COVID travel.

A family of three looks over a beautiful green, grassy scene together.

How To Add Romance To A Family Road Trip

Even though you’re traveling as a family, it doesn’t mean you can’t share some special moments. In fact, you can have the best of times and include your kids too. Here’s How to Add Romance on a Family Road Trip!

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A family hikes along a paved trail within Olympic National Park.

Best Hikes Near Seattle And Portland For Families

The Pacific Northwest is bursting with amazing places to hike with your family. Whether you’re starting near Seattle, Portland, or have a road trip planned throughout the region, you won’t run out of exciting places to explore with these best family hikes near Seattle and Portland. Another bonus in the region is there are places to explore the outdoors near major cities like Seattle and Portland. So, if you have a family adventure planned in the Pacific Northwest, check out this list!

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A child of color is stting i

Tips To Prepare for a Long Ride With Toddlers

Taking a long car ride with toddlers can be tough. Whether it’s steps to take before your departure or snacks to have on-hand during your trip, traveling with little ones in tow doesn’t have to be so complicated. Keep reading to find out my Tips To Prepare For A Long Ride With Toddlers!

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What to Pack in Your Family’s Travel First Aid Kit

Pack these essential supplies for your family’s travel medical kit before your next vacation! As a pediatric nurse practitioner who has traveled the world with my two children, I have carried all types of supplies with me throughout the years. Take a look below to read my list of suggestions for your own family trip!

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Mom, dad and little boy in the car looking at a map. family road trip games

Family Road Trip Games Everyone Will Love!

It’s not an exciting vacation with kids until you play some family road trip games! To help your family overcome this hurdle, we’ve collected the best family road trip games alongside a Families Love Travel printable packet.

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Kids sitting on the back of the car trunk with pad and binocular

13 Best Road Trip Planning Apps For Camping and RVs

What are the best road trip planning apps for camping and RVs? You’ll be surprised to discover just how many options exist! Take a look at these options we’ve gathered using contributor tips to start downloading.

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Family on a road trip

7 Tips For Staying Sane on Family Road Trips

Avid family travelers often dream of taking a long road trip to really immerse their children in a different culture. But how to stay sane? Next time you’re looking to plan a vacation with kids, check out our 7 Tips For Staying Sane On Family Road Trips!

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