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Families Love Travel Team
55 posts
The Families Love Travel Team has a zest for life and an even bigger passion for globetrotting! Comprised of real-life travel professionals, we work hard behind the scenes to provide…
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Families Who Love to Contribute
40 posts
Our contributors are dedicated to sharing some of the best tips for traveling with children! Often parents recounting first-hand experiences, contributors of Families Love Travel present a unique view on…
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Sonia Kandhari
23 posts
Sonia Kaur Kandhari is a digital marketing and content development professional with corporate and startup experience. She successfully created and expanded an online business that was sold to a competitor…
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11 posts
Hello, I’m Gunjan Prakash, an artist by profession, mother and wife by choice, and a traveler since birth! When I was young, summer trips with my parents were the highlight…
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Clayton Steele
5 posts
Clayton is a long time Cartagena and Colombia fanatic. She fell in love with the city in 2005 and immediately purchased a property where she and her children have spent…
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Megan Tucker
4 posts
Megan Tucker is a public relations professional, wife, mom and lover of all things travel and travel planning, based in Arlington, Virginia. While she grew up in New England, she's…
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3 posts
Hi! My name is Antonia Grant and I am a self-proclaimed life-long learner and avid traveler. Growing up, my love of travel was inspired by my mom and grandma. They…
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3 posts
Marissa Millman is a corporate lawyer by day and blogger at Donuts at the Disco by night. Marissa was born on Long Island and spent her entire life in New…
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2 posts
Ray Archie is the Executive Director of Notes to the Soul, Inc. is infinitely the musicians’ advocate. It comes from the heart as Ray is also a musician who plays…
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