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Our contributors are dedicated to sharing some of the best tips for traveling with children! Often parents recounting first-hand experiences, contributors of Families Love Travel present a unique view on the destinations they’ve visited, the cultures they’ve been immersed in, and the memories that have prevailed to tell the story. We open our platform to anyone interested in contributing to our website (and welcome suggestions on how to make vacationing with kids all the more smoother!) Families Love Travel’s growing community could not be possible without each and every one of you.


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Kid sitting in a car seat

Tips To Prepare for a Long Ride With Toddlers

By Families Who Love to Contribute / January 11, 2021

Taking a long car ride with toddlers can be tough. Whether it’s steps to take before your departure or snacks to have on-hand during your trip, traveling with little ones in tow doesn’t have to be so complicated. Keep reading to find out my Tips To Prepare For A Long Ride With Toddlers!

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A mom holds both children, all wearing snorkel gear, with their heads out of the water.

6 Parent-Trusted Tips For Snorkeling With Kids

By Families Who Love to Contribute / January 4, 2021

Check out these parent-approved tips for snorkeling with kids! Though enjoying the beach with your family often means swimming, sandcastles, and collecting shells, those looking to diversify their vacation should try snorkeling. As an avid scuba enthusiast, I’ve spent my fair share of time snorkeling, which is why I’ve compiled 6 Tips For Snorkeling With Kids. Keep reading for my suggestions!

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Tahoe Ski Resorts and Hotels for Families

By Families Who Love to Contribute / December 11, 2020

Lake Tahoe ski resorts are among the best in the world, offering world-class amenities, incredible ski slopes, and family-friendly lodging. From beginner ski schools and advanced ski trails to charming ski villages and family entertainment, we’re sharing the best ski resorts and hotels in Lake Tahoe for families.

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14 Things To Do In Philadelphia With Kids During Winter

By Families Who Love to Contribute / November 25, 2020

If your family is looking for winter and holiday fun this season, think no further than Philadelphia! The City of Brotherly Love, which National Geographic selected as one of only two US cities to visit in 2020, has so much to offer residents and tourists alike — especially during the winter festivities. Here’s our list of 14 Things To Do In Philadelphia With Kids During Winter!

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family having fun while packing for a vacation

What Families Need To Know About Choosing a Travel Rewards Card

By Families Who Love to Contribute / November 21, 2020

If there’s one big misconception about travel, it’s that vacationing must cost a lot of money. Many families believe if you’re not rich, you’re unable to travel, especially with more than two people to pay for. Today, I’m here to tell families what they should be looking for when choosing a travel rewards card. Here are a few benefits of having travel rewards credit cards (and some I’d recommend!).

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Tips For Traveling With Children Who Have Allergies

By Families Who Love to Contribute / November 20, 2020

Traveling with children who have allergies can be confusing without proper preparation. Even as our world changes with the current COVID-19 pandemic, parents are still finding inventive ways to travel with little ones. To help you navigate traveling with children who have allergies, I’ve compiled this list of Tips For Traveling With Children Who Have Allergies!

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland: 5 Kid-Friendly Activities in Vail

By Families Who Love to Contribute / November 1, 2020

While Vail is known for its world-class skiing, there are plenty of other family-friendly activities for kids, non-skiers, and those ready to try something different. Here are my top 5 Kid-Friendly Activities in Vail to fill your non-ski days!

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13 Tips For Traveling With A Toddler

By Families Who Love to Contribute / October 26, 2020

As the mom of a 1-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter, I have quite a bit of experience flying, driving, and traveling with toddlers. But I know not everyone may be as willing to take a longer trip with younger children. To help you enjoy traveling with your toddler in tow, here are some tips for traveling with a toddler we’ve gained from our experiences!

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skiing boy snow

Family Skiing Near Lake Tahoe: A Trip Review

By Families Who Love to Contribute / October 24, 2020

Family skiing in Lake Tahoe is my annual tradition! Famous as both a winter and summer destination, this freshwater lake in the Sierra Mountains attracts families from far and wide each year. Here is my family skiing in Lake Tahoe trip review!

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Top 13 Things to Do in London with Kids

By Families Who Love to Contribute / August 30, 2020

My family and I moved to London recently, and we’ve had plenty of time to explore the city. I love London — it has so many things to see and do! Here are some of my favorite quintessential London things to do. I hope these suggestions are able to guide you through the city and help you enjoy all that London has to offer!

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