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Take a Central & South America vacation with kids to broaden their horizons from an early age! This abundant region includes countries rich in culture, history, and nature, each awaiting your exploration. From Brazil to Costa Rica, Peru, and Colombia, there’s honestly so much to do in this area of the world! So what are the best countries to visit in Central & South America with kids? South America is home to two of the world’s largest rivers, including the Amazon (visible from space!). Speaking of the Amazon, it’s also the world’s biggest rainforest, housing about 10 million unique species of animals, plants, and insects! Explore these verdant landscapes through locally organized tours or even a guided cruise, giving kids ample time to learn more about the area. From Ecuador, you can also take a trip to the famous Galapagos Islands to see the largest living tortoises in the world!

Head to Peru, however, and you can also hike the iconic ruins of Machu Picchu. If you prefer crystal-clear beaches instead, then plan a trip to Panama with kids. For adventure-seeking families, there’s also no better place than a kid-friendly vacation to Costa Rica, famous for its ziplining, national forests, and cascading waterfalls. Or, check out famous Cartagena in Colombia, divided into a historic walled city and picturesque downtown. (Don’t forget all the colorful houses perfect for a family photoshoot!) If you visit Argentina, perhaps your family will even enjoy a Tango dancing class or horseback riding. In Brazil, don’t miss their world-renowned Carnival featuring intricate, colorful costumes. If you’re in Uruguay, though, kids will have a blast. Climb on the giant stone hand on Playa de Los Dedos! Wherever you choose to visit Central & South America during your vacation with kids, you’ll create memories of a lifetime together. 

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