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5 US East Coast Safaris and Animal Parks for Families

Would you love to trek to Africa to visit with tigers and giraffes, but don’t have the time or budget? Lucky for you, there are several amazing adventures that will give you the same experience! We’re sharing our five picks for East Coast safaris and animal parks, many with extra features like amusement parks and…

8 Ways to Save Money on Your Disney World Vacation

When most people think of Disney World, the first adjective that comes to mind is usually Magical. But when parents start planning the trip, the most-used adjective is usually Expensive! Our contributors pooled together their best ideas on how you can plan your Disney vacation without breaking the bank. We love all the creative ideas…

The Best Time of Year to Go to Disneyworld

There are many things you have to consider when planning a Disneyworld vacation – your budget being the most important. But after that, the most important decision is what time of the year you will be going. We did the research for you and broke down each quarter of the year so you can figure…

Our Three Different Disney World Experiences

I have been to Walt Disney World three times as a parent. We stayed at different hotels each time and learned a lot along the way!

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