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Family Animal Encounter

From land to sea, countless animal adventures await your next family animal encounter! If you have nature-loving kids at home, why not consider taking a wildlife vacation for your next family trip? Between kid-friendly animal farms, family petting zoos, and amazing aquariums, wonderful wildlife encounters are available to visitors worldwide! Safaris are the most popular way to cover terrain during your exotic animal experience, whether it be domestically or internationally. Luckily, those in the United States have access to spots like Virginia Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo; both offer kids and adults alike a jam-packed getaway into the wild! For a more exotic wildlife vacation, however, jet off to countries like Tanzania for its Crater Highlands and Kenya for its integrated Giraffe Manor! Or, settle within the rugged jungles of Borneo, each experience offering a unique view on local wildlife and culture.

If the little ones prefer to explore by sea, then snorkeling is also a great way to navigate the depths of ocean life! Head to the Caribbean, the Galapagos Islands, or Bora Bora, to have an entire world right below your feet! No matter where you choose to take your next family animal encounter, we guarantee you’ll have as much fun as your children! Animal Encounters with families

A little boy presses his face against the glass looking at the colorful fish in an aquarium exhibit.

9 Best U.S. Aquariums To Visit For Kids

Spend a fun-filled day with the whole family at these best US aquariums to visit with kids! From Georgia to California, families looking for an animal adventure can find impressive aquariums all over the country.

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Three kids reach out to touch the face of a polar bear, whose on the other side of an exhibit glace at the Brookfield Zoo.

Best Zoos in the Midwest For Families

Nothing is better for a day of family fun than a trip to one of these zoos in the Midwest for families! From Ohio to Omaha, you’ll find some of the best animal encounters in the country located in various off-the-beaten-path cities. Keep reading to find out which zoo you should visit next with your family!

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Boy sitting on a safari van in Safari West Sonoma on of the best west coast safari parks.

6 Exciting West Coast Safaris and Animal Parks for Families

Take your next exciting adventure with kids to one of these West Coast safaris for families! If you have always dreamed of driving through untouched wilderness in your own vehicle, we’ve compiled this great list of the 5 U.S. West Coast Safaris and Animal Parks For Families!

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Toddler in a car watching llama

6 Best East Coast Safaris for Families (Recommended by Real Parents!)

Who wouldn’t love a trek to Africa to visit tigers, giraffes, and other exotic animals? Yet many who lack the budget or time are always left wondering alternatives. That’s why Families Love Travel has compiled this list of 5 US East Coast Safaris and Animal Parks for Families!

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A young child snorkels off the coast of the San Blas Islands.

13 Best Places to Snorkel with Kids Around the World

Snorkeling is an extraordinary family activity that can be experienced in various locations around the world and still feel different every time you go. These diverse locations offer varying amenities, marine critters, and water temperatures, to assist you in finding the best kid-friendly snorkeling location for your family — pick one for your next family vacation!

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A young girl sitting on the edge of a pool looks behind her at a mama and baby elephant.

Family Vacations to Plan a Year in Advance

Vacation planning is one of the greatest delights of family travel! Some vacations are easy to put together last minute because they require little planning. To help you start planning, we’ve put together this list the 6 Family Vacations to Plan a Year in Advance.

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Three people hike along a trail with Sedona's iconic red rocks in the distance.

12 Best Things To Do In Sedona For Families

Kids will likely run out of energy before you experience all these 9 Best Things To Do In Sedona for Families! Want to plan your own Arizona vacation? Decide which best suits your little ones thanks to this list gathered with help from our FLT community!

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Blue peacock with colorful green wings

5 Exotic Asian Family Wildlife Vacations

There are few feelings as thrilling as being surrounded by beautiful, large animals in their natural habitat. While safaris are popular options for many families, we looked into wildlife vacations you can take throughout Asia with your little ones. Children of any age won’t have a chance to be bored when they’re face to face with lions and tigers and bears (oh my!)

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