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Australia and Oceania provide fun-in-the-sun and action-packed adventures for families worldwide! While New Zealand’s north and south islands offer a stunning background for a road trip through glaciers, lakes, and volcanos, Australia’s gold coast is packed with sunny beaches and spectacular surfing, particularly in suburbs like Broadbeach, colloquially known as a “surfer’s paradise.” For more water fun, save some time to snorkel in the Great Barrier Roof, take a dip in Australia’s many thermal pools, or head toward Kangaroo Island in the south, where kids can dig into some of Australia’s best gourmet cuisine while they spot its native creatures. Then, get a better look at city life in metropolitan hubs like Sydney, or escape the mainland all together and rent a water bungalow in Bora Bora. The entire continent is like a huge natural playground waiting to be traveled!

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Kakadu National Park Australia Itinerary

Kakadu National Park Australia Road Trip (Oct) Family of 6, (2 Adults, 10,10,9,5) BRING Passports, Need e-visas  APPLY HERE  $20AUD, shorts and t-shirts, insect repellant, water thermos, cooler, water bottles, fly nets, transportable food TRANSPORTATION: AVIS:  7 person, Full Size 4 Wheel Drive Need:  Kakadu National Park Pass, $100 Family Pass Emergency number: 000 Day…

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