SoMos Family Retreats: An Unforgettable Oaxaca Itinerary For both Solo and Two-Parent Families

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A mother and her two children sitting on a bench at SoMos Retreats in Oaxaca
Photo Courtesy: Tania Pan

The SoMos Family Retreat in Oaxaca is an opportunity for solo-parent families and two-parent families to enjoy a fabulous itinerary in one of Mexico’s most culturally rich and picturesque destinations! Nestled in the heart of Mexico, Oaxaca is a place where culture, history, and natural beauty come together to create an unforgettable vacation experience. For families seeking a memorable and hassle-free getaway, our week-long Retreats offer a unique blend of relaxation and adventure for both parents and children. We provide delicious meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Nannies also come in daily to entertain and care for your children, so that you’re free to have some much-needed downtime or do some exploring and dining with other adults. Wondering how to plan your next adventure in Mexico? Keep reading for our Oaxaca itinerary for families! 

What are SoMos Retreats??

SoMos Casa is the creation and manifestation of Tania Pan, a Solo Mother by Choice who also dreamed of a vacation where solo mothers could truly have a vacation. Upon settling in Oaxaca in 2021, she saw the opportunity to bring her idea to life, providing everything she wished had been available to her: Immersive cultural experience, authentic food, real downtime with nannies, massages, and other families to build friendships and connections. Casa’s success led to Tania opening its doors to Two-Parent families in 2023, so that they too could experience the joys of true fun and relaxation. 

A 1-Week Oaxaca Itinerary For Families

A mother and two children running on the beach during sunset in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Photo Courtesy: Tania Pan

Now that you’ve learned about SoMos Casa and planning your Oaxaca family vacation, keep reading for a 1-week Oaxaca itinerary for families and what to do in Oaxaca with kids! 

Day 1: A Warm Welcome to Oaxaca

Sombreros and handkerchiefs hanging from the Old Town in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Photo Courtesy: Tania Pan

When you arrive for your Oaxaca family vacation, a tasty dinner awaits you. Our chef will prepare a sumptuous, locally inspired meal that will introduce your taste buds to the vibrant flavors of Oaxacan cuisine. It’s a perfect start to your week of cultural immersion and a great introduction to Oaxaca travel! 

Day 2: Settle in with Relaxation & Pampering

While your children enjoy the company of our incredible nannies, it’s time for the adults to unwind. You’ll be treated to a traditional Zapotecan cleansing ceremony and massage. This soothing experience will help you fully relax on your vacation. 

Meanwhile, children will enjoy a day of swimming, crafting, and playing. The CaSa is a screen-free zone while the nannies are in-house so that they will truly get the most out of their Oaxaca family vacation. They’re sure to sleep well too! 

Day 3: Explore the Natural Wonders

Three kids walking along the landscape in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Photo Courtesy: Tania Pan

On the third day of your Oaxaca itinerary for families, we take you on a private excursion to Hierve el Agua. Located just a short drive outside of Oaxaca City, this is a stunning natural wonder where petrified waterfalls create a surreal landscape. These captivating formations juxtapose against turquoise mineral springs further below, creating an otherworldly sight during your Oaxaca family vacation! Plus, kids will love cooling off in the cool water on a hot day. You’ll take a dip in the healing spring water, then go for a delicious lunch. 

Before we head home, we make a stop at the magnificent Tule Tree – this is the widest tree in the whole world! Since the day moves at your own pace, you can decide what activities you and your kids are most interested in. You’ll return to a delicious meal at the CaSa.

Day 4: A Day for Yourselves

A woman wearing a sun hat overlooking a field near Oaxaca, Mexico.
Photo Courtesy: Tania Pan

With our attentive nannies looking after your children, you have the freedom to explore Oaxaca at your leisure. Take advantage of this day by indulging in activities that cater specifically to your interests and passions. Whether you choose to visit the vibrant markets or art galleries or dine at one of its charming restaurants, you can do exactly what you want! Adults can even take a mezcal-tasting tour at one of the nearby artisanal distilleries to learn about its origins, harvest methods, and how artisanal mezcal is produced from start to finish. 

At night, the babysitters will take care of the children, so you can go and enjoy dinner at a restaurant. Need help choosing one? There are plenty of things to do in Oaxaca, with or without kids! Ask our staff – we are happy to make a recommendation for you! 

Day 5: Artisan Adventure

An artisan making black pottery in Santa María Atzompa, one of the best plaes to visit on a Oaxaca itinerary for families.
Photo Courtesy: Tania Pan

Day 5 of your Oaxaca itinerary for families is all about exploring Oaxaca’s rich artistic heritage. Journey along the Artisans Trail and witness the craftsmanship behind black pottery in Santa María Atzompa! Known as one of the main producers of this distinctive style, this small town located just outside Oaxaca City lets families witness the traditional techniques passed down through generations. You can also shop at the town’s marketplace, brimming with ceramic treasures from mugs to elegant vases. 

A colorful mural of a woman with cute characters in a small town near Oaxaca.
Photo Courtesy: Tania Pan

In Santo Tomás Jalietza, you’ll see the creation of beautiful handicrafts made by looms that are attached to a waist belt. Then, we’ll visit San Martin Tilcajete, a village known for its incredible alebrijes (the spirit animals in the movie Coco) You’ll learn how they are made and have the opportunity to browse the many different styles in town. If we have time, we will stop in and visit Jose Garcia’s workshop – a blind sculptor who creates beautiful masterpieces. This fantastic day of artistic immersion ends with a scrumptious dinner back at the Retreat CaSa! 

Day 6: More Freedom To Explore Oaxaca 

Two people overlooking the ruins at Monte Alban during their Oaxaca itinerary for families.
Photo Courtesy: Tania Pan

Take control of your schedule on day 6 of your Oaxaca itinerary for families! Those interested in history can take the opportunity to explore the ancient ruins of Monte Albán. Located just outside of Oaxaca City, this archaeological wonder offers a look at the culture of the Zapotec civilization. Explore the sprawling complex to marvel at the detailed carvings, pyramids, and stone platforms where rituals were once performed. Kids will especially love El Juego de Pelota, a massive ball court used for an ancient sport similar to basketball!

A family exploring the ruins at Monte Alban near Oaxaca.
Photo Courtesy: Tania Pan

For something low-key, stroll through the historic Centro, with its charming colonial architecture. Visit Santo Domingo Church, stroll down the Alcala, and don’t forget to stop at Zócalo Square! Your children will be well-cared for by our nannies all day long, giving you the opportunity to go out to dinner solo or with the other guests.

Day 7: Farewell, But Not Goodbye

A mother and her child enjoying a send-off by a Mariachi band on their Oaxaca itinerary for families
Photo Courtesy: Tania Pan

Spend the final day of your Oaxaca itinerary for families embracing the Oaxacan spirit one last time! Another relaxing massage, a memorable adventure with your children (feel free to bring a nanny along), or simply doing as your heart desires – the choice is yours. To bid you farewell, a Mariachi band will also serenade you as our chef prepares a special meal to cap off a fantastic week in Oaxaca with kids.

Optional Activities On Your Oaxaca Itinerary For Families

For those who can’t get enough of their Oaxaca family vacation, ask our team about our fully loaded options to keep the adventure going on your free days. There’s no such thing as boredom in Oaxaca!

Happy Travels! 

Two kids walking under street decorations of the Mexican flag in Oaxaca, Mexico
Photo Courtesy: Tania Pan

We hope you liked this article on SoMos Family Retreats: An Unforgettable Oaxaca Itinerary For both Solo and Two-Parent Families! With a blend of relaxation, exploration, and delicious cuisine, it’s a week that promises both adventure and tranquility, all while celebrating the beauty of Oaxaca. Don’t miss this chance to discover the heart of Mexico and create memories that will last a lifetime. You can find out more and reserve your wonderful retreat at SoMos Retreats or join the community on Facebook, which can be found here!

*This post may contain affiliate links that may earn us a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Affiliate links in no way inform the hotels, sights, products, or other recommendations included in our articles. All opinions and recommendations expressed here are compiled from submissions submitted by the generous members of our Families Who Love To Travel community.


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