Emily's globe-trotting adventures began in 2003 when she left her job with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and bought an around-the-world plane ticket. 40 countries and 18 years later, she’s still planning trips! Emily, her husband and 13-year-old triplets are based in Sacramento, California. When they aren't out of town on an adventure, she's researching trips and sharing tips. Emily loves making it easy for families to explore the world, get off the beaten path and make memories. Some of her favorite family activities include snowboarding in the mountains, relaxing on a beach, floating down the river and, ideally, boarding a plane headed to a place where you can zip line and drink something fruity.


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A young girl points through the aquarium glass at a turtle.

Fantastic 1-Day Guide to SeaWorld San Diego with Kids

By Emily Kapic / May 25, 2022

SeaWorld San Diego ranks at the top of the list for fun places to visit in San Diego with kids! This Fantastic 1-Day Guide to SeaWorld San Diego with Kids will help you make the most of your visit and create memories to last a lifetime!

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A young boy boogie boards along an oceanfront in Hawaii.

15 Best O’ahu Hotels and Resorts for Families

By Emily Kapic / March 7, 2022

O’ahu is Hawaii’s most populated island, anchored by the commercial city of Honolulu. Visitors will find an abundance of activities, beaches, and treasures. Keep reading to learn where to stay in O’ahu with kids!

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A young girl looks over a ledge at the manta ray display at The Coral in the Bahamas.

The 15 Best Hotels In The Bahamas For Families

By Emily Kapic / December 26, 2021

The Bahamas is a magical place for families! The sparkling white sand and warm turquoise water will delight beachgoers. The first step in planning a vacation to the Bahamas with kids is to find a family-friendly hotel. Here are our favorites!

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A dad and three kids plan in the sand on a beach near San Diego.

The Best 7-Day San Diego Itinerary with Kids

By Emily Kapic / October 22, 2021

San Diego has the best of all worlds: perfect weather, gorgeous beaches, and activities to keep your family entertained for weeks. It’s one of the best cities in the United States for family travel because you can experience world-class attractions and relax at the beach on the same day. Read this 7-Day San Diego Itinerary with Kids for ideas to inspire your trip!

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A young boy sits on a green wagon while enjoying an autumn day at the apple orchard in California.

Experience the Best of Fall in California with Kids

By Emily Kapic / September 20, 2021

California offers a wide range of experiences to help your family treasure the autumn season. From foothill farms to mountain towns and amazing pumpkin patches, there are many ways to make memories together and Experience the Best of Fall in California with Kids!

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A family of six sits on their bikes while on a tour of Golden Gate Park.

Spectacular 4-Day Itinerary for San Francisco with Kids

By Emily Kapic / July 30, 2021

San Francisco is a city like no other. Nestled on the shores of a gorgeous bay and in between two iconic bridges, San Francisco is a feast for the senses. This “City by the Bay” offers museums, outdoor adventures, family-friendly activities, and so much more. Use this itinerary to help you plan!

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Two boys play on a floatation device on Lake Blue in Arnold, California.

8 Awesome Weekend Getaways from the Bay Area with Kids

By Emily Kapic / July 12, 2021

It’s not uncommon for the family calendar to be full of sporting events, birthday parties, home projects, and a never-ending list of to-dos. Here, we’ve compiled 8 exciting weekend getaways from the Bay Area with kids, including things to do, places to stay, and where to eat.

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A mom holds her young son while exploring Barcelona, Spain, with La Sagrada Familia in the distance.

Best Family Hotels in Barcelona by Neighborhood

By Emily Kapic / June 28, 2021

Barcelona has everything you can want in a European city. It offers family-friendly activities, museums, incredible cuisine, the beach, and a hip vibe. To help you plan your trip to Spain with kids, we’ve compiled the best family Barcelona hotels by neighborhood.

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A boy holding a fishing pole smiles with his dad as they enjoy a beautiful day on Lake Tahoe.

Summer Activities in North Lake Tahoe Kids Will Love

By Emily Kapic / May 14, 2021

While people think of Lake Tahoe as a winter playground, there’s even more for families to do in the summer. Hopefully, this list of the Best Summer Activities in North Lake Tahoe Kids Will Love will get your family excited about visiting California’s alpine playground.

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Girl feeding the pig in the ocean in Exuma

8 Amazing Things To Do in the Bahamas With Kids

By Emily Kapic / May 3, 2021

Full of color and flavor, the Bahamas has something that every family member will enjoy! Your days will be full exploring islands by speedboat, swimming with sharks, relaxing at the beach and learning about local history. Use this list, featuring 8 Amazing Things To Do in the Bahamas With Kids, to plan your itinerary.

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