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A family running on the beach at the Royalton Bavaro Resort and Spa, one of the best resorts in the Dominican Republic for families!

Best Resorts In The Dominican Republic For Families

By Families Love Travel Team / November 29, 2023

If you’re looking for the ultimate family getaway, it’s hard to beat the best resorts in the Dominican Republic for families! Boasting an impressive array of all-inclusive resorts, this Caribbean gem offers an abundance of options for those seeking a memorable and worry-free getaway. With their exceptional Kids’ Clubs and thrilling water parks, these resorts ensure that parents won’t ever have to worry about keeping their little ones entertained or finding suitable activities for them. Plus, compared to other Caribbean islands, booking a stay at one of these luxury resorts in the Dominican Republic remains affordable without compromising on quality or comfort. Keep reading to plan your next adventure!

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A family of three sits together and smiles in the Porto cable car.

Best Places To Visit In Portugal With Kids

By Families Love Travel Team / November 27, 2023

Portugal, with its beautiful landscapes, welcoming culture, and rich history, has lots of amazing places to offer families visiting with kids! From the historic allure of Lisbon to the scenic beauty of the Algarve, this European country offers an array of family-friendly destinations that promise adventure and relaxation for all ages. Stroll the storybook-esque streets of Sintra and take in the dazzling colors or dive into the history of Porto, with its interactive museums and scenic river views. Whether you’re in the mood to relax on the beach all day, take in Portuguese culture, or a bit of both, use this list as a starting point to plan your family’s Portugal itinerary. Keep reading to learn more!

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A family enjoying the pool at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown.

11 Best Hotels In Vancouver For Families

By Families Love Travel Team / November 24, 2023

Vancouver offers a wide array of family-friendly accommodations that cater to both adults and children’s needs while providing exceptional service and amenities. From luxurious resorts to boutique hotels, this vibrant city has it all, guaranteeing unforgettable memories for every member of your family. These hotels offer convenient locations near major attractions so that exploring all that Vancouver has to offer becomes effortless for your family. Keep reading for our suggestions on where to stay in Vancouver with kids!

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Two kids running on the beach in the Dominican Republic, one of the best affordable Caribbean islands for families

Best Affordable Caribbean Islands For Families

By Families Love Travel Team / November 22, 2023

If you’re in search of a dreamy family getaway that won’t break the bank, look no further than the mesmerizing allure of affordable Caribbean islands. Boasting beautiful beaches, clear waters, and dynamic cultures, these paradises offer an irresistible blend of relaxation and adventure. ​​Whether you seek thrilling water sports adventures or serene nature excursions, these gems provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable family memories – without being too hard on your wallet! Keep reading to learn more!

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A young boy building a snowman in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

7 Best Hotels In Jackson Hole For Families

By Families Love Travel Team / November 15, 2023

What better place to book your next stay than at one of the best hotels in Jackson Hole for families? Located amidst the scenic Teton Mountains, this idyllic destination offers an array of activities and experiences suitable for all ages. ​​From luxurious resorts with spacious rooms and suites suitable for larger groups to cozy lodges exuding rustic charm, these family-friendly accommodations boast an impressive range of amenities. Additionally, many of these establishments offer convenient access to outdoor activities including hiking trails, skiing slopes during winter months, or biking routes perfect for exploring the wonders of nature together as a family. Keep reading to plan your next trip to Jackson Hole!

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A young boy at the BMW Museum in Munich

14 Best Places In Germany To Visit With Kids

By Families Love Travel Team / November 13, 2023

Germany is a country with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, so it comes as no surprise that it offers lots of places to visit with kids! From enchanting castles to whimsical theme parks, this magnificent country has something for everyone young at heart. Take a trip to Berlin to learn about German history or visit Garmisch-Partenkirchen to go skiing. Whether you’re seeking cultural immersion through interactive museums or an outdoor hike through the wilderness, Germany caters to every interest. Keep reading to find out more!

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A parent and child overlooking a lake surrounded by palm trees in Phoenix, Arizona

8 Best Hotels In Phoenix For Families

By Families Love Travel Team / November 10, 2023

Families planning a vacation in the vibrant city of Phoenix should consider staying at one of these fantastic hotels! From spacious and comfortable suites with separate living areas to child-friendly swimming pools complete with water slides, these accommodations go above and beyond to ensure that both parents and children have an unforgettable stay. Plus, many of them offer convenient dining options on-site, providing delicious meals suitable for even the pickiest eaters in your family. Next time you’re planning a family vacation in Phoenix, we’ve put together a list of hotels divided by location. Keep reading to plan your next adventure to Phoenix with kids!

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A young girl skiing at Mont-Tremblant in Canada

The Best Ski Resorts In Canada For Families: A Comprehensive Guide By Region

By Families Love Travel Team / November 8, 2023

When it comes to planning a winter getaway, ski resorts in Canada are an excellent choice for families seeking adventure and quality time together. With their beautiful landscapes, Canadian ski resorts offer something for everyone, from beginners learning the ropes on gentle slopes to expert skiers tackling challenging runs. Plus, the facilities at these resorts cater specifically to families, providing amenities such as spacious accommodations, kid-friendly restaurants, and a range of activities off the slopes to keep children entertained throughout their stay. Keep reading to plan your next ski adventure!

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A crowd watching New Year's Eve fireworks in New York City, one of the best places to celebrate the New Year on the East Coast.

Best Places On The East Coast To Celebrate The New Year With Kids

By Families Love Travel Team / November 6, 2023

From bustling cities to quaint towns, there is something for everyone at these best places on the East Coast to celebrate the new year with kids! In fact, the East Coast is renowned for its vibrant cities, historical landmarks, and family-friendly activities, making it an ideal destination for celebrating this special occasion with your little ones. Between the iconic ball drop in Times Square, watching fireworks over the stunning Niagara Falls, or the beaches of Miami, there’s something for every age group to enjoy. Keep reading to find out more!

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A young girl wearing a winter hat looking up during a New Year's Eve fireworks display

Best Places Near NYC To Ring In The New Year With Kids

By Families Love Travel Team / November 3, 2023

New Year’s Eve in New York City may be an extraordinary experience for some, but there are lots of other best places to ring in the New Year with kids! If you’re seeking a change of scenery and want to explore beyond the city lights, check out these incredible vacations just a short distance away from NYC. Relax at the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, for example, or take kids on an educational visit to Washington DC. A big bonus is that lots of these destinations offer kid-friendly New Year’s Eve events that let kids enjoy the holiday while still making their bedtimes. Keep reading to find out more and plan your next New Year adventure!

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