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    Welcome to Families Love Travel’s exclusive road trip activity packet! Whether you’re planning a family road trip soon or want to save ideas for the future, it’s always best to be prepared before departing on a vacation with kids. Luckily, you can now download our Ultimate Road Trip Activity Packet here, which includes printable versions of kid’s favorite games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Sink The Ships! Use our resources to entertain your children throughout long drives, whether they’re interested in drawing, spotting license plates out a window, or testing strategies with more advanced games. As a plus, you can also customize these road trip games to suit whatever destination you’re headed to, exciting children about your journey along the way! For example, tell kids to fill out a travel journal with expectations of their upcoming vacation, like what they’re most interested in learning about. Or, teach them responsibility by having them devise a packing list before you even leave. Parents will find themselves having just as much fun as kids inventing Silly Road Trip stories or playing a mobile scavenger hunt, too, bringing the whole family closer together through laughs and friendly competition.  What could sound better than keeping little ones content while engaging their curious minds? Discover all this and more with our Ultimate Road Trip Activity Packet!

    Family Travel Tips and Ideas  


    A mom holds her infant son on an airplane.

    Use These 10 Tips For Your Baby’s First Flight

    Families Who Love To Travel contributor Meghan Oaks provides her 10 best tips for your first airplane flight with a baby in tow.

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    A young boy plays with legos on his airplane tray table during a flight.

    18 Exciting Travel Toys For Young Kids That Will Keep Them Entertained The Whole Trip

    When you’re planning a family vacation, it’s important to pack travel toys that will keep your young kids entertained throughout the trip. This can help make your family vacation more exciting, especially if you choose travel toys that are new and different from what your child is used to at home. From coloring books to busy boards, we’ve divided this list into toddlers, kids between ages 3-5, and kids between ages 6-8. Stay tuned to learn more!

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    Baby girl with floral headband chewing on string of wooden cheese toy

    6 Best Travel Toys for Toddlers on a Road Trip

    What are the best travel toys for toddlers? With help from our Facebook community, Families Love Travel shares our recommendations for the best travel toys for toddlers. Find our top 6 recommendations for little ones here!

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    Family on a road trip

    7 Tips For Staying Sane on Family Road Trips

    Avid family travelers often dream of taking a long road trip to really immerse their children in a different culture. But how to stay sane? Next time you’re looking to plan a vacation with kids, check out our 7 Tips For Staying Sane On Family Road Trips!

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    Mom spraying two boys with bug repellent in the woods.

    9 Best Bug Sprays And Lotions For Kids

    Choosing the correct bug repellents for kids can make or break your summer! Who wants to be constantly swatting the bugs away while trying to play? To help you better enjoy your outdoor family adventures, we’ve rounded up a list of the 9 Best Bug Repellents For Kids!

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