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10 Warm U.S. Spring Break Destinations for Families

Spring Break takes on a whole new meaning once you start a family! Instead of trying to find the best party destinations, you’ll be looking for kid-friendly getaways that will keep everyone entertained. Below we rounded up the best options for school vacation weeks in April if you’re looking for a warm weather getaway.

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A young boy wearing a back pack walks down a trail among lush foliage in St. Lucia.

11 Fantastic Things to Do in St. Lucia With Kids

Located a quick flight away from the United States, St. Lucia is great for travelers of all ages. But those with adventurous older kids will particularly enjoy an active vacation here, whether you want to hike, bike, or tour a drive-in volcano! If you’re unsure of how to start planning your own family trip to St. Lucia, though, you can start with this list of 11 Things to Do in St. Lucia with kids!

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A young child snorkels off the coast of the San Blas Islands.

13 Best Places to Snorkel with Kids Around the World

Snorkeling is an extraordinary family activity that can be experienced in various locations around the world and still feel different every time you go. These diverse locations offer varying amenities, marine critters, and water temperatures, to assist you in finding the best kid-friendly snorkeling location for your family — pick one for your next family vacation!

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Boy on the beach at sunset in Naples.

11 Amazing Things to Do in Naples with Kids

If you’re looking for a perfect destination for a sunny family vacation, you’ll want to explore Southwest Florida. From the moments you spend on the water and in the sand to the evenings when you shop and dine along 5th Avenue, we’ve gathered a helpful list of all the best family things to do in Naples! Keep reading for our suggestions!

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Your Shopping List for the Best Kids Snorkel Gear!

What’s the best snorkeling gear for kids? From masks to snorkels, vests, and fins, there are a variety of kid-friendly items parents should purchase before snorkeling with kids for the first time. Using my own personal expertise and advice from my website Active Scuba, I’ve rounded up some suggestions for parents shopping for a snorkeling adventure. Read on for my suggestions!

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A mom holds her childrens hands as they enter the Willard InterContinental in Washington DC.

6 Best Hotels in Washington D.C. for Families

Washington D.C. is a dream destination on many family travel bucket lists! Whether you desire a location close to famous sites or you’d rather be in the heart of a chic neighborhood, there’s a hotel here that will make your family trip fun and exciting. That’s why we’ve gathered this list of the best family hotels in Washington D.C! Keep reading to find your favorite.

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A family of three looks on at an aquarium in the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Best Things To Do In Dubai With Kids

From desert safari tours to boat rides around the marina, Dubai is a dynamic city with a ton to offer families on vacation. What your itinerary will include depends on your family’s interests, like whether you’re more interested in cultural destinations, sightseeing, or animal encounters. So what are the best things to do in Dubai with kids? Stay tuned to find out!

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A young black boy carrying a body board and a young white girl carrying a pail walk toward the ocean in Florida near the Photo Courtesy: The Acqualina Resort.

6 Best Family Friendly Hotels in Miami (Parents Recommended)

Miami is a premier family vacation destination thanks to its beautiful beaches, warm climate, and thriving local culture. Alongside all the fantastic things to do with kids in the area, nearby resorts also offer countless activities for guests of all ages! Keep reading for our list of 6 Best Family Friendly Hotels in Miami!

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Family with twin babies standing in crystal blue water in Antigua.

Best Family Resorts in Antigua (Including All-Inclusive Options)

Even seasoned travelers will be impressed by these family resorts in Antigua! From English Harbour to St. Johns, this Caribbean island offers beautiful beaches, all-inclusive getaways, and rich local history. Next time you’re searching for hotel recommendations, check out our parent-approved list of Best Family Resorts In Antigua!

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Two girls feeding the swans

7 Best Family Resorts In Aruba (Includes All-Inclusive)

Book a tropical getaway to one of these family resorts in Aruba! Famous for its white-sand beaches, friendly locals, and pleasant year-round weather, this Caribbean destination definitely lives up to its nickname as One Happy Island. All you need to do to start planning your island itinerary is consult

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Pre teen and a toddler holding hands and waking in Montreal

19 Best Things To Do In Montreal With Kids (All Ages)

Any traveling family will love all these things to do in Montreal with kids! As a multicultural city with European roots, this kid-friendly destination is perfect for families who want to stay close to home while enjoying a change of pace. Next time you’re planning a family trip to Montreal, use this list of 18 Things To Do In Montreal With Kids. Keep reading for our parent-approved suggestions!

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6 Best Family Resorts In Grand Cayman (All Parent-Recommended)

If you’re searching for the best family resorts in Grand Cayman, you’ve come to the right place! Famous for its stunning white-sand beaches, modern tourist infrastructure, and delicious cuisine, this Caribbean island appeals to travelers of all ages and interests. Next time you need some suggestions, check out this parent-approved list of the Best Family Resorts in Grand Cayman!

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 Why Families Love To Travel

"Traveling provides us with quality time focused on our family with out typical life responsibilities. Also, We get to learn and experience new things with each other."

Nicole Sweeney

"Travelling has been an unparalleled way to connect with my 2-year-old and see the world through her eyes. Without travel, I wouldn't have experienced my favorite moments with her."

Jennifer Greuel

"Traveling teaches my kids that the world is full of diversity, where some people look like them and others don’t, but we are all the same."

Lizzeth Valdivieso

I love traveling with my daughter because I remember traveling as a kid. We didn’t sleep at fancy hotels nor see any of the seven wonders; in fact, we drove to most of our destinations because we couldn’t afford to fly. But those hours in the car, racing in the National Mall with my cousins, fishing on the lake with my dad, the first time we went crabbing, walking into Constitution Hall all remain with me. I want that for my kid.

Natalia Maddela

If we were meant to be in one place, we’d be born as a tree. Explore, with your loved ones, the boon of being alive as a person.

Angela Khurana

You can buy your child material things, but showing them the world creates memories will last a lifetime.

Katrina Szurpeta

When we share travels with our kids, the world belongs to us and we learn to feel as we belong anywhere in the world

Julia Karpinski

Our family gains more than tan lines and extra treats during vacation. We experience joy, tantrums, new sights, sounds, smells, and cultural awakenings that will help our next generation of independent travelers to journey with understanding, kindness and respect.

Megan Pohorylo Tucker

Traveling with my children has helped us create bonds, memories, and traditions. This experience has helped us become open minded and respectful of other cultures. The best part, we get to explore this amazing world together

Cleia Goncalves Peterson

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