A Fun & Educational 2- to 5-Day Berlin Itinerary With Kids

*This article featuring an itinerary for Berlin with kids was done in partnership with Visit Berlin, who provided a Berlin WelcomeCard. All ideas and opinions expressed are those of the writer, Michelle Hamilton. Find additional disclosure information below.*

Three kids enjoy a view over the city of Berlin.

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through one of Europe’s most historical cities with this 5-day Berlin itinerary with kids! Germany’s lively and historic capital is a fantastic family vacation destination. With its bustling streets, rich history, diversity, and kid-friendly museums, there’s a lot of appeal for all ages. Enjoy a mix of old and new as kids can get a feel for the history and the beauty of modern times as well. Trams run along the main streets mixed with buses, U-Bahns, and S-Bahns to build an intricate transportation system that allows your family to explore all the corners of the capital city. Using this family-friendly Berlin 2-day to 5-day itinerary will help you uniquely experience the city and learn about many of the best things to do in Berlin with kids. Keep reading to plan your next adventure! 

Arriving in Berlin with Kids

An aerial view of Berlin from Museum Island, a must on any Berlin itinerary with kids.

When traveling to Berlin, knowing what to expect upon arrival is important. If flying, you will arrive at Berlin Airport, Brandenburg (BER). The airport connects with the public transportation system with regional trains running four times an hour to Berlin Central Train Station. Additionally, S-bahn S9 and S45 run to the city center. 

The metro and bus are the most cost-effective way to get to your accommodations and to explore the capital. Prior to arrival, it will serve you well to spend some time studying the metro map and the various parts of the city to familiarize yourself with the area.

Should you arrive via train, you may arrive at one of the many train stations in Berlin. Berlin Central Train Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof Hbf) is the most common and centrally located, however. With its large size, it can be overwhelming to navigate if you are not adjusted to train travel. Be sure to remain close and keep kids nearby as you find your way to the Tourist Office, should this be your first top. It’s near the main entrance, tucked in the corner, and can easily be missed. 

We have found it easiest to navigate busy places, like the Berlin Central Train Station, with our kids in a single file line between the adults. This helps with keeping track of everyone as well as navigating around the various groups of people in the train station, so keep all your “ducks” in a row!

Public Transportation Using the Berlin WelcomeCard

Purchasing the Berlin WelcomeCard upon arrival is the best investment for your trip to Berlin with kids. With children being free on public transportation with adults using the Berlin WelcomeCard, it becomes a very cost-effective way to travel throughout the city during your Berlin itinerary. The public transportation, including the trams, buses, U-Bahn, and S-bahn systems, make it quicker, easier, and more hassle-free than having a car in the city. Find the closest Tourist Office to purchase your Berlin WelcomeCard or purchase it online.

Decide what sights, museums, and other attractions you want to visit as a family so you can determine if the Berlin WelcomeCard will suit your family. You’ll receive an informational Berlin map, as well as a Berlin WelcomeCard city guide booklet with your purchase of the Berlin WelcomeCard. This will describe all of the many discounts included, depending on which card your family chooses. The Berlin Card has three main options: the Classic, the +Museum Island, and the Inclusive. Within these cards, you can further customize according to the number of days you decide to include in your Berlin itinerary with kids. Each pass can be valid for 48 hours-6 days, depending on your stay. 

Once you know which form of transportation will get you to your accommodations, validate your Berlin WelcomeCard onboard. Each form of transportation will have a validation machine where you’ll put the WelcomeCard in to stamp the date and time to begin using your card. From this time forward, you have use of the Berlin WelcomeCard until midnight of the last day. Validation is key, as you could be stopped at any time for your travel ticket, and, if it isn’t validated, you could face a fine.  

Tips for Visiting Berlin with Kids

A hand holds a ticket for Big Bus Berlin, a must on any Berlin itinerary with kids.

Before we discuss our itinerary for visiting Berlin with kids, here are a few tips to know before you go!

Is The Berlin WelcomeCard Worth It For Families Visiting Berlin?

I highly recommend using the Berlin WelcomeCard during your visit to Berlin with kids. This is a smart addition to your travels in Berlin as it includes all public transportation costs within the city as well as provides 180+ discounts on various museums and attractions throughout the capital. With so many things to do in Berlin with kids, it will give you a starting point to search for the discounts available to help further build your itinerary in Berlin with kids. Discounts range from 25%-50% when opting for the Classic Berlin WelcomeCard, the most common card purchased.  

Naturally, our Berlin itinerary with kids includes some of our favorite stops with discounts from the Berlin WelcomeCard. Check out all that the Berlin WelcomeCard has to offer and where to purchase it here. It’s a transportation card, a museum pass, as well as a discount card. Be sure to research how it can best support your Berlin travel itinerary with kids. The Classic card is a great fit for most families, but if your family is really into art and culture, the +Museum Island card may be your best purchase. If you have many museums and activities you want to visit during your Berlin itinerary, price it out and see if the Inclusive card is the best fit. It can easily pay for itself if you do multiple activities a day.  

Purchase the Berlin WelcomeCard through GetYourGuide here!

ATMs and Exchanging Money

If you need money upon your arrival, search for ATMs, called Geldautomat, that are located inside or just outside of bank branches. Avoid the blue and yellow Euronet ATMs when traveling in Europe in general, as they charge exorbitant service fees and exchange rates. Also, when making purchases, always use the local currency of Euros when using a credit card and use credit and debit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees. This will help you save money on your family-friendly Berlin trip with kids.

Traveling with your travel-friendly credit card can earn you points for your next travels. Most places accept credit cards, and it is the best way to get a good exchange rate if you have a card that doesn’t charge extra fees. When using your credit card, select the local currency of Euros as the payment choice. Each locale will give you the choice of Euro or Dollar for each charge made. Selecting the local currency will allow for the rate to be calculated by your bank without any extra charges. 

Public Transportation

In a city woven back together after 40+ years of division of East and West, the public transportation system can feel a little daunting to navigate. With the S-bahn underground, buses and trams using the roadways, and the U-bahn using the raised rail systems, there are many options to connect to various areas of the city. The train stations sprinkled throughout the capital also add complexity to the system. 

The BVG app for Apple or the BVG app for Android will be extremely helpful during your stay. In addition, the Google Maps app works well for getting around the capital as well. The times and transportation routes were accurate using the Google Maps app; however, pay careful attention to the location of the stops that Google Maps. Many times, we found that Google Maps placed the stop for a tram or bus in a different location or for a route going in the opposite direction. We found it most useful to walk the route line outlined by Google Maps and find the stop along the route rather than going off of the starting point that was pinned. BVG may be a better alternative if you find this to be challenging. 

Public Toilets

Public toilets can be hard to come by in the big city. If you need to use the restroom, you may have to map out a public toilet location or purchase something small at a restaurant or cafe to utilize their facilities. Always carry change with you as the public toilets charge anywhere from 50 euro cents to 1 euro per person per use. Oftentimes, young children are free, but prepare to pay your way when needing the restroom. You will find a person at the entrance who takes the fee and is responsible for keeping the facilities clean. Keeping pocket change will serve you well during your time in Berlin with kids.

Doner Kebabs, Currywurst, and more!

Berlin is rich in diversity, and this is relayed through its variety of foods. Of course, you can find typical German food, such as Currywurst and Bratwurst, at many street kiosks throughout the city. You can easily find these staples at all hours in the city. Currywurst is served with tangy ketchup and sprinkled with a generous amount of spicy curry powder. Expect a pile of french fries on the side! 

Bratwurst sandwiches are often available at the same kiosks as the Currywurst, so this may be a milder option for your kids while in Berlin. German Schnitzel is another favorite that will satisfy your craving for German food while in the capital. Since the Germans and the Turks have a rich history dating back to the 18th century, it should come as no surprise that one of the most popular foods found in Berlin is a Doner Kebab. This Middle Eastern sandwich will quickly become a staple for your family during your stay in Berlin. This sandwich has cabbage, cucumbers, onion, and tomatoes in it, so it is a tasty way to get vegetables in. 

Given the diversity in the city, Asian food, Vegetarian, and Vegan options abound as well. Be sure to add these baked goods during your stay: Apfelstrudel, butter pretzel, and Berling Donuts (Pfannkuchen). They are worth the calorie splurge!

5-Day Berlin Itinerary With Kids

From exploring historic sights on a bike to learning about spies in the DDR, every day of this 5-day Berlin itinerary with kids is chock-full of intrigue, history, and unforgettable memories. Keep reading to find out more! 

Day 1: Berlin on Bike!

A line of bikes parked in Berlin awaiting a bike tour of the city, a must on any Berlin itinerary with kids.

What better way to explore Berlin than on a bike? Kids will delight in the Berlin on Bike tour, plus your Berlin WelcomeCard will get you a discount! Set up for kids of all ages either through various-sized bikes or with a bike wagon, many options allow for something that will fit your family perfectly. Berlin is a very bike-friendly city, where bike lanes abound, and traffic pays special attention to its two tire friends. 

A guide provides information while on a bike tour of Berlin, a must on any Berlin itinerary with kids.

Find a tour that excites your family and allow the wind to blow through your hair as you explore the various neighborhoods and historical sights around Berlin. The Highlights Bike Tour will allow you to get your bearings and see what you want to come back to. With informative guides, well-cared-for bikes, and helmets available, this tour will surely be a Berlin family favorite and one to add to your Berlin itinerary with kids. It’s around 3.5 hours long, so pack water, snacks, and your rain jacket. There is a short 20-minute break in the middle to allow for time to grab a quick ice cream to refuel along the way.   

See famous sights throughout Berlin, including the former heart of Jewish Berlin, Museum Island, Reichstag, and Brandenburg Gate. You will learn history from Prussian times all the way through the Cold War that famously divided the city. Plus, iconic sights such as the TV tower in Alexanderplatz and the remains of the Berlin Wall, as well as some of the lesser-known sights such as Prenzlauer Berg. This bike tour will allow your family to develop a timeline of German history in Berlin and lay a foundation of what sights will demand more of your family’s vacation time while visiting Berlin.  

Research various bike tours in Berlin here with Tripadvisor!

Afternoon Activity: Playground Break

The Tiergarten Playground in Berlin.

After your 12-15 kilometer bike ride in the morning, your family may decide on a quieter afternoon. If a park with a playground is calling your name, head to Berlin Tiergarten. A former royal hunting ground, this green space in the middle of Berlin is a reprieve for the locals. Damaged during WWII and nearly deforested during the war by Berliners who needed the trees for fuel, rich history even lies here among the many replanted and gifted trees that now grow to shade future generations. This large park provides a space for peace within the bustling, historical city center. 

With kids’ playgrounds hidden throughout the tree-lined paths and cafes and biergartens as resting spots for adults, it may just be the perfect match for your morning bike ride. The Kinderspielplatz an der Luiseninsel is a playground for all ages. With play structures and water play in a shaded area, this is the perfect spot to relax and let the kids play during a 5-day Berlin itinerary with kids! 

Traveling with teens? Check out The Ultimate Adventure Teen Bucket List: 11 Must-Try Extreme Sports and Where to Do Them

Afternoon Activity: German Spy Museum 

A young girl interacts with an exhibit at the Spy Museum, a must on any Berlin itinerary with kids.

If your kids are energized and excited about Berlin’s history, the German Spy Museum may be the perfect alternative to the park. With interactive stops throughout the museum, learn spy techniques such as how to tap Morse code, how to decipher secret code, how to locate bugs in a life-size office, and the most popular of all, how to navigate through a laser maze, undetected. Learn about the history of spies dating back to the Biblical times of Moses all the way up and past the Cold War era. Enjoy the displays of lipstick pistols, cigarette lighter cameras, and microphones in shoe soles. 

With stops to read the history or hands-on displays for the younger kids, this is surely a place to remember from your trip to Berlin with kids. Allow extra time for the laser maze – your kids will want to do this over and over again, challenging themselves each time with the easy, medium, or difficult maze option. Trying to beat your former time or beat a family member is half the fun!  

If your family doesn’t have the energy on your first day, add it to another day on your family itinerary in Berlin, as it is a must-see. Allow for at least 2 hours here, especially if you are visiting during the busy summer months, as sometimes the wait time to do the various hands-on activities adds extra time to your visit. Be sure to make a reservation for the museum, as it is a timed entry system to help minimize the crowd. Your Berlin WelcomeCard will offer you a discount, but there is also a family ticket, which may be most cost-effective depending on your family size and age makeup. 

Alternative Afternoon Activity: Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour

The BigBus Berlin makes its way through the city.

Day one of a 2-day to 5-day itinerary in Berlin can be exhausting, and trying to keep up with the kids could make it even more daunting. That’s why an alternative plan that saves some steps and makes things more enjoyable for the children is necessary. Instead of biking around the city with little ones in tow, consider a hop-on, hop-off bus tour.

Many Hop-on and hop-off bus tours come at a discount with the Berlin WelcomeCard. With various stops across the city, you can easily hop off and explore each attraction before getting back on board again for the next adventure.  

This will allow your family to get a good feel for the city and its many sights, along with creating your plan for the coming days of what you may want to explore further. You can also listen to the history on your ride to grasp the many facets that make Berlin such a unique city. By hopping on and off, your family members will save their energy for the coming days of exploring the best things to do in Berlin with kids. 

Day 2: Animals Galore! Berlin Zoo, Tierpark, or Aquarium

People walking around the entrance to Zoo Berlin.
Photo Courtesy: visitBerlin, Photo: Wolfgang Scholvien

The secret to keeping kids happy (and thus parents, too!) is to intermix your travel activities. A day of roaming the streets of historic Berlin, taking in the sights and sounds of the large city, and learning about spies, must be followed by a lighter day.

A visit to Zoo Berlin may be just the activity to add on day 2 of your Berlin itinerary with kids. As the oldest and most visited zoo in Germany, it is important to add it to your plans. A visit to the giant pandas, the only ones in the country, is a must, and you can plan your visit to the zoo based on the feeding and training schedule. Be sure to visit the oldest surviving building in the zoo where the giraffes are housed.  

This building, opened in 1872, now also houses “Berlin Zoo Histories”, which provides the over 175-year history of Germany’s oldest zoo. See zebras, European bison, and reindeer in the Romantic Heart of the Zoo, where you will enjoy fairytale-like settings where these animals live. And be sure to save time while visiting Hans in Luck Petting Zoo. This dreamlike location is based on the Grimm brothers’ fairytale, Hans in Luck, and will surely draw in your little ones.

Additionally, families also love the Aquarium Berlin. You can add it to your Zoo Berlin ticket or purchase daily tickets separately. Purchase your tickets online to save! Your family can book a behind-the-scenes tour for a unique experience at the aquarium. Gain exclusive information about life at the aquarium and other fun animal facts from the experienced guides. This can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to add to our Berlin family itinerary.   

Alternative Activity: Tierpark Berlin

Tierpark Berlin, not to be confused with the Tiergarten, is a great alternative to the Zoo Berlin. With your Berlin WelcomeCard, save 25% on the entry fee. With a large park to explore, check out the map to plan which animals your family wants to visit. Visit the Savannah, Himalayas, or even the Rainforest House to see a range of animals not necessarily found at the zoo.

For a unique experience at the Tierpark Berlin, spend a day at the sea in the charming splash pad area. Your kids will love splashing about with the locals in the water features. Be sure to bring a bathing suit or a change of clothes for the kids, as they will be soaked after enjoying the water play. 

Alternative Activity: Garten der Welt

A Japanese-inspired garden in Garten der Welt Park in Berlin, a must on any Berlin itinerary with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Oleksandra Zhyvytsia

If your family opts to forgo the world of animals, go on a tour around the world’s gardens for the day instead. Enjoy the exotic plants found in places like China, Japan, and Bali. Other themed gardens in Garten der Welt provide glimpses into an English garden or Italian Renaissance without leaving the city of Berlin. The labyrinth and maze will thrill the kids; and let them try their hand at finding the path in and out. All young at heart will find these beautiful gardens, the maze, and the labyrinth a peaceful option in Berlin. Float your way over the gardens and get a view all the way into Berlin’s city center on the Ropeway

With spectacular views, this is a great way to see what Garten der Welt has to offer your family. If you’re lucky, you will get one of the glass-bottom cable cars, which would add an extra special memory to your Berlin itinerary with kids and for sure is one of the best things to do in Berlin!  

Day 3: Historical Berlin 

A large, historic building in Berlin.

After a great night’s rest, your family should explore the most interesting historical sights around the city. With so many, your family will have to sit down and decide which will best fit your family vacation in Berlin. Hopefully, you brought your best walking shoes and broke them in before arrival! Get those walking shoes on and stroll the beautiful, historically rich areas of Berlin. Of course, you have your Berlin WelcomeCard, which makes all the public transportation system in the city center free, so utilize this to streamline your museum visits.

Use your Berlin WelcomeCard to get 25% off your entrance fee to the German Historical Museum. For history buffs, it can provide a great context for all that happened in German history. This is an activity for those who are truly excited about history museums, as many of your younger family members may not enjoy it as much.

As a wonderful alternative that provides a very interactive experience, your family may enjoy the Deutschland Museum, an immersive experience that allows you to travel through German history. Fly through 2000 years of German history in a mere hour as you learn about the early Germanic tribes, meet Otto the Great, and learn about the rise of the Weimar Republic all the way through a united Germany.  

This is the sister museum to the Spy Museum and is located right next door, so you should already be familiar with this area of the city. 

WWII History

For a family interested in WWII history, there is much to experience in Berlin during your 5-day itinerary with kids. Berlin lay in rubble following all the bombings during WWII, and following the war, some places were demolished by the Soviets, who tried to erase the history. However, many sights have survived and are worth seeing, especially for families interested in WWII history.  

A visit inside the Reichstag government building is a great starting point for your WWII tour of Berlin with kids. Hilter grew in power here, and it was also where the Soviets fought to free Berlin at the end of the war. With all the history, you may be surprised at the modern additions to the interior. The glass dome that now covers the parliament offers a powerful visual to remind us that transparency is vital in a government system that is to work for and with its people.

Be sure to make a reservation to visit the inside: especially during peak season, be sure to book at least 2 weeks in advance of your visit. Free tours are available, and an audio guide option as well. Bring your original ID for security measures upon entrance, as it is an active government building.  

Topography of Terror

The indoor exhibits at Topography of Terror, a great idea when planning a Berlin itinerary with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Topography of Terror

Not for the faint of heart, and difficult for children under the age of 12, Topography of Terror can be added to your WWII Berlin itinerary. This free museum has an outdoor and indoor component. Work your way along the chronological display outside first, which is built in the exposed walls of the former SS headquarters. Countless people were terrorized here, and the exhibits allow you to learn some of their stories. You can also read about the Nazi years and their rise to power. 

Inside, in the documentation center, you will find displays commemorating and memorializing victims and explaining the events in Berlin from 1933 to 1945. There is much to read, so be sure to devote some extra time here.  

Again, small kids may not enjoy this, or may only be able to take in a small amount of information. Alternatively, there are audio guides available, but the topics may be difficult for children, so use your discretion.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Memorial displays at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, a great idea when planning a Berlin itinerary with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Memorial to the Murdered Jews is another sight that you can add to your Berlin itinerary for those family members interested in WWII history. This is Berlin’s Holocaust memorial and is made up of plain cement blocks of varied heights laid out in perfect rows. There is no explanation, no names, and no way to experience this monument except in your own way. Each visitor has a personal experience within the monument, which was the designer’s intention. It may be best to visit the almost hidden information center prior to entering the memorial with your family for the stories of those to remember. Again, this can be a somber experience, so it is best to use your discretion on what your children are able to understand so it isn’t used as a playground.

More WWII History in Berlin for Families

There are many other points you can add to your WWII tour in Berlin. Some additions may be the site of Hitler’s Bunker, which is just a parking lot to date, but it may be interesting to see how close it is to the Reichstag and other Berlin landmarks. 

The Bebel Platz, adjacent to the Humboldt University, is the location where upwards of 25,000 books were burned. The memorial is a powerful reminder of that day in history that left many bookshelves empty.

The Berlin Story Bunker contains two separate museums, The Berlin Story and “Hitler: How Could It Happen?” Housed in a World War II bunker that could withstand a hit from the bombs, these two museums are a great addition to your WWII tour during your Berlin itinerary with kids. 

You can also add the famous Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, which shows the remaining church in ruins juxtaposed with the modern memorial church next door. These are just some of the many museums and sights you can visit with a focus on World War II. Many of these locations are intense for young children and better suited for older family members.   

DDR History

East Germany, officially the German Democratic Republic (GDR) or Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR), existed from its creation in 1949 after the end of WWII to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Is your family interested in the history after WWII and the political division created following the split of East and West? If so, luckily, your family can make many additions to your Berlin itinerary that will excite you all. Add the DDR Museum, Checkpoint Charlie, and the East Side Berlin Wall Gallery to your list of things to do in Berlin with kids!

DDR Museum

Your first stop should undoubtedly be the DDR museum. The DDR Museum will indeed become a family favorite on your 5-day Berlin itinerary with kids. This museum has a lot of historical value written on the information placards, many objects to look at to give context, and many hands-on areas for kids to interact and learn about the DDR. It will help your family understand the history of what the people went through in the East, the limitations of life compared to the West, as well as the fear they lived in due to the surveillance going on within the country.  

Walk into a common East Berlin bedroom with its orange and yellow style. Look out the windows to see what the streets would have looked like in the city at the time, which lacked much color and street life. Let your kids try their hand at the typewriter and telephones, or lock yourself in the offices of the Stasi (Ministry for State Security). Your kids can even feel what it would be like to be locked inside an old jail cell! Touch the various fabric variations of East and West Germany and see what goods were available at the time in the East. A highlight will be sitting inside a Trabi for a family picture.

Mauer Museum

A young girl studies a display at the Charlie Mauer Museum, a great idea when planning a Berlin itinerary with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Michelle Hamilton

Your second stop should be the Mauer Museum at Checkpoint Charlie. Head over to Checkpoint Charlie to see this famous checkpoint between East and West Berlin. Not much remains of the actual checkpoint, except for a photo op, but be sure not to miss the small museum here.

The museum will be of great interest to kids, especially those over the age of 12 who are into history. For any of the younger kids in your family, it is recommended to buy the audio guide to help pique interest. This will give the kids some autonomy as well as focus them on finding the numbers to look for to move them along the museum and guide them.  

The museum speaks to the many efforts made to help people escape the East. One of the most memorable stories is about a family that created a hot air balloon to ride over the wall of a family that made a z-line to ride over the wall toward awaiting family in the West. Be sure to ask each of your family members for their favorite story they read or heard about escape.  

Street art in East Berlin.

East Side Berlin Wall Gallery is an outdoor art gallery where artists were able to create their feelings through the media of street art. This is about a mile-long walk along the longest remaining section of the Berlin Wall. All the vibrant colors are a stark contrast to the picture you saw in the DDR museum when looking out the windows at the bland, gray concrete city. Your kids will wonder at the various pictures and the meaning behind each artist’s portrayal, and it is a great opportunity to allow them to conjure their own thoughts on the artist’s intention.  

A young girl walks along an outdoor mural in East Germany.

Our family likes to play a game when looking at artwork. We give a time (anywhere from 1-4 minutes, depending on the engagement and attention of the kids) and have us all study the artwork for that time, in stillness. The expectation is for us all to have 3 things that we notice from the art that we can talk about with everyone after the time is up. This helps us all to pay closer attention to the details of the work and have discussion points and pieces to wonder about that we may not have noticed ourselves. The beauty, color, and thought-provoking art will have you discussing this time in history long after your Berlin itinerary ends. Beware, there is some graphic representation and nudity in the paintings, so some discussion before or after your exploration may be necessary. 

Day 4: Additional Museums in Berlin for Kids

Of course, there are other various museums in Berlin for kids to enjoy that are worth adding to your itinerary if you have more than 5 days in Berlin or if you are not as interested in the historical events and museums. Those that top our list are the ANOHA Jewish Children’s Museum, Spectrum, and Museum of Natural History.  

ANOHA Jewish Children’s Museum

The exterior of the Jewish Museum and the Libeskind Building, a great idea when planning a Berlin itinerary with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Marek Śliwecki via Wikimedia

Focus on the Jewish religion with this beautiful museum geared toward a child’s understanding of the belief. Experience Noah’s Ark in a very special, interactive way at the ANOHA Jewish Children’s Museum. The Old Testament states that God’s promise lies in the Rainbow He sent to the people, promising He would never flood the Earth again. Your children can experience this story from the bible with the animals that boarded the Ark. Get your kids’ creative juices flowing by drawing the rainbow, or you can explore the world’s diversity here in Berlin with your kids, where history hasn’t always allowed for this. This museum is one of the best places to visit while in Berlin as it is a  beautiful representation of the diversity this wonderful city has. 

German Technique Museum

Kids play in an interactive ship exhibit at the Science Center Spectrum.
Photo Courtesy: Science Center Spectrum

Does your family love to explore science and technology? With over 150 interactive exhibitions, the German Technique Museum, especially Spectrum, is the perfect museum to add to your Berlin 5-day itinerary with kids! Ever wondered how emails and the internet work? Visit the special “Network” exhibition to see how an email travels through the internet and how the internet is connected in the first place. Or, experience the daily demonstrations, guided tours, workshops, and hands-on activities that make this museum one of the top things to do in Berlin with kids.

It’s a place where everyone can better understand aeronautics, railways, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and more. With many experiences, everyone in your family will find something to enjoy. A family favorite will undoubtedly be experiencing the Seeing and Perception area, where you can decipher many of the optical illusions involving color and motion. You can spend hours in this museum and not see it all!

Museum of Natural History

A family enjoys the dinosaur gallery at the Natural History Museum in Berlin.
Photo Courtesy: Thomas Rosenthal/Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Maybe your family is more into natural history instead. Berlin has so much to offer; this can be accommodated as well! Visit the Museum of Natural History to explore exciting topics such as dinosaurs, the solar system, and Keller’s fascinating insect models built especially for the museum. Discover the natural history museum in a unique way for kids by using these specific explore sheets. Pick the sheets and rallies according to age group or simply the interest you have, and your family can discover this museum in an extra special way. When you give kids a purpose and task, a museum comes to life a little more, and they can enjoy it on a deeper level.

For a special treat after the day spent at the museum of your choice, head to Bonbonmacherei to see how these sweets are made. Be sure to contact them for their opening times and tour times, as the website wasn’t always the most accurate. You can also always inquire at the Tourist Office upon arrival. But, seeing how these bonbons are made in Berlin is worth the extra effort it takes to find the information. Your kids will love this addition to your Berlin itinerary! 

Day 5: Day Trip to Sachsenhausen or Potsdam

If you are lucky enough to spend 5 days in Berlin, add a day trip outside of the city center. Only if your children are of the age and maturity you deem necessary, a visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp may be a somber experience on your family visit to Berlin. Or, travel through Potsdam, where you can glean glimpses of English, Russian, and Dutch architectural influence, or further the history lesson you started while in Berlin.  

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Sachsenhausen concentration camp Main entrance Oranienburg, Germany.
Photo Courtesy: Roger Veringmeier via Wikimedia

If you’re looking to add more WWII history to your visit to Berlin with kids, be sure to add Sachsenhausen to your 5-day itinerary. Sachsenhausen, one of the major German Nazi concentration camps, is located 21 miles outside of Berlin city center. The heart-wrenching history here may be appropriate for ages 12+. Depending on your child’s maturity level and understanding of the happenings during WWII, this trip may be appropriate for a younger child as you deem proper. Thankfully, Germany has kept its historical sites open for all of us to learn from the past. 

The Sachsenhausen Memorial Center is an outdoor facility to explore all of the original locations for yourself. Walk around the huts and cells and then visit the administrative center to find out more about the stories behind the concentration camp. With so much open-air area onsite, be sure to dress for the weather of the season you are going and be ready to spend time on your feet. This concentration camp will give your family much to discuss following your visit, so be prepared for questions that may arise. I don’t think one can ever fully be ready for the difficult topics that are relived at this somber location. 


Library of the University of Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany.
Photo Courtesy: Esteban Arango

If Sachsenhausen doesn’t make your Berlin itinerary, add Potsdam instead. Potsdam has a varied history with much influence from English, Dutch, and Russian. Of course, it also has close ties to WWII and DDR history. If you want to experience what the Netherlands architecture is like, check out the Dutch Quarter in Potsdam to see the greatest number of Dutch houses outside the Netherlands. Then, enjoy some delicious local food in the cafes and pubs that line the streets. You can also visit the Russian Quarter of the city to get a taste of the Russian culture that influenced the area many years ago.

If you would rather spend your time taking in some palaces, you have 16 to choose from in Potsdam! Each palace has a garden to enjoy, so this may be an easy way to spend your day exploring the beautiful city outside of Berlin. If you only have time for one palace, be sure to tour Cecilienhof Palace, as it is one of the best things to do around Berlin. If you want to continue your DDR history, be sure to add the old KGB headquarters and the KGB prison known today as Memorial Leistikowstrasse to your Berlin itinerary. With so many things to do in Potsdam, you can easily fill your day outside of Berlin with kids! 

Where to Stay in Berlin With Kids

The pool at Grand Hyatt Berlin.
Photo Courtesy: Grand Hyatt Berlin

Wondering where is the best place to stay in Berlin with kids? Several excellent options cater specifically to families with kids. The first choice on our list is the Grand Hyatt Berlin, which offers spacious and luxurious rooms, an indoor pool, and a spa. Another great choice is the Meliá Berlin, located near popular attractions such as Checkpoint Charlie. For those seeking a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, The Circus Hotel stands out as an excellent choice. Or, for unmatched luxury during your stay in Berlin with kids, look no further than Hotel Adlon Kempinski, located next to Brandenburg Gate – one of Germany’s most iconic landmarks. 

Families also love Hotel Palace Berlin, Hampton by Hilton Berlin City Centre Alexanderplatz, and Hilton Berlin. Plus, you can check for rentals on Plumguide or Vrbo

Happy Travels!

We hope you enjoyed this fabulous 2- to 5-day Itinerary For Visiting Berlin With Kids! Berlin’s unique way of weaving in its past history with continued innovation and progress will surely charm your whole family on your trip to the capital city of Germany. Experiencing all of the best things to do in Berlin with kids will add to your family travel memories. We sure hope you are able to take our Berlin itinerary as an outline and create the most magical family vacation!

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