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Best Blogs on Things to Do with Kids in Venice

Venice may be a beautiful and romantic destination for individuals and couples, but it’s also a surprisingly great city for families with children. There are so many ways to explore Venice with kids and find incredible spots to stop for sightseeing, eating, and learning the history of the city. Consulting the best blogs on things to do with kids in Venice is a great place to start planning your trip.

Your vacation is likely to include a lot of walking, and it is important to avoid lines to help your kids stay happy and engaged. Whether your trip to Venice with kids involves traveling by boat, visiting with animals, or drinking the best hot chocolate in Italy, you are in luck. We’ve compiled the best blogs on things to do with kids in Venice, a one-of-a-kind destination. 

Untold Morsels’ “Explore the World’s Most Magical City – Venice with Kids”

Katy Clarke offers a comprehensive guide to visiting Venice with kids in tow. She provides an extensive list of family-friendly activities as well as tips on planning your trip. Her guide on the best age to visit Venice with your family is incredibly helpful for determining when your kids will have the best time on vacation.

You can get the top tips on where to stay and the best options for traveling in Venice as a family. There are plenty of hidden gems in the city, including playgrounds in the Canareggio district and the Rialto Market. Don’t miss the colorful houses and lagoon left to explore in Burano with your children. You can also review the guide to restaurants in Venice to pick places that both the adults and kids will enjoy. Read the full blog here. 

Suitcases and Sandcastles’ “Ultimate Guide to Venice with Kids”

Website snapshot-Suitcases and Sandcastles’ “Ultimate Guide to Venice with Kids”

From the moment you arrive, there is plenty to explore in Venice. Kids and adults will both enjoy traveling by boat and approaching the breathtaking view of the city. It’s also the fastest way to get to and from the airport. Suitcases and Sandcastles cover the expected cost and time for traveling by boat to help you budget for your trip.

On the blog, you’ll find more than twenty incredible stops to add to your itinerary. Eat the best food at All’Arco around the corner from the Rialto Market or grab a gelato at Grom on Campo San Barnaba in Dorsoduro. For another sweet treat, enjoy hot chocolate with your kids in Venice at Caffè Florian. The colorfully decorated city will make quite the impression on your little ones, especially if you visit during Carnival. Read the full blog here. 

We 3 Travel’s “What to do in Venice with Kids”

While Venice is a beautiful city full of impressive art and history, it is also a tourist destination. Your kids are probably not interested in navigating the streets of vendors selling t-shirts or knockoff products. Instead, We 3 Travel highlights the best places to visit in Venice to avoid the tourist crowd, like the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

The blog also provides a breakdown of the ideal days to travel to Venice with kids to avoid crowds and hot temperatures. You can also line your trip up with Carnival to provide a once in a lifetime experience for your kids. If you have picky eaters, it is best to decide which restaurants to hit up ahead of time. The restaurant guide in this article lists great options for places to visit with children, including La Corte and Il Muro. Read the full blog here. 

The World is a Book’s “5 Free Things to do in Venice with Kids”

While there are plenty of attractions and tourist spots that require you to pay, there are some incredible free things to do in Venice with kids. The World is A Book provides five activities to do with your children that are absolutely free, so you can make the most of your time and budget.

Watch the fishmongers at Rialto Market or walk the many bridges that connect the canals of the city. You can also spend time exploring local churches like St. Mark’s Basilica, listening to free outdoor concerts, and participating in festivals. There are even a few museums that offer free admission, including the Music Museum inside the San Maurizio Church. Read the full blog here.  

Wanderlust Crew’s “Things to do in Venice with Kids”

Website snapshot- Wanderlust Crew’s “Things to do in Venice with Kids”

There is a lot of information in this article from Wanderlust Crew on preparing for your trip to Venice with children. From scheduling your trip to avoid peak tourist season to booking stops before you arrive, you will find everything you need here to plan the best trip. As the blog suggests, you can pick up books on Venice for your children to get them excited for the trip, and then let them pick out some of your itinerary items.

Once you arrive, you’ll find the best tips for where to stay and how to get around during your trip. Traveling to Venice with children requires considerable planning, and you want to maximize your time in the city while making sure your kids do not get too tired. Stop by the Piazza San Marco and walk across the Rialto Bridge, for example, since the two are within walking distance from each other. Read the full blog here. 

Globe Totting’s “Tours with Kids: A Treasure Hunt Around Venice”

Website snapshot- Globe Totting’s “Tours with Kids: A Treasure Hunt Around Venice”

Guest writer for Globe Totting, Charlotte Lattimer provides an in-depth overview of her family’s trip to Venice. She took her two children, ages 11 and 9, to Venice in March, and the whole family had an amazing time. You can follow their adventures to spark ideas for your own upcoming trip among the best blogs on things to do with kids in Venice

The family took boat rides and tours around the city to see a variety of sites. Her children particularly loved the Doge’s Palace Treasure Hunt tour and the Bridge of Sighs. Charlotte also provides references to the tour companies they used to take private tours in the city. Read the full blog here. 

Mindset Yes Family’s “The Best Things to Do in Venice with Kids”

Website snapshot- Mindset Yes Family’s “The Best Things to Do in Venice with Kids”

Venice is the perfect destination to spend several days with your family, including small children. There are so many sites to see and historical spots to visit that there is no shortage of activities for the entire family. The Venice Treasure Hunt seems to be a family favorite to engage your children as you explore the city. All of the stops have interactive activities for children that keep them entertained while teaching them the history of the city.

Mindset Yes Family also includes a list of fun things to do whenever you have extra time on your trip, such as the Merchants of Venice Boat Tour. With tips to set up a water taxi ride to creating your own scavenger hunts, there are plenty of ideas to keep your family busy for several days. Read the full blog here. 


A trip to Venice is an incredible experience for young children and a great vacation for families. You can spend quality time with the ones you love most, all the while exploring a beautiful city full of history and color. The best blogs on things to do with kids in Venice included in this list provide the information you need to plan the best trip, including where to stay, what to eat, and what to see when you visit Venice with kids.

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