Review: Suvretta House For The Perfect Family Ski Vacation

Suvretta House Ski School at St. Moritz, featuring a snowy mountain and several skiers in the distance.

St. Moritz is famed for its reputation as the oldest ski town in Europe, an opulent playground to the rich and famous. When my family debated our next winter vacation, it was no brainer — we had to explore this beautiful Swiss town! I booked our stay at the Suvretta House during my children’s mid-winter break. We were beyond excited before we even reached the hotel. As we situated ourselves within the elegant ambiance at Suvretta House, I was immediately impressed! Suvretta House had all the convenience we needed for our perfect ski vacation with kids in St Moritz. With ski rentals, a ski school, locker, and kids club all under one roof, Suvretta House with kids is an incredible winter getaway. The hotel even has a ski-in, ski-out option. My family couldn’t wait to explore! I hope this hotel review of Suvretta House helps you plan a blissful family vacation to St. Moritz.

Why It’s Perfect for Families

I was surprised to discover how many options Suvretta House had to keep my children entertained! My family spent our days skiing, splashing, and enjoying quality bonding time at Suvretta’s many kid-friendly amenities. Whether you are looking for a kids club, ski school, or wonderful dining, Suvretta House has this and more, making Suvretta ideal for multigenerational vacation.

When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by the hotel’s manager, Peter, who is known to welcome every hotel guest. I loved this personal touch! Unlike other bigger commercial chains, the family-run Suvretta House offers a cozy ambiance steeped in old-world traditions. While we waited for our room in the hotel’s lobby, I also noticed many other families roaming around the property. This instantly helped me feel very comfortable there! A porter delivered our luggage to a spacious room overlooking a magnificent view of the valley and its frozen lake. Luckily, the weather wasn’t too cold! 

Getting There

A man sits in the driver's seat of the car looking out at a wintery landscape in St. Moritz.

Zurich and Milan are the two closest airports to St Moritz. My family booked a flight to Zurich and then hired a car service to take us to Suvretta House. Taking a train is also a convenient way to reach St Moritz from Zurich. It took us approximately two and a half hours to reach the hotel by private car. 

Suvretta House is approximately 5 minutes from the city center via car. Fortunately, the hotel provides a shuttle to and from the town, making it easy for families to travel and explore the local area. My family and I used the shuttle many times to visit the town, and we found it very reliable. Please be sure to check the timetable before boarding! 

The Rooms

A large room within the Suvretta House, featuring high-end features and ample space.

There is the option for double rooms, as well as suites for large families or those wanting a bit more space. We stayed at the Junior-Suite Deluxe, overlooking the most gorgeous view of the Engadine lakes. Watching the sunset from the balcony of the room was absolutely breathtaking. Each room promises comfort, elegance, and peace. No matter what you do during the day, you’ll be thankful for a cozy place to rest and relax at the end of it. Plus, each room also includes state of the art media, internet, and room service. Room service options include in-house laundry, a florist, a real-person wake-up call, and manual shoeshine service. Due to these personal touches, you will quickly understand why Suvretta House is the best ski resort in Switzerland for families.

Ski-In, Ski-Out

The Suvretta House locker rooms, featuring a fire place and red benches.

I’m a beginner skier and my husband is a nonskier. My kids are expert skiers, however, so we’re always looking for dynamic options! When planning our vacations, we need our resort to have everything. This includes activities for skiers and non-skiers alike, cultural immersion, and tons of excellent restaurants to explore! A stay at the Suvretta House in St Moritz seemed to be a perfect fit. Plus, the ski-in, ski-out options make Suvretta ideal for a family ski vacation in St Moritz (Switzerland).

Gunjan, wearing a leopard snowsuit, stands on skis with the mountains in the background.

After reveling in our wonderful afternoon treat, my family visited the ski rental shop located below the lobby. The shop came equipped with everything you could need on a vacation — durable boots, clothes, accessories for kids and adults alike to buy. During check-in, we were given locker room cards, which could also double to load our ski passes. Suvretta House offers guests two ways to buy ski tickets. Plus, they provide residents with a special rate of $45 per day, per pass. I chose to purchase my kids’ passes online instead, however, as I saved 30% on a “snow deal”. Be sure to purchase your passes at least fifteen days in advance in order to qualify for this discount! 

Suvretta House Ski School

Two young children stand with their ski instructors at Suvretta House, with mountains in the background.

Suvretta House conveniently contains a ski school located on its lower level, next to the locker rooms. I enrolled my kids for six days during our trip. They stayed with the ski instructor from 9:50 AM to 3:30 PM, including lunch. Week-long sessions begin on Sundays and extend until Friday. Plus, a special awards ceremony is held during the last two days. Enrolled at various levels, children have the same instructor the whole week. This allows them to perfect their abilities in a familiar environment. Class-sizes usually include about ten kids, though it ultimately depends on what week your family is traveling. 

Drop-off is just a few minutes from your room. Younger kids meet outside the kids learning center, whereas more experienced skiers take a short bar to meet the instructor. I dropped my twins off the first day, but they took the short bar themselves the remainder of the time. The Suvretta House Ski School offers classes for beginners and experts alike. My son earned bragging rights for achieving a spot in Black Academy, the highest level. My daughter enjoyed a more comfortable level, however, as she claims to only be a “leisure skier”. For lunch, older kids dine at Trutz, while younger ones usually eat at Teddy Club.

The Suvretta House Ski School also organizes various activities for skiers. For example, the school arranged an eighties-themed dance show, where both ski instructors and students were able to showcase their tricks! I especially loved the grand finale, performed by the entire school. The last day of ski school, featured an afternoon award ceremony. All levels were awarded medals and certificates. As it was the last day of the program, my kids felt nostalgic saying goodbye to all the friends they recently made, as well as their ski instructors. 

Kids Club

Left Image: Entrace of the Kiddy Club at Suvretta House. Right Image: A dining room at Suvretta House with tables set up for dining service.

Open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Suvretta House provides a Kiddy Club for younger hotel guests. I especially loved how Suvretta House guests had an extra advantage when it came to the on-site ski school. Following the daily ski lessons, our instructor personally dropped my twins off at the Kiddy Club. I never felt rushed to pick them up, and my husband and I were able to enjoy some quality time together! Suvretta House with kids is made easy with this wonderful kids club.

Kiddy Club is a cozy space geared toward younger guests (aged 3+). Nonetheless, my daughter (who had just turned nine at that time) found tons of crafts and other activities she enjoyed. I couldn’t convince her to leave! The Kiddy Club also hosts various events throughout the week, such as movie nights on Tuesdays and dance parties on Thursdays. Events also included a clown, a magic show, dinner, and a lot of desserts. My daughter attended the two-hour-long event with a few friends from ski school and they had a blast! I recommend this special amenity for any tiny travelers staying at Suvretta House

The Teddy Club is a children’s restaurant where kids can enjoy a lovely meal with their friends without their parents. There are plenty of yummy treats on the menu your kids will love. I know my kids enjoyed their parent-free dining at the Teddy Club!

Additional Hotel Amenities

Suvretta House has a number of unparalleled services that make it the perfect place for family ski vacations, as well as multigenerational vacations. Each amenity is carefully curated to provide your family the experience of a lifetime. Throughout our entire experience, Suvretta House’s staff went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. 


Two kids smile while wearing their Suvretta House robes, near the indoor pool.

No family ski trip is complete without a visit to the pool! Suvretta House offers robes and slippers for kids of all ages. My twins loved wearing them when we visited the health and wellness center! Complete with a large pool, a Vaporium, and a Sanarium, my children spent hours swimming. My husband and I also enjoyed the heated hot tub, located right outside the pool area. It had a beautiful view of the mountain. Not to mention, the sunset over the mountain left me speechless. 

The pool is a great place for kids to meet up with friends made at the kids club or ski school. Likewise, it’s a great location for families to connect at the end of a full day of skiing and other activities. The experience doesn’t end there, however. After my kids took a shower, an attendant gave them warm towels, robes, and slippers to return to our room. What a luxurious experience! Attention to small details is a great way to make guests feel special!  


Left Image: A womans foot with slipper extends within the Suvretta House Spa. Right Image: A view of the inside of the Suvretta House Spa.

A visit to the Suvretta House Spa is a must for some quality relaxation! Using award-winning brands and holistic treatments, this calm oasis beckons guests to unwind in St. Moritz’ tranquil atmosphere. From detoxifying scrubs to radiant facials, scalp rubs, and purifying massages, the spa’s long list of treatments even offers select options for men. I booked a massage here one time during my trip, and although it wasn’t entirely extraordinary, I still enjoyed the treatment. Plus, who doesn’t love some stress-relief after a long day of skiing or hiking? 

Ice Castle and Ice Skating

Two kids play on the huge ice castle outside of Suvretta House.

Suvretta House with kids isn’t complete until you check out the ice rink and ice castle. Host to countless fun wintertime activities for kids, Suvretta House includes an on-site ice skating rink and its very own ice castle! An expert coach is on-staff to help skaters at all times in the rink, which has been a stomping ground for famous athletes around the world. Though my family didn’t have time to ice skate, my kids loved playing at the ice castle with their newly made friends!


I want to make a special mention of the Suvretta House concierge. Not only did they make all my family’s reservations, arrange our taxis, and find us babysitters, but they went the extra mile to make us feel at home. After staying in various hotels around the world, I can confidently say Suvretta House is superior in quality and attention. When you decide to visit, be sure to use the concierge to your full advantage. You won’t regret it! Their attention to detail and personal care of each guest makes Suvretta House one of the best ski resorts in Europe for families!


Dining at Suvretta House is simply one of life’s great pleasures. As with everything else, their attention to detail leaves families feeling satisfied. From breakfast to night-caps, Suvretta House will meet your needs all day long. Satisfying on-site dining is one of the reasons Suvretta House is one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland for families.


A beautiful table is set for a familly breakfast at Suvretta House.

A good, hearty breakfast is a solid foundation for an amazing ski experience! Suvretta House serves complimentary breakfast daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM, which we were able to take advantage of during our stay. (Luckily, our twin’s ski school didn’t start until 9:50 AM!) The meal is served on the sun terrace during the summer, and in Salon Venise and Vert during the colder months. 

Arranged in a buffet-style, breakfast includes fresh fruit, pastries, eggs, smoothies, cereal, and any other brain food you can think of! Suvretta House’s dedicated staff completely spoiled us until we were stuffed, providing amazing service the entire meal. My daughter loved the fresh mango! 

On-Site Restaurants

St. Moritz had so many great restaurants to try, my family and I found it so hard to choose where to eat! When staying at Suvretta House with kids, there will be no shortage of delicious dining options – on-site and in town. Here are a few we tried while staying at Suvretta House. 

Suvretta Stube

Two buffet line-cooks stand behind a buffet table.

Suvretta Stube is a rustic Suvretta House restaurant focusing on Swiss fusion. Many people visit here for the mesmerizing views, which can be enjoyed from both the mahogany dining room and the outside patio! Hosting various international theme nights, an experimental chef blends influence from his native Costa Rica with casual local fare to produce truly unique flavors. We dined at Suvretta Stube a few times during our stay because we absolutely loved the cuisine, which ranged from Swiss raclette (cheese roasted with vegetables) to beef skewers. The ambiance and service were just as wonderful. For dessert, we ended our meal with a delicious chocolate fondue, which was accompanied by loads of fruit, cookies, marshmallows, and any other sweet treat you can think of! 

Grand Restaurant

The inside of the Grant Resturant of Suvretta House, featuring high-end chairs, tables, and ambiance.

The Grand Restaurant offers an elegant experience within Suvretta House’s most opulent dining room. Boasting an old-school and formal atmosphere, the restaurant specializes in breakfast buffets, a-la-carte dinners, and 6-course half-boards. (Suvretta House hotel guests can select packages to include daily dinner at the Grand Restaurant!) The Grand Restaurant has also hosted many famous chefs throughout the years, evident in its innovative menu. Though it’s menu is ever-evolving, expect quality ingredients like tenderloin, lobster salad, and spaghetti with caviar. It may not be great for picky kids, but parents can enjoy an extensive selection of Swiss wines and even better service. It’s rumored the manager even personally greets every table! 

My family opted out of eating here due to its strict dress code, which requires a dark suit and ties for men and formalwear for women. My husband didn’t want to pack his, though the hotel did offer an alternative to borrow some if you choose to eat there. I’ve still heard positive feedback about The Grand Restaurant and nevertheless I hope to dine there on our next visit!

Suvretta House Afternoon Tea

Left Image: Gunjan sits with her young son while enjoying tea time in the Lobby. Right Image: A young boy looks out a large window onto the mountains.

If you’re looking for a traditional afternoon tea, you won’t be disappointed by the Suvretta House afternoon tea experience. This timeless tradition is a great way to end your full day of skiing and connect as a family. For us, this experience was truly unforgettable! My family sat near a wide windowpane overlooking the snowy valley and the famous frozen lake, and the view window was sincerely breathtaking. The service at Suvretta House was even better, however! My family ordered afternoon tea for two with tea and hot chocolate. (I’m a big fan of high tea, so I’m really glad this St. Moritz tradition is still going strong.) Once our freshly-made sandwiches and homemade pastries with jams were delivered, we were transported to heaven! Not only was the tea list extensive, but the menu also included an equal amount of sweet and savory options. 

My husband and I particularly enjoyed the ambiance, which was buzzing with other guests enjoying one another’s company after a long day of skiing. It’s a great place to socialize, meet people, and make life-long friends! While parents relax and play cards, kids have the freedom to let loose independently at the pool tables. My family spent almost every evening in town at the Suvretta House lobby, either relaxing and grabbing a bite, or toasting with a glass of champagne. It became our favorite place to unwind and enjoy the hotel’s hospitality! Honestly, could you ask for anything more incredible from one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland for families?

At the Mountain Restaurant

Suvretta house owns two off-site restaurants – the Chasellas and the Trutz. We got to chance to try Trutz. The best part about eating here is that you don’t need to take a credit card while skiing! You can charge the bill to your room when you go skiing. This makes dining at Chasellas and Trutz super convenient, as well as delicious!

Trutz Mountain Restaurant

A young girl looks out a windown on a snowy Swiss landscape from a table at Trutz.

Trutz is a mountain-top restaurant with an amazing view of the Engadine valley! Owned by Suvretta House, this casual eatery is a great place for a family lunch or dinner (not to mention extremely easy to bill directly to your room). Plus, it’s located right in front of the chairlift, so you can even reach it on skis! Specializing in typical mountain food like bratwurst with fries, spaghetti bolognese, and warm ham potato salad, everything my family sampled here was very tasty. There were also numerous bargain specials, which makes this the perfect lunch spot when enjoying Suvretta House with kids. In addition to spectacular views, I really loved seeing my daughter eat here with her ski group.  

Final Notes

The green Suvretta House trolley sits partked outside.

I really enjoyed my stay at Suvretta House. Though my family had been a little worried about the hotel being too formal (and St. Moritz being too ostentatious,) we were pleasantly proven wrong! Guests have been choosing Suvretta House as their St. Moritz’s destination for years. Given this repeat business, this multigenerational hotel is extremely popular with families, some of which started coming as kids. Now, they’re bringing their own youngsters to continue this heartwarming family tradition. We were among the few guests experiencing their first visit, though I can guarantee it won’t be our last! 

Everyone we met at Suvretta House loved the hotel so much, enough to refuse to try another resort. I always wondered why, but now I think I understand. It has everything you need for a perfect family vacation: convenience, impeccable service, a comfortable atmosphere, and a stunning natural setting! Wake up every morning to a cool mountain breeze, and then ski right at your doorstep. Suvretta House is a hidden hotel gem, and still Switzerland’s best-kept secret. My family and I are still dreaming about our next visit to this very special place in St. Moritz! 

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What’s Next?

A woman looks out on a sweeping Swiss landscape during the winter.

Suvretta House with kids is simply a once in a lifetime experience. Not to mention, I firmly believe it is the best ski resort in Europe for families. You won’t regret this stunning location with unparalleled services and family amenities. Hopefully, this hotel review of Suvretta House in St. Moritz helps you plan a wonderful Europen family ski vacation with kids.

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All images included in this article were taken by and belong to Gunjan Prakash.

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