A Fabulous 5-Day Itinerary For Visiting Lisbon With Kids

*This article featuring an itinerary for Lisbon with kids was done in partnership with Visit Lisboa as part of a hosted visit. All ideas and opinions expressed are that of the writer, Michelle Hamilton. Find additional disclosure information at the bottom of this article.*

A young girl sits along Belem Fountain, a fun stop on any Lisbon itinerary with kids.

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through one of Europe’s most picturesque cities with this 5-day itinerary for visiting Lisbon with kids! Portugal’s lively and hilly capital is a fantastic family vacation destination. With its rolling streets, rich history, and kid-friendly museums, there’s a lot to appeal to all ages. Enjoy a mix of old and new as kids can get a feel for the history and the beauty of modern times as well. Exploring Lisbon with kids is an exhilarating treat to see a special part of Portugal through kids’ eyes. Trolleys run along the main streets mixed with the charm of the small side streets to explore, making this city a unique adventure for your family. Using this family-friendly Lisbon 2-day to 5-day itinerary will help you uniquely experience the city and learn about many of the unique things to do in Lisbon with kids.

Arriving in Lisbon with Kids

A city view of Lisbon with the river in the distance.
Photo Courtesy: Visit Lisbon

When traveling to Lisbon, it is important to know what to expect upon arrival in a new county and city. If flying, you will arrive at the Lisbon Airport (LIS) – Humberto Delgado Airport, which is a short 10-30 minutes from the downtown area, depending on which form of transportation you choose.

The metro and bus, free using the Lisbon Card once activated, are the most cost-effective way to get to your hotel. Other options include taxi or ride share, which may save you 10-15 minutes. Using public transportation, even when traveling to Lisbon with kids, is the best way to explore the city. It’s quick, easy, and less of a hassle than having a car in the city.  

Navigating the narrow streets can be challenging with the various one-ways and tight turns, as well as navigating with the various trams in the city, so I highly recommend opting for public transportation instead of renting a car. Pick up a car rental to further explore Portugal if you have more time, on your way out of the city after completing your list of things to do in Lisbon.

Upon arrival, gain your bearings, as you study the metro map and the various neighborhoods to familiarize yourself with the city. Once you arrive at Lisbon International Airport, the tourist office is just outside the arrivals area. Pick up a city map as well as purchase your Lisbon Card there. There are a few options for the Lisbon Card, a 24-hour option, a 36-hour option, and the 72-hour option for various rates. The metro station is just outside of the airport to catch your first metro ride into the city center.

Tips for Visiting Lisbon with Kids

Before we discuss our itinerary for visiting Lisbon with kids, here are a few tips to know before you go!

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ATMs and Exchanging Money

A view down a historic street in Lisbon.
Photo Courtesy; Visit Lisbon

Should you need money upon your arrival, only use the ATMs called Multi Banco. Always reject the suggested exchange rate, twice, and you will get the best rates without the fees. Avoid the blue and yellow Euronet ATMs when traveling in Lisbon, as they charge exorbitant service fees and exchange rates. Also, when making purchases, always use the local currency of Euros when using a credit card and use credit and debit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees. This will help you save money on your family-friendly Lisbon trip with kids.

Be sure to travel with your travel-friendly credit card. Most places accept credit cards, and it is the best way to get a good exchange rate if you have a card that doesn’t charge extra fees. When using your credit card, be sure to select the local currency of Euros as the payment choice. Each locale will give you the choice of Euro or Dollar for each charge made. Selecting the local currency will allow for the rate to be calculated by your bank without any extra charges. 

Lisbon Card

A hand holds out a Lisboa Card in front of a Lisbon metro map, a helpful thing to have on any Lisbon itinerary with kids.

I highly recommend using the Lisbon Card during your visit to Lisbon with kids. Please note, the city refers to this as the Lisboa Card. This is a smart addition to your travels in Lisbon as it will help you save on your travel costs within the city. And, with many excursions outside of the city, as well as provide free or reduced admission to many museums and the aquarium. 

Naturally, the Lisbon Card includes some of the favorite stops on our Lisbon itinerary with kids. Check out all that the Lisbon or Lisboa Card has to offer and where to purchase it here. It’s a transportation card, a museum pass, as well as a discount card. Be sure to research how it can best support your Lisbon travel itinerary with kids. You can view the complete list of what the Lisbon Card has to offer here.

Purchase the Lisbon Card through Getyourguide here!

Is Lisbon Stroller-Friendly?

A dad carrying his son on his back in a yellow backpack walks up a flight of outdoor stairs in Lisbon.
Photo Courtesy: Blaire Hoffman

If you’re planning to spend quality time with your little ones, a 5-Day itinerary for visiting Lisbon with kids is an excellent choice. However, there’s one aspect you need to consider before hitting the charming streets of Portugal’s capital city: its steep hills. Unfortunately, despite being a family-friendly destination full of cultural attractions and beautiful parks that kids will love, Lisbon isn’t stroller-friendly. This is due to its many slopes and uneven sidewalks. Therefore, it would be best if you bring a baby carrier or backpack instead of a stroller when traveling with babies or toddlers. Metro stairs can also be a bit cumbersome, though you will find elevators in most of them. 

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5-Day Lisbon Itinerary with Kids

From exploring historic neighborhoods that transport you back in time to indulging in culinary delights and seaside adventures, every day of this 5-day Lisbon itinerary with kids will be packed full of excitement and unforgettable memories. Keep reading to find out more! 

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Day 1: Alfama

Hopefully, you broke into your best walking shoes before arrival! Get those walking shoes on and stroll the beautiful, colorful, cobblestone streets of the Alfama neighborhood on your first day in Lisbon. This neighborhood dates back to the Visigoth occupation and was the old sailor’s quarters of the port city. Alfama has tangled streets that survived the 1755 earthquake making it a cobbled playground for kids. Kids will enjoy the picturesque sidewalks with tiles and stones in various shapes and patterns. 

Sao Jorge Castle

A young boy looks through a spy scope at Largo Santa Luiza, a fun stop on any Lisbon itinerary with kids.

The first thing on your list of things to do in Lisbon with kids is to explore the photogenic neighborhood as you make your way up to Sao Jorge Castle, Sao Jorge Castle gate, and the fortified castle town. Purchase your tickets to enter and enjoy letting the kids explore the castle grounds. They can walk the wall of the castle remains, as well as enjoy the surrounding views of the port city of Lisbon. Starting with this bird’s eye view will also allow you to get your bearings on locations around Lisbon. Be sure to take advantage of some photo opportunities in the castle wall towers, sitting among the tree-lined benches, and the parading peacocks. These majestic birds were brought to Portugal during the 16th century discovery years from far-off lands. They remain a reminder of those who navigated the world before us. 

Share with your kids the rich history of this castle as they try to spot the many peacocks that are calling. Dating back to the 11th century, the Moors built this settlement to house the army, and as it evolved, the Portuguese royals lived here for many centuries. Children will have fun climbing the ramparts and scrambling around the towers as they explore the inner castle during your Lisbon family trip. This will provide you with an ever-changing view of Lisbon as you continue to circle around the castle walls. Finally, quickly jaunt through the castle museum to see various artifacts and remains of the time period. 

Largo Santa Luiza

A young girl takes a picture from a view at Sao Jorge Castle, with Largo Santa Luiza in the distance, a fun stop on any Lisbon itinerary with kids.

As you exit the castle, head left up to the castle neighborhood if you want to continue to wander the narrow streets. If not, head down to Largo Santa Luiza to enjoy the panoramic views from the terrace. This is one of the best things to do in Lisbon with kids. The majestic location offers a great backdrop to your next family photo. This is also a stop for Trams 28 and 12 if you decide to ride the tram down the hill. Or, you can catch a bus across the street to head to your next stop. If you decide to get on historic tram 28, try to find a window seat. That way, kids can enjoy the views of many sights from a different vantage point. 

Pro Tip: Tram 28 is typically packed, so this will only be worth it if you can find a seat so the wind can blow in your hair. Tram 12 is a nice alternative for your Lisbon itinerary with kids, as it visits many of the same viewpoints in the capital city with fewer tourists in tow.

Lisbon Aquarium 

A young girl looks at fish within an aquarium tank at the Lisbon Aquarium, a fun stop on any Lisbon itinerary with kids.

From here, as a break from the city tour, you may decide to tick off another wonderful thing to do in Lisbon with kids. Head toward the Lisbon Aquarium, where you can enjoy a discount using your Lisbon Card. The aquarium offers exhibits and over 450 species of animals, including sharks, penguins, various types of fish, and even playful otters. It’s located in a modern part of town that was built during the Expo ’98, which is a stark contrast to the old Alfama neighborhood you already explored. This will provide many talking points with your children during your Lisbon family trip

The large saltwater tank in the aquarium is a main feature that your children will love circling around while exploring the other exhibits. Many vantage points will provide a new view of the various aquatic animals swimming above them. As you exit the aquarium, head through the cafeteria area toward the park outside. Let the kids run around the green space as you decide where to head next. Should you want a unique way of heading back toward the metro station, soar high above the water on the Lisbon Cable Car, Telecabine Lisbon. This will make for a very memorable end to your first day in Lisbon with kids

Another alternative to the Lisbon Aquarium would be the Science Museum, Pavilhao do Conhecimento. A fusion of education and entertainment, your kids will love all of the hands-on activities this museum has to offer. Build with large blue blocks, climb a sticky velcro tongue of a frog, or put your kids in a giant kaleidoscope picture. These are all things your kids will love to add to their Lisbon itinerary.

Alternative Activity: Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour

Day one of a 5-day itinerary in Lisbon can be exhausting, and trying to keep up with the kids could make it even more daunting. That’s why an alternative plan that saves some steps and makes things more enjoyable for the children is necessary. Instead of dragging your exhausted little ones around the city streets, consider a hop-on, hop-off bus tour. (It’s discounted with the Lisbon Card.) With various stops across the city, you can easily hop off and explore each attraction before getting back on board again for the next adventure. 

Or, you could even consider a private tuk-tuk tour. Imagine cruising through the winding streets of Lisbon on your own personal ride, taking in all the sights without worrying about sore feet! 

Day 2: Belem

A girl stands outside of the castle in Belem, a fun stop on any Lisbon itinerary with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Michelle Hamilton

For a small change in scenery and a break from the hills of central Lisbon, head out to Belem. Your Lisbon Card allows for free train transportation from the Cais Do Sodre train station. This makes it the perfect addition to your list of things to do in Lisbon for families.

Belem lies along the west banks of Lisbon and historically was the city’s shipyards and docks. It houses many of the top monuments in Lisbon to see with kids, including the Tower of Belem, the Jeronimos Monastery, and the Monument of Discoveries. This is where 16th-century explorers sailed to discover sea routes to new lands. With the wealth these discoveries brought, the Jeronimos Monastery was built. This beautiful monastery took over 100 years to complete. 

The lines can be long, so get there early or skip the lines altogether and just enter the church. The church is also free, and the monastery has an entry charge. There is a discount using the Lisbon Card for the entry fee for the Jeronimos Monastery.  

After your time spent near the Jeronimos Monastery, be sure to stop at the birthplace of the pastel de nata, also known as the pastel de Belem. Casa Pasteis de Belem Cafe, the birthplace of the famous custard tart, has been there since 1837. It’s like a museum with a bakery at the rear! Get them fresh and warm directly out of the oven and add a coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon. The line may seem long, but it moves quickly and is worth the wait. These pastries will surely be a top treat during your Lisbon family trip!

Monument of Discoveries, Tower of Belem

A young boy points to a statue while exploring Belem, a fun stop on any Lisbon itinerary with kids.

Cross under one of the 3 pedestrian walkways to get closer to the estuary waterway to visit the Monument of Discoveries. Up close, this monument is full of characters representing seafaring voyages. It has lots of symbolism for the age of discovery, making it a top thing to see with kids in Lisbon. There is a small discount using the Lisbon Card. However, if you skip climbing the monument, you miss a viewpoint of Lisbon which you likely saw a better view from Sao Jorge Castle already. 

Look to the right as you face the water, and you will see the Tower of Belem. The ornate decoration and construction in the Manueline style make it an iconic monument for Lisbon. It’s worth seeing, if only from a distance. From here, head under the pedestrian bridge and toward the Garden of Imperio. Here, kids can enjoy the fountain and possibly an ice cream sold at the local kiosks. There is also a small playground for the kids to burn off some energy after all the sightseeing in Belem. The playground is near the Thai Pavillion in the Vasco Da Gama Garden. Undoubtedly, it’s a great option for your Lisbon itinerary with kids.

Alternative Activity: Museums

Inside a museum in Belem, featuring historic carriages, a fun stop on any Lisbon itinerary with kids.
Photo Courtesy: Michelle Hamilton

From the playground, you may want to head to the Maritime Museum or the Planetarium, depending on your family’s interest. This is how you can create your own unique Lisbon family itinerary. If not, your next stop should be the National Coach Museum. This is a free museum using the Lisbon Card and a total gem! Kids will love seeing some of the many horse-drawn coaches used by the kings and queens of the time. They even have an area where they display kids-sized coaches that were used by the royal children during playtime. What a luxury that must have been! This museum can be a quick breeze through. Or, it can add an hour or more to your time in Belem, depending on the interest levels. 

Dinner on Restaurant Row

If you end your day in Belem, find a spectacular restaurant on Restaurant Row. There are many fine choices, including Floresta de Belem and Queijadas de Belem, which came recommended by Rick Steves. Try the grilled sardines or the bean stew as a typical Portuguese meal.

Should you decide to take the train back to Lisbon’s city center, the Time Out Market of Lisbon is a great addition to your Lisbon family trip. With many choices within one warehouse-style location, the atmosphere is fun and lively.

If you want a non-Portuguese meal, visit EMPANAR, a quaint restaurant near the Bica Funicular. This bustling street offers a variety of restaurants and cafes, as well as tourists. EMPANAR has wonderful empanadas for dine-in or takeaway. They could make a quick snack or a full meal if you order multiple. Add this restaurant to your Lisbon itinerary for sure!

Day 3: Jardim da Estrela, Lisbon Zoo, Baixa

Two young girls walk hand-in-hand while exploring Jardim da Estrela, a fun stop on any Lisbon itinerary with kids.

After a great night’s rest, your family should explore one of the many spacious and beautiful parks of Lisbon. Jardim da Estrela is a family favorite with its lush trees, many walking paths, and a kids’ playground. Nearby the playground is public toilets, which can be difficult to come by in the city. There is also a cafe where you can grab a coffee and pastry while watching the kids swing and climb with the locals.

Another spectacular park is Parque Eduardo VII, where the botanical gardens are also located. The large fountain here is a great place to rest and relax as you continue to explore the city center, neighborhoods, and gardens. 

After a morning of exploring the parks and surrounding neighborhoods, your kids may enjoy the Lisbon Zoo. The Lisbon Zoo is at the center of the city and is easily accessible by public transportation. The entrance is at Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado in Lisbon. But your visit will take your family on a trip around the world. Visit the birds of South America, the giraffes and elephants of Africa, and the Tropical RainForest vegetation. See dolphins, reptiles, primates, and more as you travel around the Lisbon Zoo on your family-friendly trip to Lisbon. End your round-the-world zoo adventure, back in Lisbon with the Children’s Farm. Here, your kids can learn about the domesticated animals of Portugal. What a fun zoo experience for your Lisbon itinerary with kids.


High perspective view of Rossio Square in Baixa district of Lisbon city, Portugal covered with violet Jacaranda leaves during the springtime.
Photo Courtesy: Brutally Honest

If your family isn’t up to a Lisbon Zoo visit, head to the Baixa neighborhood, the heart of Lisbon. This area was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755. It offers shopping, restaurants, and various tourist attractions after your quieter morning exploring the parks. Praca do Comercio, historically the center for trade in Lisbon, was designed as the symbolic entrance into Lisbon. Your kids will marvel at the size and the beautiful yellow buildings surrounding the plaza. 

Next on your list of things to do in Lisbon with kids is to visit the nearby Lisbon Story Center museum to get a history of Lisbon. As part of your Lisbon Card, this museum is a great addition to your Lisbon itinerary. Grab an audio guide and make your way through the interactive exhibits while following the storyline. This may take 45 minutes to an hour+, but it is time well spent to get a history of the capital city. Close by is the famous Saint Justo Elevator, a beautiful sight on your family-friendly trip to Lisbon. This elevator is a unique structure in the way it was constructed and is worth seeing from the exterior. The view from the top is worth it only if the line is short. 

The lines for the lift can be painfully long, however, so move on to the next best thing to do in Lisbon with your family if the wait is long. Your family can always walk upstairs to get the view and avoid the long lines if you really want the view of the city. The elevator is an impressive engineering feat, so seeing the exterior is definitely worth your time while in Lisbon with kids

Dinner or Ginja

As you finish up in Praca do Comercio Plaza, head through the Arco da Rua Augusta, a picturesque arch in the Baixa neighborhood, and head up toward Rossio Plaza. You can find a wonderful Portuguese restaurant along Rua August or any of the side streets to enjoy for dinner. As the day winds down, the adults can enjoy a sip of Ginja at Ginjinha Sem Rival. Ginja is a boozy cherry wine that is a liquor that originated in Lisbon. Alternatively, A Ginjinha Bar is another bar originally opened in 1840 if you want an authentic experience for your Lisbon itinerary with kids.

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Day 4: Sintra

A beautiful garden in Sintra, a fun stop on any Lisbon itinerary with kids.

On the fourth day of your 5-day itinerary in Lisbon with kids, take a break from the capital city and head out to Sintra for the day. A summer escape for the nobility of the past, your kids will be enchanted by this quaint town. Your Lisbon Card will cover the cost of the train from Cais do Sodre train station. It’s worth getting on the early train to arrive in Sintra by nearly 9 a.m. This will allow for the earliest entry into Pena Palace at 9:30 a.m. Pena Palace is the most popular in Sintra, so the queues can get quite long as the day progresses. It is the vibrant, red and yellow palace from any of the pictures that are iconic for Sinta. The interior is furnished, similar to how the royals decorated it in 1914 prior to fleeing the area at the onset of the revolution. 

Optional: Private Tuk-Tuk Tour

Splurge and hire a private guide for the day who will transport you around the narrow streets in an electric tuk-tuk. This will become the highlight of your family trip to Lisbon. I highly recommend a Sintra tuk-tuk tour with Daniel Ponce. The energy he provides and how he engages the kids is unparalleled and allows you the opportunity to enjoy your day visiting the sights. He makes everyone feel comfortable and included. He has the kids play seek and find games at the various palaces, making the lines tolerable and the palaces enjoyable. The added stories of history bring the palaces alive to the kids in a way that touring without a guide simply cannot do. 

Quinta da Regaleira 

A young girl enjoys a sweeping view of Sintra, a fun stop on any Lisbon itinerary with kids.

But, our must-see family favorite to add to your family Lisbon itinerary is Quinta da Regaleira! With its mock Gothic style and gardens with hidden tunnels, kids will die for the adventure provided in the gardens. The initiation well, with descending steps and tunneled passageways, will be a family favorite experience in Sintra. The climbing towers with views of the beautiful trees, various palaces, and city below will be just the maze your kids want to discover as they wander the grounds. The stories from the guide bring the Quinta da Regaleira alive and are not to be missed.  

A young girl looks at flowers at a garden in SIntra.

These two palaces are a must-add to your family’s 5-day Lisbon itinerary with kids. Allow your guide to determine some of the extra stops along the way, such as sampling local pastries, including travesseiro and queijada. Be sure to see the Palacio de Monserrate and Palacio Nacional de Sintra on your way around the winding streets. You can even add a quick wine-tasting stop along the way! 

While Sintra is a delightful day trip to add to your Lisbon itinerary with kids, be sure to book your entrance tickets in advance and plan your day wisely, if not using a guide, to maximize your time there. You can easily spend a full day wandering the streets, visiting the palaces, trying traditional pastries and food at the various restaurants, and seeing a sunset over the ocean from tree-topped Sintra.

Day 5: Beach Day

A coastal scene near Lisbon.

If you are lucky enough to spend 5 days in Lisbon, add a day at the beach to your Lisbon itinerary with kids. Kids will delight in taking a break from city life, and enjoying a day-long beach holiday. 

If you are looking for a beach that is easily accessible via public transportation, the well-known Cascais is a wonderful addition to your Lisbon itinerary. Nobels enjoyed this retreat town, so rest assured it is a top thing to do in and around Lisbon with families. The top beaches in Cascais are Praia de Conceicao and the connecting Praia de Duquesa. These are among the most popular beaches along the Lisbon coastline. They offer golden sands, clear water, and many restaurant choices to satisfy your family. During the summer months, the waters are monitored by a lifeguard making it a great family choice for your family trip to Lisbon. You can reserve an umbrella and beach chair in the area for a fee. This will make your beach time incredibly comfortable even though your packing was mostly for city tours. 

If you want to rent a SUP or take a surfing lesson, visit Surf n Paddle, a long-standing shop, and school in the area. The town also has a charming city center as well if your family wants to venture into the town to see family attractions in Cascais.

Praia de Carcavelos

Alternatively, you could visit the largest beach in the area, Praia de Carcavelos.  This is a popular destination for both Portuguese families as well as tourists. Again, find clean waters, albeit cold Atlantic Ocean waters, and comfortable sandy beaches. With a wide beach and known for some waves, surfing can be popular in the area, a delight for your family members to watch. Should the waters be too rough for your kids, head to the Oeiras swimming pool. Opening times and fees are seasonal, so visit the Oeiras website for all the details.  

There are other various beaches along the Lisbon coastline, so you are sure to find a beach that suits your needs. A day at the beach may be just the right way to round out your 5 days in Lisbon!

Book this highly rated Lisbon: 2-Hour Surf Lesson through Getyourguide!

Where to Stay in Lisbon with Kids

Wondering where is the best place to stay in Lisbon with kids? I can highly recommend Alecrim ao Chiado, a Once Upon a House boutique hotel. Located near the Baixa-Chiado metro station, it is an easy walk to the hotel, even with your luggage. This quaint hotel, located in the Chiado district, offers supreme walkability to all Lisbon offers for your family. 

Within 5 minutes, you can be at a main metro stop as well as the Cais do Sodre train station for your excursions to Sintra and the beaches. Not to mention many of the main attractions mentioned in the 5-day Lisbon itinerary with kids! Alecrim ao Chiado is also a quick walk to the well-known Pink Street. Plus, your choice of a multitude of restaurants and bars in the area. With its proximity to the center of everything, the streets can get busy in the evenings, and you will benefit from using some white noise at bedtime. 

Accommodations for Families at Alecrim ao Chiado

The hotel is welcoming with excellent customer service to greet you and help you throughout your stay with any questions your family may have. The room decor is comfortable and made for you to feel right at home. For a family of three, one room can be reserved, and the hotel will supply a comfortable cot along with the luxury bed provided. For larger families, booking 2 rooms may be required. The small hotel makes for a safe and comfy feeling for the whole family, and the 2 rooms may be just the space you need. 

Additional Amenities for Families at Alecrim ao Chiado

Additionally, the kids will love exploring the lowest level of the hotel, the hidden stairs that lead to the lower lounge, and the breakfast nook. The small lounge is a great place to enjoy an evening drink. And, for the kids to read or journal about their Lisbon travels before bedtime. The included breakfast in the morning is an absolute treat with a variety of pastries, bread, yogurt, and fruit, as well as egg selections to choose from. Plus, the staff is warm and kind and loves kids, allowing parents to relax and enjoy their family vacation in Lisbon. We were made to feel like family at Alecrim ao Chiado, Once Upon a House Hotel. It’s surely the best place to stay in Lisbon with kids, as it will be the place to build a lifetime of memories of your family trip to Lisbon!

Other Hotels in Lisbon for Families to Consider

Another option in the Chiado neighborhood is Martinhal Lisbon Chiado Family Suites. What makes this hotel unique is the kids club offered at this luxury hotel. You can choose from a variety of apartment-style accommodations with one or more bedrooms, even with a fully equipped kitchenette. Another thing that makes this hotel stand out as a top place to stay in Lisbon with kids is the baby concierge and kids club. These unique accommodations make infants through tweens feel comfortable. The kids club offers arts and crafts, video games, shows, and more to keep your kids entertained after your day touring Lisbon. 

If you are looking for a hotel with a pool, be sure to add the Four Seasons Hotel Lisbon to your list of top places to stay in Lisbon with kids. After a long day of sightseeing, a quick dip in the pool may be just the refreshing activity the kids need. Parents can enjoy time at the spa with a relaxing massage, body treatment, or facial. If you didn’t get enough steps in while touring Lisbon’s hills, the Four Seasons Hotel also has a fitness center with a heated lap pool, plus a Pilates studio. If that isn’t enough to entice you to stay, the hotel offers babysitting services. This may allow you to enjoy an evening out alone. 

For more hotels in Lisbon for families, read our article on the best hotels in Lisbon for families!

Happy Travels!

We hope you enjoyed this Fabulous 5-Day Itinerary For Visiting Lisbon With Kids! Lisbon’s hilly streets and charming cobblestone sidewalks will surely charm your whole family on your trip to the capital city of Portugal. Experiencing all of the best things to do in Lisbon with kids will add to your family travel memories. We sure hope you are able to take our Lisbon itinerary as an outline and create the most magical family vacation! 

*This post may contain affiliate links that may earn us a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Affiliate links in no way inform the hotels, sights, products, or other recommendations included in our articles. All opinions and recommendations expressed here are that of the attributed writer, Michelle Hamilton.


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