8 Best Photo Books and Albums To Organize Your Family Vacation Photos

An adult and young baby look at picture in a family photo book, coffee mug and chocolates also featured.

Family vacations are the perfect time to make lasting memories! Unfortunately, many live on our cell phones, computers, or digital cameras. Instead of being displayed where they can be shared, family vacation photos are hidden away and forgotten. But it doesn’t have to be this way! When it comes to unforgettable vacations, the best way to preserve your family travel pictures is by organizing and printing photo books. Of course, some photo books are better than others, particularly in terms of usability or design. Find the perfect one for your family to keep the adventure alive after you’ve returned! If you’re pressed for time, however, this task can seem daunting. That’s why we’ve rounded up this list using suggestions from our Facebook group members. Here are the 8 Best Photo Books and Albums To Organize Your Family Vacation Photos, including options that do all of the hard work for you!


A series of photo book products offered by Shutterfly, one of the best Photo Books for Family Vacation pictures.
Photo Courtesy: Shutterfly

According to a recent Facebook poll, our users prefer Shutterfly when it comes to photo books for family vacation pictures. From simple photo books to elegant albums, you can also select the size of your book and upgrade your cover type. Plus, creating a Shutterfly photo book is relatively simple! Choose the type you want to create, select your book size, and choose a style. From there, you can upload between 50 and 800 photos and start designing your book. Create a completely personalized photo book by customizing the layout for each page and adding embellishments. Short on time? Upload your photos, leave special instructions, and let a Shutterfly designer create your family vacation photo book! For a limited time, Shutterfly is also offering photo book design services for free. Prices start at $13.98. However, the price can increase fairly quickly as you select various cover upgrades, larger sizes, or special design features.

“I do Shutterfly books – huge ones! I start the project and add embellishments, keeping it in my cart until they have a sale on free pages, 50% off hardcover books, or free shipping.”

– Rebecca Swanson


A series of photo book options offered by Chatbooks, one of the best Photo Books for Family Vacation pictures.
Photo Courtesy: Chatbooks

Chatbooks is known for its convenience and simplicity! Create a photo book directly from your phone, easily importing all of your family vacation pictures. Standard photo books are available in three sizes, either a softcover or hardcover. Families also have three choices for your cover color. Plus, Chatbooks offers beautiful coffee table books designed with your photos as well as prints, wall tiles, and postcards! Another unique offering is the Chatbooks photo book subscriptions. Create a photo book series with a new book printed every 60 photos! Through the Chatbooks app, you can even create monthly minis starting at $5 each. Customize your mini photo book each month in just a few minutes to look back on the month’s highlights. Chatbooks are one of the least expensive options for the best photo books. Families who create them frequently will appreciate the quick process, convenient app, and lower prices! 

“We make Chatbooks and save them. Our daughter loves sharing them and looking back over them. She even used to take them to school with her to share with her class.”

– Marie Love Cano


Inside a holiday-themed family photo album offered by Mixbook.
Photo Courtesy: Mixbook

Mixbook is a top-rated photo book company! Offering fully customizable designs, families can choose from a wide range of styles and themes to jumpstart your photo book project. Or, get creative and start with a completely blank photo book! You can also select the size and shape of your photo book to match your preferences. Once you’ve selected your theme and size, import your photos, and customize your layout. Add embellishments, backgrounds, and texts to make your family vacation photos pop! Auto-fill options can make the process faster if you’re busy, and themes do most of the design work for you. Finish your photo book by selecting your paper type, final size, and cover style. Photo books from Mixbook start at $15.99, and prices increase based on which finishing touches you select. Mixbook offers more options than Chatbooks, and their prices are less than Shutterfly (on average).


Three open family photo books featuring styles by Snapfish.
Photo Courtesy: Snapfish

Snapfish is another one of the best photo books to organize your family vacation photos! Offering hardcover options, this reliable company dates back almost twenty years. Families who like a little variety in their photo collections will also appreciate the various media available for purchase. Choose from prints, cards, mugs, and other printed gifts! There are several sizes to select, in addition to your own cover style. Photo books from Snapfish are limited to 20 pages, but you can also add two additional pages for an extra fee. If you create a family vacation photo book with Snapfish, you can start from scratch with a blank book or choose a predesigned template. Small, softcover photo books start at $12.99, but larger books and hardcovers quickly get more expensive. Luckily, Snapfish almost always has a discount coupon available or a special deal of the day!

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Four family photo books featuring styles by Printique.
Photo Courtesy: Printique

Use Printique for your family’s next vacation photo album! To preserve your travel memories in the highest quality possible, parents often turn to this Brooklyn-based company. Printique offers both hardcover books and leather photo albums to hold your favorite family vacation photos or special memories. You can even select the orientation and size of your photo book, as well as your paper type! Printique also offers wall decor, prints, and calendars available to customize. Buyers beware, however: you definitely get what you pay for here. Printique’s photo books are fairly expensive when compared to other options on this list. But they’re also extremely high-quality and crisp, which will add an entirely new dimension to your vacation photographs. Customize up to 100 pages of photos in a classic hardcover photo book, starting at $27.99. Or, design a one-of-a-kind leather photo album to hold your most precious memories!

“Printique is by far the best quality, service, and styling. They are not cheap, but your memories are worth it!”

– Holly Kee Miller

Google Photos

A view of Google Photos featuring the family of Gunjan Prakash.
Photo Courtesy: Gunjan Prakash

Google Photos is already used by countless people to store their favorite vacation memories. With inexpensive photo storage, you can house your family photos in the cloud and access them easily from any device. Luckily, if you want to get your vacation photos off your phone and into a photo book, Google Photos offers a variety of options for printed books! Organize your photos to display on Google Home Hubs in your home, showing off your pictures in a digital fashion. Easily create a custom photo book through Google Photos by searching for specific people, places, or dates. Then, customize your photo book by adjusting your pictures, adding text, and selecting a cover. Softcover photo books start at $9.99 and include 20 pages. Once you create a photo book, you can save it to your account and order copies for the whole family!

“We use Google Photos and have several Google Home Hubs around the house. When we get home, we create an album of all the photos. They automatically upload to the Google Home Hub and scroll through the pictures.”

– Stephanie Danaher


A view of an open album featuring wedding pictures, done by SmileBooks.
Photo Courtesy: SmileBooks

SmileBooks is another contender on our list of best photo books to organize your family vacation photos! To make your photo printing process even easier, the company has partnered with Picaboo to offer a variety of photo book options. Starting at $7.99, photo books from SmileBooks are fairly inexpensive and come with a wide range of customizable features. Choose from seven different sizes and select your paper and cover options! With the Fast Book Builder program from SmileBooks, on-the-go parents will find ways to customize family vacation photo books in no time! Don’t worry, if you’re not a technology expert, though. Guided instructions show you how to drag and drop your photos, text, and embellishments to create a beautiful photo book. You can also download the design software from SmileBooks and create photo albums from anywhere! 

“SmileBooks, hands down, photo paper books are much better quality than Shutterfly. I buy the lay-flat pages and always wait on a coupon.”

– Amy McMahon Dorset

Amazon Prints

Various photo album options offered by Amazon Prints.
Photo Courtesy: Amazon Prints

Amazon Prints is another popular photo storage solution for families! Particularly convenient if you already have Amazon credentials, subscribers can store countless photos in an easy-to-access Cloud account. Then, order décor, prints, and photo books directly from their account! Photo books are available in multiple sizes, making it easy to find an option to best fit your needs. Need space-saving options to store in your home? You can also choose from softcover, hardcover, and lay flat books. Small, softcover photo books from Amazon Prints start at $8.99. Select from several pre-designed templates, including vacation and special travel themes to make it festive. Or, you can even design a book from scratch! Add up to 150 pages of photos, insert text and embellishments, and customize each page of your photo book based on your preferences.

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An open photo album rests on a coffee shop, featuring family pictures.
Photo Courtesy (embedded in albums): Grace Gonzalez

As always, this article on the 8 Best Photo Books and Albums To Organize Your Family Vacation Photos would not have been as helpful, informed, or family-friendly without the contributions and input from the amazing members on our Facebook group, Families Who Love To Travel! For more travel recommendations on vacationing with children, be sure to join us on Facebook at Families Who Love To Travel. It’s a community of dynamic families who love to adventure and explore through travel. Plus, follow us on Instagram (@families.love.travel) to connect with other families who love the unique experiences travel has to offer – and to get sneak peeks of upcoming articles!

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