19 Best Tours + Experiences in Washington DC for Families Using Tripadvisor

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Two kids on bikes rest along the National Mall with monuments in the distance.
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If you’re searching for the best tours and experiences in Washington DC to enjoy with your kids, look no further than Tripadvisor! From moonlight trolley tours to segway adventures, their comprehensive list offers an array of options that cater specifically to families. Plus, not only are these options a blast, but they’ll also teach you a lot about the city, ensuring a fun-filled and educational adventure that will leave both children and adults in awe. Whether you’re visiting with young kids or teens, history buffs or art lovers, and everyone in between, Tripadvisor has got you covered when it comes to experiencing Washington DC with your family!

On this list, we’ve put together a list of the Best Tours + Experiences in Washington DC for Families Using Tripadvisor and why we love them so much. Keep reading to find out more and plan your next DC adventure! To top it off, save 10% on any Tripadvisor tour with our code: FLT10.

Best Washington DC Tours with Kids

If you’re searching for a fun way to see Washington DC with your kids, look no further than these best tours of Washington DC for families! From the best Washington DC guided tours for families and more options, we’ve rounded up the best options for your next family vacation. Keep reading to learn more! 

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African American History Tour with Museum Admission 

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Families who want to learn about Washington DC’s rich African American culture can take an African American History Tour with Museum Admission! This half-day tour, ideal for history buffs of all ages, takes families to some of the most famous landmarks in DC and discusses how they played a role in shaping African-American culture.

Visit the MLK Memorial, Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, and even the National Museum of African American History and Culture, to which you’ll receive free admission. Along the way, you’ll get insights on important events throughout African American history, from Jamestown to the Civil Rights Movement and even the present day. It lasts 3 and a half hours and is a perfect way to see some major landmarks in DC from a different perspective with your kids. No wonder it’s one of the best Washington DC tours with kids! 

90-Minute Walking Tour of the Ghosts of Washington DC

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

See a spookier side of Washington DC on a 90-minute Walking Tour of the Ghosts of Washington DC! This tour is open to all ages, but we suggest using your own discretion as to whether your kids can handle scary subject matter or not.

You’ll begin at the US Capitol Building, and then your guide will take you through some of the eeriest corners of the city, from the Library of Congress to the Folger Shakespeare Library. It’s a good mix of history and haunted stories to keep your kids entertained and learning along the way. Plus, the guides are captivating, and you get to see Washington DC illuminated at night! 

Underground Donut Tour: Washington DC Historic Donut Tour

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Sugar lovers unite on an Underground Donut Tour: Washington DC Historic Donut Tour! Kids of all ages will adore this 2-hour tour, which takes you through some of the best donuts in the city! You’ll also get to learn about the history of DC along the way, starting near Lafayette Square at a restaurant favored by a former President.

Plus, you can stop at the White House for a photo before heading to another fan-favorite donut shop, often frequented by local celebrities. Families will also get the chance to see Palmers Alley, which is extremely picturesque, and try some more donuts. Then, there’s Chinatown, complete with its Civil War-era history and unique, freshly made donuts! You’ll definitely be full by the end, but luckily, you’ll have an opportunity to walk it off! 

Washington DC Capital Sites Bike Tour

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Avoid the hectic Washington DC traffic on this Washington DC Capital Sites Bike Tour! This 2-hour tour covers mostly flat terrain, so it’s ideal for families with young kids who can ride a bike or even teens (open to ages 1+).

Instead of being stuck in a car, you’ll get to see landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial, the Supreme Court Building, and the US Capitol Building from a bike while learning more about them from your guide. You’ll get a brief background on each place you stop at and then at least 10 minutes to explore on your own and take pictures. You can even choose an e-bike if you want to avoid your kids getting tired! 

Washington: Potomac River Cruise & Guided Georgetown Walking Tour

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Experience Washington DC on land and by water on a Washington: Potomac River Cruise & Guided Georgetown Walking Tour! This 3-hour tour, which is ideal for all ages, starts with a cruise on the Potomac River, where you’ll pass landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial, the Arlington National Cemetery, and the Watergate Complex.

The river cruise itself lasts around 45 minutes and features fun facts about the monuments you’ll pass. Then, you’ll get to explore DC’s charming Georgetown neighborhood, pass places like Georgetown University, and even the steps that inspired the author of The Exorcist. Plus, you’ll get to pass Martin’s Tavern, where JFK proposed to Jackie! 

Gastronomic Georgetown Food Tour

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Foodie families will undoubtedly delight in a Gastronomic Georgetown Food Tour! This 3-and-a-half-hour tour caps out at 12 people, so you’ll always have an intimate experience – plus, it’s fantastic for kids of all ages who aren’t picky eaters!

Stroll the quaint cobblestone streets of Georgetown as you chow down on tacos, pies, and even some French sweets, all the while learning more about the history of the neighborhood and its culinary scene. You’ll get to sample some vegetarian options, and there are even wine pairings for parents. In the end, you’ll get to sit down and try cuisine from three different restaurants and then stop in somewhere to get a tasty macaron. This is surely one of the best Washington DC small group tours for kids! 

Best Washington DC Monuments Tours With Kids

A trip to DC wouldn’t be complete without seeing its many monuments! From the Washington Monument to the Jefferson Memorial, here are the best Washington DC monuments tours to take with kids!

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DC Monuments and Memorials Night Tour

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Experience Washington DC at night with a DC Monuments and Memorials Tour! A lot of DC’s most popular monuments can be crowded during the day, but with a night tour, you’ll be able to see some of the city’s best spots illuminated by night. Lasting around 3 hours, you’ll start at the US Navy Memorial Plaza before stopping by the White House, the US Capitol, the Jefferson Memorial, and more.

You’ll spend at least 15 minutes at each stop while your guide gives you a background on the monuments and tells you a little more about DC’s diverse history. Plus, since it includes a bus from stop to stop, you won’t be walking that much, which makes it fantastic for kids. No wonder it’s one of the best Washington DC tours for families with kids of all ages

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Washington DC Monuments by Moonlight Tour by Trolley 

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Travel on the same streets as some of our nation’s greatest leaders on a Washington DC Monuments by Moonlight Tour by Trolley! Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, this 2-and-a-half-hour tour lets you avoid the crowds and explore DC by night on an open-air trolley.

See the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, MLK Jr. Memorial, and more as you cruise the streets in style with your guide. You’ll have time to learn about each monument and its history through live commentary, and your guide will do a great job of keeping kids entertained and interested in the history (even picky teens!). Plus, the photo opportunities are incredible, too, since everything has a certain glow in the evening! 

Small-Group Guided Tour inside US Capitol & Library of Congress 

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Get an intimate look at Capitol Hill on a Small-Group Guided Tour Inside the US Capitol & Library of Congress! Ideal for all ages, this 3-hour tour takes you on a walking tour of Capitol Hill, starting at the Capitol Building and then to the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court Building.

Children can learn about the different seats of government and how they all come together, as well as see Thomas Jefferson’s original library. Your tour ends at the Supreme Court building, which you can’t enter, but your guide will still tell you a bit about the building. This is undoubtedly one of the best Washington DC small group tours for families! 

Washington DC Monuments Bike Tour 

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Get active while you see Washington DC on a Washinton DC Monuments Bike Tour! A perfect way to avoid traffic and get some exercise, this 3-hour tour takes families between the National Mall and the Potomac Tidal Basin with plenty of stops in between. Even though Tripadvisor recommends it for all ages, we think it would be great for tweens, teens, or more active kids who can handle multiple hours on a bike. (Keep in mind the path is mostly flat and not too strenuous).

Families will get to experience landmarks like the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, plus the MLK Jr. and Vietnam Veterans Memorial, as an entertaining guide takes you through each’s history. You’ll have time to stop at each place before heading back to your starting point at the National Mall. 

Best DC Sightseeing Tours for Families

Families searching for a sightseeing tour have plenty of options regarding the best sightseeing tours in Washington DC! Even if you only have a full day to visit the city, there are plenty of ways to optimize your time and see the sights. Here are our favorite options! 

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Washington DC in One Day: Guided Sightseeing Tour 

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

If you’re short on time and want to book a DC tour that covers all the bases, look no further than this Washington DC In One Day: Guided Sightseeing Tour! Suitable for all ages, this 6-hour tour lets you see all of the city’s best sights and landmarks in a single day, without feeling too rushed.

From the US Capitol to the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and more, you’ll get the benefit of an onboard narration as your guide takes you from place to place. Though there are no building entries, you’ll still learn a lot about each place, and your guide will also add some humorous touches too. Plus, if you book between April and October, your tour will also include a boat cruise on the Potomac River!

Washington DC “See the City” Guided Sightseeing Segway Tour

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Take your teens on a Washington DC “See the City” Guided Sightseeing Segway Tour! Recommended for ages 16 and up, this two-and-a-half-hour tour lets you see over 25 DC landmarks without tiring your feet.

This includes the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and more. And, you’ll pass by other places, such as the US Capitol, the National Gallery of Art, and the Old Post Office Pavillion. Teens will have a great time operating the segway, and the guide does a good job at keeping everyone entertained through your headset so you won’t miss any details. It’s definitely one of the best Washington DC tours for kids! 

Washington DC Signature Scenic Lunch Cruise 

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Enjoy Washington DC by water on this Washington DC Signature Scenic Lunch Cruise! Available on weekdays or weekends, this 2-hour tour invites ages 3 and up to experience DC’s best landmarks from the water while enjoying some delicious food!

You’ll get to pass the Washington Monument, Woodrow Wilson Bridge, and other important landmarks while enjoying a lunch or brunch buffet. There’s also a cash bar for parents, a DJ, and two decks where you can enjoy views. Keep in mind this tour doesn’t include narration, but it’s still a good option if you want to mix up your Washington DC itinerary and taste some food in the process! 

Washington DC Morning Monuments Guided Sightseeing Tour with 8+ Stops 

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Families who are short on time can make the most of their stay with this Washington DC Morning Monuments Guided Sightseeing Tour with 8+ Stops! With this 3-hour tour, kids of all ages can have a fantastic time exploring the city and its major monuments.

You’ll get to stop for photos at over 10 attractions, including the White House, the WWII Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and more. Then, families can pass other sights like the Washington Monument, National Archives, National Mall, etc. All the while, you’ll get to learn more about each place from your guide. You can also upgrade your admission to include a self-guided tour of the Washington Monument. Or, if it’s cherry blossom season, you can pay extra for a guided tour of the cherry blossoms. This is definitely one of the best Washington DC tours for kids!

Best Washington DC Private Tours for Families

If you’d prefer to see Washington DC, without the crowds and get personalized attention from your guide, these DC small group tours give you the flexibility to do so. It’s perfect for bigger families or those who want a little extra privacy. Here are the best Washington DC tours for kids! 

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Smithsonian Museum of Natural History – Private Guided Museum Tour

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

A top contender for our pick for the best Washington DC private tours with kids is this Smithsonian Museum of Natural History – Private Guided Museum Tour! Suitable for all ages, this 2-hour guided tour lets history buffs step into a fascinating universe filled with over 126 million artifacts.

You’ll get to see everything from Ancient Egyptian mummies to Marie Antoinette’s Hope Diamond, and your guide will make each piece of history come alive through interesting commentary. It’s a great way to get kids involved and learning, and it’ll help you avoid feeling overwhelmed in this huge museum. You’ll have a chance to see just the highlights and still walk away with a better idea of what makes this museum so special (and famous!)

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Art lovers can’t get enough of this National Gallery of Art DC – Private Guided Museum Tour! This 2-and-a-half-hour tour will take you through one of the best art collections in the world, from the Renaissance to French Impressionists and some famous American painters.

Listen to stories about some renowned paintings in the collection, including Self-Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh or Woman With A Parasol by Claude Monet. Your guide will be ready with some fun facts about the making of each painting and the effects they had on modern society. Plus, since this is a private tour, you can tell your guide if your kids have any particular interests, and they’ll be sure to pay special attention to them. Though it’s recommended for all ages, use your judgment as to whether your kid will be interested in the subject matter for the full tour length. 

Washington DC: African American History Museum and Culture Private Tour

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Learn more about Washington DC’s rich cultural history on a ​​Washington DC: African American History Museum and Culture Private Tour! Smithsonian’s National Museum of African-American History is the only museum in the country solely dedicated to telling the history of African-American life and culture. And, with this 2-hour tour for all ages, you can get a personalized experience inside the museum, learning more about the artifacts and the museum’s many artworks.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about African American contributions to Washington DC, as well as the United States as a whole. Keep in mind that while this tour is suggested for all ages, it goes over some sensitive topics, such as slavery. Your guide will likely check with you before you begin the tour to better understand if your kids can handle the more poignant stories. 

Private Family-Friendly DC Tour by Bike

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Ride through our nation’s capital in style on this Private Family-Friendly DC Tour by Bike! As one of the best Washington DC private tours for families, this 3-hour experience allows you to experience DC’s best sights at your own pace by bike.

From the White House to the National Mall, Washington Monument, and more, your guide can tailor the experience to your child’s interests. That way, you can make specific stops at kid-friendly museums or even a splash pad to help them cool off! They’ll also do a great job at telling stories about Washington DC and highlighting some more entertaining facts about the city. And, snacks are included too! Tripadvisor recommends this tour for all ages, but make sure your kids can handle multiple hours on a bike before booking.

Best Customized and Private Guided Tours of Washington, DC 

Photo Courtesy: Tripadvisor

Customize your family’s Washington DC itinerary with this Best Customized and Private Guided Tours of Washington, DC! Available in either full or half-day options, this personalized, private tour is perfect if you’re short on time and want to see the city’s highlights.

Your guide will meet you directly at your hotel, and you can visit places like the Arlington National Cemetary, where you’ll see the Kennedy Family Gravesite and more. Then, pass by the White House for a photo opportunity before visiting the Washington Monument and the US Capitol. Since the tour is private and customized, you can tell your guide which parts you’re interested in most and if your kids want to see or learn anything specific. No wonder this is one of the best Washington DC tours for kids! 

Happy Travels!

Photo Courtesy: Gunjan Prakash (center Images), Megan Tucker (right image)

We hope you liked this list of the Best Tours + Experiences In Washington DC For Families With Kids! From the National Mall to the city’s many museums, there are so many things to do in Washington DC with kids. Enjoy your family vacation in Washington DC! 

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